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Birthday: Sep 12, 1966
Place of Birth: South Korea

Jeong In-gi

Jung In-gi (born September 12, 1966) is a South Korean actor. Jung made his acting debut in 1990, and has remained active in mainstream and independent film as well as television, notably in Jury (2013), The Five (2013) and Gap-dong (2014).

Movie Cast Year
Midnight Express Jin-soo 2011
Modern Family Sang-woo 2012
Ordinary Days Hyori's Dad 2011
The Sound of Light In-gi 2016
The Guy Who Wanna Survive 2009
About a Bad Boy Father 2005
Jury Director Jung 2013
Lioness(es) Sung-Chil 2007
Broken Night Kyoung-pyo 2010
His Truth Is Marching On Pastor / Detective 2002
Man and Wife Man 2015
Biting Fly Kang Man-sik 2017
Yearn for Home 2017
Light My Fire Squad Chief 2017
The Legacy Jae-woong 2014
Festival 2020
Magic Blanket Father 2015
The Recorder Exam Father 2011
Secret Love Father Choi 2010
If You Were Me 6 President 2013
For Horowitz Ji-soo's older brother 2006
Crossing Sang-cheol 2008
LaLa Sunshine Lim Sun-joong 2009
No Doubt Detective Baek Yong-kwon 2010
House of Hummingbird Eun-hee's Father 2019
The Railroad driver Seoul-Sinuiju 2007
Brother Detective Choi 2021
Samaritan Girl Ki-soo 2004
2035 2023
The Chaser Detective Lee Gil-woo 2008
Eye For An Eye Hwang Min-cheol 2008
The Five Cheol-min 2013
My Dear Desperado The ex-detective Park 2010
The Pit and the Pendulum Taxi driver 2009
If We Were a Season Yoon Ki-Hyun 2017
A Light Sleep Yeol-lin's Father 2008
The Girl Who Became A Photo Park Cheol Ho 2014
Love is a Crazy Thing Ms Kim Assist 2005
One Step More to the Sea Jeong-ah's husband 2009
Traces of Love Prosecutor 2006
Bravo, My Life! Man 2007
A Single Spark Young-soo's Junior 1995
Howling Coroner 2012
I Am Here 2023
Detective K: Secret of Virtuous Widow Magistrate 2011
Steel Cold Winter Hae-won's Father 2013
Searching for the Elephant Detective 2009
Collective Invention Dong-shik 2015
Happy Together 2018
Black House Detective Oh 2007
M Doctor 2007
Passerby #3 Passerby 1 2010
Hard Hit Vice President 2021
2037 Prison Warden 2022
Hypnotized Min-suk 2004
F20 Mr. Jung 2021
Night Flight Gi-woong's Father 2014
Spirits' Homecoming, Unfinished Story father (uncredited) 2017
Sunday Punch Governor Park 2011
Over My Dead Body Han Jin-soo 2012
After My Death Kyung-min's Father 2018
Don't Look Back Adulterer (uncredited) 2006
Pawn Translator 2020
Secret Reunion Kim Sung-hak 2010
Herb Train Ticket Taker 2007
Our Town Captain #2 2007
Sea Fog Oh-nam 2014
Spirits' Homecoming Jung-min's Father (uncredited) 2016
Voices Detective Jo 2007
The Spy: Undercover Operation Yeom Sa-jang 2013
The Front Line Lee Sang-eok 2011
Will You Be There Manager Yoon (uncredited) 2016
Herstory Travel Agency Manager Choi 2018
The Singer Jo Haeng-soo 2020
The Worst Man of My Life Writer (cameo) 2007
My Perfect Roommate Village Master 2022
Solace In Ku's Friend 2006
Miss Fortune Manager Kim 2023
Maundy Thursday Jung Min-seok 2006
Deranged Sales Office Manager 2012
Hellcats Cafe Owner 2008
Two Weddings and a Funeral taxi driver 2012
The Scarlet Letter Detective Ahn 2004
Cobweb Actor as Hunter 2023
Breathless Basement Dad 2009
The Long Way Home First Sergeant Kim 2015
The Show Must Go On Construction Director 2007
Sector 7 Cha Hae-joon's Father 2011
Unstoppable CEO Park (uncredited) 2018
Crying Fist Doctor (uncredited) 2005
Singles Team Leader Joo 2003
6/45 Yong-ho's Father 2022
The Outlaws Chief of Police 2017
Mr. Go Gong In-gu 2013
Attack on the Pin-Up Boys Judo Coach 2007
The Uprising Kang Hee-yong 1999
White Night Kang Jae-doo (uncredited) 2009
The Treacherous Head of Sung Kyun-kwan (uncredited) 2015
The President's Last Bang Deputy Shin (uncredited) 2005
Black Money Priest (uncredited) 2019
Woochi: The Demon Slayer Director (uncredited) 2009
The Host Isolation Ward Doctor (uncredited) 2006
The Tower Cha 2012
Miss Granny Hyeon-cheol's Friend Doctor 2014
Pandora Fire Marshal 2016
1987: When the Day Comes Priest Kim Seung-hoon (uncredited) 2017
The Roundup Police Chief 2022
Tazza: The High Rollers Warehouse Chief 2006
Series Cast Year
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo Joon-hyung's Father 2016
Gap Dong Cha Do-hyeok 2014
Flower Boy Ramen Shop Yang Chul-dong 2011
Don't Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus Han Young-man 2013
Doctor Stranger Kim Tae-sool 2014
Pinocchio Ki Ho-sang 2014
Who Are You: School 2015 Park Joon-hyung 2015
Painter of the Wind Hong Guk-yeong 2008
Glamorous Temptation Eun-soo's father 2015
Two Weeks Yang Taek-nam 2013
Remember In-A's Father 2015
Lucky Romance Ahn Young-il 2016
Squad 38 Sa Jae-sung 2016
Queen of Mystery Jang Woo-Sup 2017
Come and Hug Me Go Yi-Seok 2018
Adolescence Medley Jung Woo's father 2013
The Fiery Priest Nam Suk-Goo 2019
Bad Papa Cha Seung-Ho 2018
Doctor John Jung-Nam 2019
KBS Drama Special Yoon Ki-Hyun 2010
Good Casting 2020
One the Woman Kim Myung-Kook 2021
Blind Yeom Gi-nam 2022
When Spring Comes 2007
Agency Jo Suk-jae 2023
Manhole 2017
Hospital Ship Kwak Sung 2017
그대를 사랑합니다 Kim In Seok 2012
Shadow Detective Won Jae-gu 2022
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