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Birthday: Apr 08, 1945
Place of Birth:

Jang Yong

Movie Cast Year
Indian Summer Head official 2001
Trio Sergeant Choi 1997
Series Cast Year
Full House Mr. Lee 2004
Attic Cat Nam Sang Shik [Jung Eun's Father] 2003
Air City Lee Jae-mu 2007
Pasta Seo Jong Gyu 2010
My Rosy Life Mr. Maeng 2005
Queen's Flower Park Tae-soo 2015
Miss Ripley Song In-soo 2011
Twinkle Twinkle Han Ji-woong 2011
Five Enough Lee Shin-Wook 2016
The Road Home Yoo Yong-joon 2009
Be Strong, Geum-soon! Jang Ki-jong 2005
Our Gap Soon Shin Joong-Nyeon 2016
I Really Really Like You Nam Dae-sik 2006
Truth Ja-young's father 2000
A Problem at My Younger Brother's House Park Choon-bo 2003
Avengers Social Club Jung-Hye's father-in-law 2017
목욕탕집 남자들 Kim Bong-soo 1995
겨울새 Chairman Jung 2007
Wang’s Family Wang Bong 2013
Like the Flowing River Kim Do Hun 2002
Paradise Ranch Han Suk Sang 2011
동행 2020
기적 Jang Young-chul 2006
See and See Again 1998
사랑은 이런거야 Cha Jung-Nam 2001
Terms of Endearment Na Min-Deuk 2004
Happy Woman Lee Jong Min 2007
Three Sisters Kim Won-Tae 2010
Yellow Handkerchief Na Yeong-Man 2003
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