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Birthday: Sep 12, 1916
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Edward Binns

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Edward Binns (September 12, 1916 – December 4, 1990) was an American stage, film, and television actor. He had a wide-spanning career in film and television, often portraying competent, hard working, and purposeful characters in his various roles. Binns was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One of the first members of the newly formed Actors Studio, Binns began studying with Elia Kazanin the fall of 1947. After appearing in a number of Broadway plays, Binns began appearing in films in the early 1950s. Some of his notable roles include playing Juror #6 in 12 Angry Men and Lieutenant GeneralWalter Bedell Smith in the Academy Award-winning film Patton (1970). Binns featured in Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest as a police detective. He played a key role as bomber pilot Colonel Grady in the 1964 film Fail-Safe. Binns also appeared in dozens of television programs including NBC's legal drama Justice, Rod Cameron's syndicated State Trooper, the syndicated adventure series Whirlybirds, the ABC/Warner Brotherswestern series, The Dakotas, the ABC rodeo drama, Stoney Burke, and ABC's war drama 12 O'Clock High. He was cast in CBS's Richard Diamond, Private Detective (as Larrabee in the 1958 episode "Pension Plan"), The Investigators and Thriller (U.S. TV series). Binns appeared as Colonel Robert Baldwin with June Allyson as his screen wife, Eleanor Baldwin, in the 1961 episode "Without Fear" of Allyson's CBS anthology series, The DuPont Show with June Allyson. Also that year he made two guest appearances on Perry Mason, first as Lloyd Castle in "The Case of the Angry Dead Man," then as Charles Griffin in "The Case of the Malicious Mariner," and in an episode of The Asphalt Jungle. He had a leading role in Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone in the 1960 episode "I Shot an Arrow into the Air". Binns also appeared in two episodes of ABC's The Untouchables as gunman Steve Ballard and in a later episode as a doctor. He was a cast member of CBS's The Nurses from 1962 through 1964. He appeared in an episode of the ABC espionage drama Blue Light early in 1966, and in ABC's It Takes a Thief (1969–1970) with Robert Wagner. Binns also appeared in one episode of the ABC series A Man Called Shenandoah, with Robert Horton, as General Korshak on CBS's M*A*S*H, in an episode of NBC's The Brian Keith Show, and in three episodes of ABC's The Fugitive. His distinctive voice was also heard in hundreds of radio and television commercials. Binns died from a heart attack at the age of seventy-four while traveling from New York City to his home inConnecticut. His ashes were scattered at his residence.

Movie Cast Year
North by Northwest Captain Junket 1959
Fail Safe Col. Jack Grady 1964
Judgment at Nuremberg Senator Burkette 1961
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Lt. Kennedy 1956
Patton Major General Walter Bedell Smith 1970
The Tell-Tale Heart 1971
The Verdict Bishop Brophy 1982
Night Moves Joey Ziegler 1975
Without Warning! Lt. Pete Hamilton 1952
Compulsion Tom Daly 1959
The Americanization of Emily Admiral Thomas Healy 1964
Heller in Pink Tights Sheriff Ed McClain 1960
Portland Exposé George Madison 1957
The Man in the Net State Police Capt. Green 1959
The Scarlet Hour Sgt. Allen 1956
Vice Squad Al Barkis 1953
The Pilot Larry Zanoff 1980
Oliver's Story Phil Cavilleri 1978
Teresa Sgt. Brown 1951
Chubasco Judge North 1968
The Man You Loved to Hate Self - Narrator (voice) 1979
Lovin' Molly Mr. Frye 1974
