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Rating: 8.2/10 by 3000 users

The Kissing Booth 2 (2020)

With college decisions looming, Elle juggles her long-distance romance with Noah, changing relationship with bestie Lee and feelings for a new classmate.

  • Vince Marcello
  • Jay Arnold
  • Vince Marcello
  • Beth Reekles
Release Date: Fri, Jul 24, 2020

Rating: 8.2/10 by 3000 users

Alternative Title:
El Stand de los Besos 2 - CL
Mi primer beso 2 - ES
Kyss meg igjen - NO
Калейдоскоп поцелуев - RU
Delidolu 2 - TR

United Kingdom
United States of America
Runtime: 02 hour 12 minutes
Budget: $0
Revenue: $0

Plot Keyword:

Joey King
Elle Evans
Jacob Elordi
Noah Flynn
Carson White
Brad Evans
Chloe Williams
Joni Evans / Elle's Mom
D. David Morin
Principal Mark
Aidan Scott
Harvard Friend 1
Joseph Gaza
Harvard Friend 2
Caleb Swanepoel
Harvard Friend 3
Dylan Edy
Harward Friend 4
Julian Place
Noah's Roommate
Jason K. Ralph
College Counselor
Kevin Otto
Mr. Johnson
Waldemar Schultz
Homeroom Teacher
Tasche Adams
Keyboard Player
Sean Barenblatt
'Wonderlust' Singer
Shana Mans
'Fantasy Friend Forever' Singer
Toni Jean Erasmus
DDM Competition Judge / USC Professor
Jeanne Neilson
Harvard Admissions Officer
Grant Ross
Berkeley Admissions Officer
Motsi Tekateka
DDM Official
Kai Luke Brummer
Marco's Buddy
Lya du Toit
Marco's Little Sister
Robin B. Smith
Gazebo Security Guard
Cesar Velasquez Ponce
Marco's Voice Double (voice)
Bianca Amato
Linda (uncredited)
Carishma Basday
Admissions Officer (uncredited)
Noa Milan
Busker (uncredited)
Matthew Dylan Roberts
Harvey (uncredited)

Kewl Kat

This was more annoying than enjoyable. I don’t understand how these kids are being accepted into the top schools in America. They don’t appear to take school seriously whatsoever. Maybe they all pay someone to take the SAT? That’s the only thing that makes sense. Everything is about partying, lifting weights, playing video games and having sex. Meanwhile, they all live in gigantic mansions. I want a Kissing Booth 3 where everybody is sheltering in place, wearing masks, social distancing and becoming suicidal. I want every other scene taking place in a cemetery. Then if there is a Kissing Booth 4, it can be in post-Trump America, where anybody who survives the pandemic stops being a narcissistic sociopath.

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