image of Dilraba Dilmurat
Birthday: Jun 03, 1992
Place of Birth: Urumqi, Xinjiang, China

Dilraba Dilmurat

Dilraba Dilmurat (born 3 June 1992), better known as Dili Reba, is a Chinese actress of Uyghur descent. She majors in theater studies at Shanghai Theatre Academy. Dilraba made her acting debut in the TV drama Ah Na Er Xi. The series garnered a nomination at the 30th Flying Goddess Award. Subsequently, she took on supporting roles in popular TV dramas Swords of Legends and Diamond Lover. She won the Audience's Favorite Newcomer award at the 7th TV Drama Awards for her role in Diamond Lover. The same year, she made her film debut in Fall in Love Like a Star. In 2016, she took on her first leading role in Hot Girl, which won her "Outstanding New Actress" award at 2016 ENAwards. In 2017, she starred as the titular character in Pretty Li Hui Zhen, the remake of South Korean drama She Was Pretty. The series was popular, ranking first in its timeslot and breaking 7 billion views online. She then starred in Eternal Love, based on the popular xianxia novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Blossoms. The same year, it was announced that Dilraba will be replacing Angelababy as the sole female cast member for the fifth season of Hurry Up, Brother.

Movie Cast Year
Fall in Love Like a Star Hao Meili 2015
Mr. Pride VS Miss. Prejudice Tang Nannan 2017
Namiya Tong Tong 2017
21 Karat Liu Jiain 2018
Saga of Light Chang'e 2019
Dreams Come True 2021
Live For Real Xiao Zi/小紫 2018
Bye 2021 Comedy Night 2021
Series Cast Year
Pretty Li Hui Zhen Li Huizhen 2017
Diamond Lover Gao Wen 2015
Swords of Legends Fuqu 2014
Sound of the Desert Li Ji 2014
Hot Girl Guan Xiaodi 2016
V Love Wu An Po 2014
The King's Woman Gongsun Li 2017
The Flame's Daughter Lie Ru Ge 2018
Eternal Love of Dream Bai Fengjiu / Xiangli Aranya / Consort Chen 2020
The Backlight of Love Jiang Li 2015
Trump Card 2016
Go Fighting 2015
The Legend Liu Shan Men Su Yiqing 2016
The Ladder of Love Song Zihan 2016
Spring Banquet 2020
Cosmetology High Qing Cheng 2014
A Na Nhĩ Hãn Anarhan 2013
CHUANG Produce 101 Initiator (Producer) 2018
Love Designer Zhou Fang 2020
Keep Running MC 2014
Ban Shu Legend An Xin, Princess of Kroraina 2015
The Long Ballad Li Changge / Yong Ning 2021
You Are My Glory Qiao Jingjing 2021
The Legend of Anle Ren Anle / Di Ziyuan 2023
The Blue Whisper Ji Yunhe 2022
Prosecution Elite An Ni 2023
Sweet Dreams Ling Lingqi 2018
Hello Saturday 2022
Divas Hit the Road 花少团成员 2014
Divas Hit the Road 四姐 2014
新舞林大会 2018
Eternal Love Bai Fengjiu 2017
花儿与少年 四姐 1970
Love on the Turquoise Land Nie Jiuluo 1970
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