image of Qiao Renliang
Birthday: Oct 15, 1987
Place of Birth: Shanghai, China

Qiao Renliang

Qiao Renliang (October 15, 1987 – September 16, 2016), also known as Kimi Qiao, was a Chinese singer and actor. He took part in the second season of My Hero and finished the competition as the runner-up for that season in 2007, and released his first EP in 2008. On September 16, 2016, Qiao was found dead in a Shanghai apartment, having suffered from depression. He was 28 years old.

Movie Cast Year
To Forgive 2012
11 Flowers Frere de Wei Jun 2012
Surprise Catfish man 2015
So Young 2: Never Gone Shen Ju An [Su Yun Jin's Ex-boyfriend] 2016
One Night in Supermarket Li Junwei 2009
Magic Card Da Zhi 2015
Wall Lords Ah Hui 2016
The Zodiac Mystery Chen Xiao Feng 2012
幸福59厘米之爱有多久 富二代 2011
One Step Away 赵小晨 1970
Night of Adventure 2014
Sleepless Fashion Wu Yang 2011
Night Mail 2014
Days of Our Own Guo Yuchen 2016
Series Cast Year
Tiny Times Zhou Chong Guang 2014
Cruel Romance Xiang Ying Dong 2015
Stay with Me Huo Xiao 2016
Customize Happiness Zhan Wang 2016
New Detective 2013
The Snow Queen 2018
代号 2016
The Glamorous Imperial Concubine Zhao Kuang Yin 2011
春光灿烂猪九妹 2011
我的经济适用男 2012
Torn Between Two Lovers Ren Yi Fan 2015
胜女的代价2 2013
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