image of Misato Morita
Birthday: Sep 13, 1996
Place of Birth: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Misato Morita

Misato Morita is a Japanese actress who made her way into mainstream success after she appeared in the Netflix series, The Naked Director. Before her debut on Netflix, she has starred in several Japanese TV shows and drama.

Movie Cast Year
Georama Boy Panorama Girl Mayumi 2020
Series Cast Year
The Naked Director Megumi (Kaoru Kuroki) 2019
Top Knife Ozawa Marin 2020
This is Not a Business Expense! Fujimi Ai 2019
I Turn Megumi 2019
Kakegurui 2018
Dead Stock Hasebe Katsura 2017
Papa Katsu Ono Rui 2017
Thrill! Kuno Reiko 2017
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