Young and Dangerous Dr. Price 1957
Desire in the Dust Luke Connett 1960
After School Monsignor Frank Barrett 1988
Stubby Pringle's Christmas Red 1978
Tragedy in a Temporary Town Anderson 1956
The Sheriff Paulsen 1971
The Power Within Gen. Tom Darrow 1979
Just an Old Sweet Song Mr. Claypool 1976
Diary of the Dead Mr. McNulty 1976
12 Angry Men Juror 6 1957
Fireball Forward Corps Commander 1972
Patterns Elevator Starter 1956
Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man Brakeman 1962
Curse of the Undead Sheriff 1959
The Murder That Wouldn't Die Allan Battles 1980
Halls of Montezuma First Soldier in Final Tracking Shot (uncredited) 1951
A Public Affair Sen. Fred Baines 1962
The Price of a Life Narrator 1967
F.D.R.: The Last Year General 'Pa' Watson 1980
This Is Marshall McLuhan: The Medium Is The Massage Narration 1967
Revisiting 'Fail-Safe' Self (archive footage) 2000
'Fail-Safe' and the Cold War Self (archive footage) 2020
Series Cast Year
Route 66 1960
The F.B.I. Bill Hollis 1965
Perry Mason Lloyd Castle 1957
Cannon 1971
General Electric Theater Harry Wilson 1953
Police Story 1973
The Virginian Colonel John Briscoe 1962
The Philco Television Playhouse 1948
Tarzan 1966
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars 1951
Judd for the Defense 1967
Run for Your Life Colonel Delaney 1965
Matinee Theater 1955
Navy Log 1955
The Rifleman 1958
Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre Abel McHugh 1956
The Detectives 1959
Robert Montgomery Presents 1950
Dr. Kildare Ben Laney 1961
The Nurses Dr. Anson Kiley 1962
Brenner 1959
Inner Sanctum 1954
Letter to Loretta Governor Jim Pierson 1953
Cain's Hundred Capt. Ernest Lemoyne 1961
Alice 1976
M*A*S*H General Korshak 1972
Hawaii Five-O Mills 1968
Gunsmoke Bill Strapp 1955
The Equalizer Father Martin O'Donohugh 1985
Studio One Joe Doyle 1948
Hallmark Hall of Fame 1951
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Mr. Brown 1955
Laredo 1965
Outlaws 1960
The Fugitive Josh Kovaks 1963
McCloud 1970
One Step Beyond Fred Graham 1959
Have Gun, Will Travel 1957
Daniel Boone Seth Jennings 1964
The Aquanauts Ed Barron 1960
The Thin Man 1957
Richard Diamond, Private Detective Lieutenant Larrabee 1957
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 1963
Thriller Lt. Giddeon 1960
Climax! Lieutenant Lewis 1954
Lux Video Theatre Silas 1950
Lucan 1977
M Squad Wally Gardner 1957
The Dakotas 1963
The New Breed Crafts 1961
The Manhunter 1974
Stoney Burke 1962
Captain Nice 1967
The DuPont Show with June Allyson Colonel Baldwin 1959
The Brian Keith Show 1972
Suspense 1949
Telephone Time 1956
The Asphalt Jungle 1961
Blue Light 1966
The Twilight Zone Bob Donlin 1959
Checkmate Harl Stoner 1960
The Rockford Files Everet Alton Benson 1974
The Twilight Zone General Walters 1959
The Fugitive George Savano 1963
Alcoa Theatre Captain Posen 1957
The Fugitive Angstrom 1963
The Defenders Victor Fergusson 1961
The Defenders District Attorney Wolf 1961
The F.B.I. Barney Simms 1965
The Virginian Mike McCormick 1962
The Virginian Pa McRae 1962
Dr. Kildare Peter De Gravio 1961
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars Daniels 1951
Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre Sam Tompkins 1956
Robert Montgomery Presents Dan Thompson 1950
Perry Mason Charles Griffin 1957
Hallmark Hall of Fame Red 1951
Lux Video Theatre Prosecutor 1950
State Trooper Frederick Walden 1956
The Wild Wild West Colonel Roper 1965
It Takes a Thief Wally Powers 1968
Ironside Charlie Culver 1967
The Loner Manet 1965
Wagon Train Sheriff Bill Strode 1957
The Untouchables Dr. Samuels 1959
Wagon Train Jud Steele 1957
Kraft Television Theatre 1947
Police Woman John Solvana 1974
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