image of Kim Yong-rim
Birthday: Mar 03, 1940
Place of Birth:

Kim Yong-rim

Movie Cast Year
The Mother's Island Mother 2013
The Sleep Deeper Than Death 1979
Oseam 1990
Admiration of Nights 1980
Honest Candidate 2 Mother-in-law 2022
Steel Rain 2: Summit Prime minister 2020
Honest Candidate Mother-in-law 2020
Series Cast Year
Father, I'll Take Care of You Oh Gwi Boon 2016
Jang Bo Ri Is Here Park Soo-mi 2014
Ojakgyo Family Shim Kab-nyeon 2011
A Problem at My Younger Brother's House Kim Soon-ja 2003
Loving You 1999
Dr. Park’s Clinic Patient 2022
Miss Mermaid Geum Sila 2002
Lotus Flower Fairy 2004
The 3rd Republic Lee Gyung-ryung 1993
The 2nd Republic Park Maria 1989
You Have Done Well 1970
Tomorrow Yoo Bok Hui 2022
Life Is Beautiful Mother 2010
Two Wives Jang Young-Ja 2009
쑥부쟁이 Lee Sun-Sim 2008
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