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Birthday: Jul 25, 1894
Place of Birth: Lynn, Massachusetts, USA

Walter Brennan

In many ways the most successful and familiar character actor of American sound films and the only actor to date to win three Oscars for Best Supporting Actor, Walter Brennan attended college in Cambridge, Massachusetts, studying engineering. While in school he became interested in acting and performed in school plays. He worked some in vaudeville and also in various jobs such as clerking in a bank and as a lumberjack. He toured in small musical comedy companies before entering the military in 1917. After his war service he went to Guatemala and raised pineapples, then migrated to Los Angeles, where he speculated in real estate. A few jobs as a film extra came his way beginning in 1923, then some work as a stuntman. He eventually achieved speaking roles, going from bit parts to substantial supporting parts in scores of features and short subjects between 1927 and 1938. In 1936 his role in Come and Get It (1936) won him the very first Best Supporting Actor Academy Award. He would win it twice more in the decade, and be nominated for a fourth. His range was enormous. He could play sophisticated businessmen, con artists, local yokels, cowhands and military officers with apparent equal ease. An accident in 1932 cost him most of his teeth, and he most often was seen in eccentric rural parts, often playing characters much older than his actual age. His career never really declined, and in the 1950s he became an even more endearing and familiar figure in several television series, most famously The Real McCoys (1957). He died in 1974 of emphysema, a beloved figure in movies and TV, the target of countless comic impressionists, and one of the best and most prolific actors of his time.

