image of Woo Hee-jin
Birthday: May 24, 1975
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Woo Hee-jin

Woo Hee-jin is a South Korean actress. Woo began modeling in commercials when she was in sixth grade, then made her acting debut in 1987. She became a household name when she starred in campus drama Feelings, sitcom Three Guys and Three Girls and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Movie Cast Year
National Security Kim Jong-tae's wife 2012
The Young Lover Yun-hee 1994
Series Cast Year
Story of a Mermaid Eun Ye-young 2002
The Youth in Bare Foot Min Hee-jung 2005
Healer Kang Min-jae 2014
Hometown Over the Hill Choi Young Hee 2007
Life Is Beautiful Yang Ji-hye 2010
Passionate Love Yang Hye-sook 2013
Good Person Yoon Jung Won 2016
Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Court Lady Oh 2016
Jang Bo Ri Is Here Lee Jung-ran 2014
I'm a Mother, Too Choi Kyung-Shin 2018
Angel's Last Mission: Love Jung Yoo-Mi 2019
Oh! Master Kim Yi-na 2021
Doom at Your Service Kang Soo-ja 2021
Dali & Cocky Prince Song Sa-bong 2021
A Daughter Just Like You Ma Ji-Sung 2015
Feelings 1994
남자 셋 여자 셋 Woo Hee-jin 1996
남자를 믿었네 2011
Youth 1970
사랑할수록 Song Na-Young 2000
Love Song for Illusion Cheong Myung-bi 2024
KBS Drama Special 2010
좋은걸 어떡해 2000
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