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Rating: 7.521/10 by 1173 users

Migration (2023)

After a migrating duck family alights on their pond with thrilling tales of far-flung places, the Mallard family embarks on a family road trip, from New England, to New York City, to tropical Jamaica.

  • Benjamin Renner
  • Guy-Laurent Homsy
  • Mike White
  • Mike White
  • Benjamin Renner
Release Date: Wed, Dec 06, 2023

Rating: 7.521/10 by 1173 users

Alternative Title:
飞鸭向前冲 - CN
鸭仔也移民 - HK
마이그레이션 - KR
Patos - BR
Vogelvlucht - NL
Patos! - PT
Ender på eventyr - NO
Wyfrunięci - PL
Raus aus dem Teich - DE
Änder! - SE
Langt fra andedammen - DK
Patke selice - BA

United States of America
Runtime: 01 hour 23 minutes
Budget: $72,000,000
Revenue: $295,556,285

Plot Keyword: duck, migration, flight, anthropomorphism, family, animal, chef, overprotective father, illumination, bird
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Kumail Nanjiani
Mack Mallard (voice)
Elizabeth Banks
Pam Mallard (voice)
Caspar Jennings
Dax Mallard (voice)
Tresi Gazal
Gwen Mallard (voice)
Chump (voice)
Carol Kane
Erin (voice)
Keegan-Michael Key
Delroy (voice)
Danny DeVito
Uncle Dan (voice)
David Mitchell
GooGoo (voice)
Carlos Alazraqui
Additional Voices (voice)
Brock Baker
Additional Voices (voice)
Gregg Berger
Additional Voices (voice)
Steve Blum
Additional Voices (voice)
Kimberly Brooks
Additional Voices (voice)
Rodger Bumpass
Additional Voices (voice)
Corey Burton
Additional Voices (voice)
Sean Chiplock
Additional Voices (voice)
Amber Lee Connors
Additional Voices (voice)
Ian James Corlett
Additional Voices (voice)
David Cowgill
Additional Voices (voice)
Robin Atkin Downes
Additional Voices (voice)
David Errigo Jr.
Additional Voices (voice)
Bill Farmer
Additional Voices (voice)
Dave Fennoy
Additional Voices (voice)
Keith Ferguson
Additional Voices (voice)
Erin Fitzgerald
Additional Voices (voice)
Grant George
Additional Voices (voice)
David Kaye
Additional Voices (voice)
Danny Mann
Additional Voices (voice)
Zeno Robinson
Additional Voices (voice)
Tara Sands
Additional Voices (voice)
Veronica Taylor
Additional Voices (voice)
Matthew Wood
Additional Voices (voice)


"Mack" and wife "Pam" live contentedly on their pond and are preparing for winter when some migrating ducks break their journey and infect their kids "Gwen" and "Dax" with the travelling bug. "Mack" is adamant that staying home is the best strategy, but the arrival of "Uncle Dan" and his daughter's persistence soon persuade him that a trip to Jamaica wouldn't be a bad idea. Off they go and en route encounter the dangers of the big city. That's where they meet the scrawniest but meanest of pigeons "Chump" who, after a bit of tussle over a sandwich, agrees to introduce them to the only bird that might know the way to the Caribbean. Snag? Well, he's caged up in a restaurant and the terrifying master-chef keeps the key on his jacket at all times. Can they get the key, free "Delroy" the macaw, and then escape the pursuing vengeance of the tattooed, pony-tailed, man with the kitchen knives? The animation is detailed and it's quite watchable this film, but it reminded me quite a lot of "Ratatouille" (2007) meets "Chicken Run" (2000). There's plenty of colourful action and the narrative does imbue some character into the two children, particularly, but otherwise it's all just a wee bit procedural. It's at the better end of the Illumination factory production line, but it's not a film anyone will likely remember and it did rather shout sequel at me too.


It was a really cute and entertaining movie. Great for date night or a night in with your family.

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