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Rating: 5.759/10 by 503 users

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (2022)

Forced to travel with her boyfriend to a horror festival, Laine begins to experience disturbing visions associated with the urban legend of The Creeper. As the festival arrives and the blood-soaked entertainment builds to a frenzy, she becomes the center of it while something unearthly has been summoned.

  • Timo Vuorensola
  • Sean-Michael Argo
  • Sean-Michael Argo
Release Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2022

Rating: 5.759/10 by 503 users

Alternative Title:
Jeepers Creepers 4 - US
Джиперс Криперс: Возрождённый - RU
El Mensajero de Satanás: Renace - VE
ג'יפרס קריפרס: נולד מחדש - IL
ג'יפרס קריפרס נולד מחדש - IL
ג'יפרס קריפרס 4 - IL
ジーパーズ クリーパーズ: リボーン - JP
โฉบกระชาก กลับมาเกิด - TH

United Kingdom
United States of America
Runtime: 01 hour 28 minutes
Budget: $20,000,000
Revenue: $2,892,594

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Say what you will, the original Jeeper's Creepers films, especially the first one, were master classes in budget horror. Everything that came after, hasn't lived up to the original. Jeepers Creepers Reborn, is, for my money, just another off the shelf, rather mediocre, knock off. The story largely overlooks the factors that made the original film, so compellingly chilling. The slowly building tension, the gradual realisation that the pursuer is something worse than a garden house variety serial killer. In other words, the film "creeps" up on you. This film plays more like a run of the mill slasher flick, without the jump scares. The results not frightening or even a little chilling. I'd describe everything else as "alright", from acting, sets through to horror effects. In summary, this one failed to resonate with me. I do not feel it came even close, to recapturing the essence of what made the original Creeper films disturbing cult icons of horror.


I must admit I was a bit excited when the names Jeepers Creepers popped up as a new movie because the memory of the first and second movie. This one started good enough and was doing fine until the end. The ending was so poorly written and performed that it ruined the whole enjoyment of the movie for me. Without spoiling it for those who want to be disappointed, the facial expressions lifting the toothpick and using dart physics shouldn't be the end product of professional writers.

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