image of Im Ho
Birthday: Jan 27, 1970
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Im Ho

Movie Cast Year
4 Horror Tales: February 29 Detective Park 2006
Clementine 2004
My Sassy Girl Blind Date Man (uncredited) 2001
North Korean Partisan in South Korea Comrade Ma 1990
Terror Taxi 2000
Earth Rep Rolling Stars Elvis (voice) 2011
Don't Tell Papa 2004
JajangMyeon Thank You 2022
President Jung Yak Yong 2022
Operation Name Phoenix 2021
Series Cast Year
He Who Can't Marry Park Kwang-nam 2009
사랑을 할꺼야 Park Soo-Young 2004
Everyday with You 2001
Wind Flower 2005
Her House Nam Hyeok 2001
Girls' High School People 2002
Man of the Sun, Lee Je-ma Choi Moon Hwan 2002
The King Dae Joyoung Yeon Nam-saeng 2006
Sweetheart 2003
Marry Me! 2004
I Love Lee Tae Ri Geum San 2012
Your Lady Na Jin-gu 2013
Jewel in the Palace King Jungjong 2003
Jeong Do Jeon Jeong Mong-ju 2014
Kid Gang 2007
Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror Murong Bao 2011
Running Man Self 2010
X-Man Himself 2003
The Flower in Prison Kang Sun Ho 2016
King Of The Wind Prince Sado 1998
The Tale of the Bookworm Kwang Hae 2014
Home Alone Self 2013
당신의 여자 2013
전원일기 1980
내 몸을 바꾸는 시간 2022
Jang Hee Bin King Sukjong 1995
Page Turner Eye Doctor 2016
Dal Soon's Spring Han Tae-Sung 2017
여자를 몰라 1970
Su Ji and U Ri Kang Woo-chang 2024
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