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Leo (2023)

Jaded 74-year-old lizard Leo has been stuck in the same Florida classroom for decades with his terrarium-mate turtle. When he learns he only has one year left to live, he plans to escape to experience life on the outside but instead gets caught up in the problems of his anxious students — including an impossibly mean substitute teacher.

  • Robert Smigel
  • Robert Marianetti
  • David Wachtenheim
  • Adam Sandler
  • Robert Smigel
  • Paul Sado
  • Ken Morrissey
Release Date: Fri, Nov 17, 2023

Rating: 7.58/10 by 344 users

Alternative Title:
Untitled Animated Adam Sandler Project - US
Leo - Breaking out - AT
蜥蜴伯伯里奥 - CN
لئو - IR
Leo - PL

United States of America
Runtime: 01 hour 42 minutes
Budget: $0
Revenue: $0

Plot Keyword: classroom, musical, bucket list
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Adam Sandler
Leo (voice)
Bill Burr
Squirtle (voice)
Cecily Strong
Mrs. Malkin (voice)
Jason Alexander
Jayda's Dad (voice)
Rob Schneider
Principal (voice)
Allison Strong
Mrs. Salinas (voice)
Jo Koy
Coach Komura (voice)
Sadie Sandler
Jayda (voice)
Sunny Sandler
Summer (voice)
Coulter Ibanez
Zane (voice)
Bryant Tardy
Cole #1 Low Voice (voice)
Corey J
Cole #1 High Voice (voice)
Ethan Smigel
Anthony (voice)
TienYa Safko
Skyler (voice)
Gloria Manning
Logan (voice)
Carson Minniear
Cole #2 (voice)
Roey Smigel
Eli / Benji (voice)
Reese Lores
Mia (voice)
Benjamin Bottani
Kabir (voice)
Jackie Sandler
Jayda’s Mom (voice)
Heidi Gardner
Eli’s Mom (voice)
Robert Smigel
Miniature Horse / Drone / Old Lizards #1 & #3 (voice)
Nick Swardson
Cinnabun (voice)
Lileina Joy
Hamster Kids #1 & #3 / Featured Vocals (voice)
Elijah Kim
Featured Vocals (voice)
Stephanie Hsu
Skyler's Mom (voice)
Ryun Yu
Skyler's Dad (voice)
Nicholas Turturro
Anthony's Dad (voice)
Rebecca Vigil
Anthony's Mom (voice)
Janie Haddad Tompkins
Summer's Mom (voice)
Chris Titone
Summer's Dad / Alligator #2 / Stopwatch #1 (voice)
Paul Brittain
Eli's Dad / Stopwatches #2 & #3 (voice)
Tiffany Topol
Cole #2's Mom / Zane's Mom (voice)
Dan Reitz
Cole #2's Dad (voice)
Sunita Param
Kabir's Mom (voice)
Sonya Leslie
Logan's Mom (voice)
Germar Terrell Gardner
Logan's Dad (voice)
Rose Abdoo
Mia's Mom / TJ's Mom (voice)
Alex Quijano
Mia's Dad (voice)
Christian Capozzoli
TJ's Dad (voice)
Sheila Carrasco
Mrs. Wingo (voice)
Doug Dale
Bubble Guy / Goldfish / Possum (voice)
David Wachtenheim
Old Lizard #2 / Frog / Taunting Firefly (voice)
Robert Marianetti
Flamingo #1 (voice)
Chris Kattan
Alligator #1 (voice)
Nora Wyman
Amazon Echo (voice)
Jonathan Loughran
Animal Handler (voice)
Blake Clark
Golfer #1 (voice)
Joel Marsh Garland
Camel / Golfer #2 (voice)
John Farley
Golfer #3 (voice)
Noah Robbins
Waiter / Kiosk Attendant (voice)
Kyra Wachtenheim
Torture Montage Kid / Benji (voice)
Aliza Pelavin
Mouse / Hamster Kid #2 (voice)
Katie Hartman
Road Rage Driver (voice)
Jonny Solomon
Snake (voice)
Ava Acres
Additional Voices (voice)
Ryan Bartley
Additional Voices (voice)
Ranjani Brow
Additional Voices (voice)
Nikki Castillo
Additional Voices (voice)
Mary Deaton
Additional Voices (voice)
Chase Fein
Additional Voices (voice)
Giselle Fernández
Additional Voices (voice)
Jason Griffith
Additional Voices (voice)
Ashley Lambert
Additional Voices (voice)
Terence Mathews
Additional Voices (voice)
Scott Menville
Additional Voices (voice)
David Michie
Additional Voices (voice)
Andrew Morgado
Additional Voices (voice)
Andre Robinson
Additional Voices (voice)
Warren Sroka
Additional Voices (voice)
Kelly Stables
Additional Voices (voice)
Jaquita Ta'le
Additional Voices (voice)
Shelby Young
Additional Voices (voice)


"Leo" is a lizard who has lived with his tortoise pal "Squirtle" in a school classroom watching the kids come and go over the years. They've actually become quite adept at on-the-spot evaluations of them - the spoiled ones, rich ones, lonely ones etc., and are a bit tired and cynical. A chance conversation gives "Leo" a bit of an headache - he may be about to die of old age! He is determined not to end his days in this glass cage, and when a disciplinarian supply teacher ("Ms. Malkin") decides that each child has to take a pet home for the weekend, he sees an opportunity to abscond! Needless to say, his escape attempts are the stuff of slapstick, but instead he begins to bond with each child. He can talk! They can talk! He only talks to them, though - they are special...! "Leo" is their secret friend who actually turns out to be quite the social worker/therapist/motivator soon becoming a firm favourite - even if he is no nearer freedom. Can he get to the Everglades before he hits the terminal 75? This actually reminded me a little of "Ron's Gone Wrong" (2021) in that it uses animation - and quite a sarcastically observant script - to again draw our attention to just how children are increasingly "un-parented". Left to their own devices - quite literally - and dependent on constant peer validation (or domination). The characterisations of the human beings here are a bit extreme, but it does serve to illustrate quite well how a broad gamut of parenting skills results in a broad gamut of increasingly flawed and vulnerable small people. The ending involves quite a fun bus chase and some menacing crocodiles - but are they as terrifying as a fed up "Ms. Malkin"? It's worth a watch to see...

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