Movie Cast Year
The Gnome-Mobile D.J. Mulrooney 1967
Swamp Water Tom Keefer 1941
The Over-the-Hill Gang Nash Crawford 1969
The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again Nash Crawford 1970
Affairs of Cappy Ricks Cappy Ricks 1937
Maryland William Stewart 1940
Hangmen Also Die! Prof. Stephen Novotny 1943
To Have and Have Not Eddie 1945
The Westerner Judge Roy Bean 1940
Sergeant York Pastor Rosier Pile 1941
The Showdown Cap MacKellar 1950
Driftwood Murph 1947
Drums Across the River Sam Brannon 1954
Glory Ned Otis 1956
Two for the Money Cody Guilford 1972
Good-bye, My Lady Uncle Jesse Jackson 1956
God Is My Partner Dr. Charles Grayson 1957
Shoot Out At Big Sag 'Preacher' Hawker 1962
The Princess and the Pirate Featherhead 1944
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Muff Potter 1938
Support Your Local Sheriff! Pa Danby 1969
Nobody Lives Forever Pop Gruber 1946
Nice Girl? Hector Titus 1941
Tammy and the Bachelor John Dinwitty 1957
Northwest Passage 'Hunk' Marriner 1940
The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band Grandpa Bower 1968
Dakota Capt. Bounce of the Riverbird 1945
At Gunpoint Doc Lacy 1955
Come Next Spring Jeffrey Storys 1956
Singing Guns Dr. Jonathan Mark 1950
Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! Tony Maule 1948
Kentucky Peter Goodwin 1938
Three Godfathers Gus 1936
Banjo on My Knee Newt Holley 1936
Surrender Sheriff Bill Howard 1950
Slightly Dangerous Cornelius Burden 1943
Curtain Call at Cactus Creek 1950
The Young Country Sheriff Matt Fenley 1970
Radio Dough 1934
Brimstone Pop Courteen 1949
Home in Indiana J. F. 'Thunder' Bolt 1944
Wild and Woolly Gramp 'Hercules' Flynn 1937
Red River 'Groot' Nadine 1948
Meet John Doe The Colonel 1941
Blood on the Moon Kris Barden 1948
Those Calloways Alf Simes 1965
A Stolen Life Eben Folger 1946
Task Force Pete Richard 1949
Along the Great Divide Timothy 'Pop' Keith 1951
The North Star Karp 1943
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Walter 1939
The Far Country Ben Tatum 1954
The Pride of the Yankees Sam Blake 1942
Rise and Shine Grandpa 1941
Come and Get It Swan Bostrom 1936
Barbary Coast Old Atrocity 1935
Stanley and Livingstone Jeff Slocum 1939
Stand by for Action Chief Yeoman Henry Johnson 1942
The Texans Chuckawalla 1938
The Cowboy and the Lady Sugar 1938
A Ticket to Tomahawk Terence Sweeny 1950
Four Guns to the Border Simon Bhumer 1954
Lure of the Wilderness Jim Harper 1952
Return of the Texan Grandpa Firth Crockett 1952
The Green Promise Mr. Matthews 1949
Tearin' Into Trouble Billy Martin 1927
When Love Is Young Uncle Hugo 1937
Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President Jim 1939
This Woman Is Mine Captain Jonathan Thorne 1941
Texas Cyclone Sheriff Lew Collins 1932
Neck and Neck Hector 1931
The Last Will and Testament of Tom Smith George, Mailman 1943
Sea of Lost Ships C.P.O 'Chief' O'Malley 1953
The Perfect Tribute Stone Cutter (uncredited) 1935
The Way to the Gold 1957
Man On A Bus Saul 1955
Rio Bravo Stumpy 1959
My Darling Clementine Old Man Clanton 1946
Bad Day at Black Rock Doc T.R. Velie Jr. 1955
The Proud Ones Jake 1956
Best of the Badmen 'Doc' Butcher 1951
They Shall Have Music Professor Lawson 1939
The Buccaneer Ezra Peavey 1938
Woman Haters Train Conductor 1934
Centennial Summer Jesse Rogers 1946
The Wild Blue Yonder Maj. Gen. Wolfe 1951
Flight Marine Pilot 1929
She's Dangerous 'Oats' 1937
Mother Carey's Chickens Ossian Popham 1938
Man Of Action Cashier Summers 1933
Smoke In The Wind H. P. Kingman 1975
Home for the Holidays Benjamin Morgan 1974
Fury Bugs Meyers 1936
Who's Minding The Mint? Pop Gillis 1967
The Moon's Our Home Lem 1936
Law Beyond the Range Abner 1935
Breakdowns of 1941 Himself (archive footage) (uncredited) 1941
The Long, Long Trail Skinny Rawlins 1929
Armored Attack! Karp 1957
Brick-a-Brac Lem 1935
Lucky Dog Drunk #2 1933
Sailor Beware! Stuttering Thief 1933
Two-Fisted Law Deputy Sheriff Bendix 1932
Seven Keys to Baldpate Station Agent 1935
Lady Tubbs Joseph 1935
Dames Ahoy Side Show Barker 1930
The Airmail Mystery Holly 1932
A House Divided Musician 1931
The Phantom of the Air 'Skid' (uncredited) 1933
One Hysterical Night Paul Revere 1929
Gridiron Flash Proprietor of Java Joe's 1934
One Year Later Man Chuckling at Train Station 1933
The Ridin' Rowdy 1927
Northern Frontier Stuttering Cook 1935
Cornered Court Bailiff (uncredited) 1932
Good Dame Elmer Spicer 1934
The Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender Himself (archive footage) 1997
Man on the Flying Trapeze 'Legs' Garnett 1935
Law and Order Lanky Smith (uncredited) 1932
The Wedding Night Bill Jenkins 1935
The Ballyhoo Buster 1928
Blake of Scotland Yard 1927
Fugitive Lovers 2nd Bus Driver (uncredited) 1934
These Three Taxi Driver 1936
The Oscar Quentin 1966
Manhattan Tower Mechanic (uncredited) 1932
Lorraine of the Lions 1925
Grief Street Walt 1931
The Michigan Kid Minor Role (uncredited) 1928
Speed Madness Joe 1932
Murder in the Private Car Switchman (uncredited) 1934
Biography of a Bachelor Girl Reporter on Ship (uncredited) 1935
The Last Performance Clown (uncredited) 1929
Many a Slip Minor Role (uncredited) 1931
There's Always Tomorrow Auto mechanic 1934
Metropolitan Grandpa 1935
Party Wire Paul - Railroad Telegrapher (uncredited) 1935
Once in a Lifetime Lighting Technician (uncredited) 1932
Bogart: The Untold Story 1997
Miss Pinkerton Police Dispatcher (uncredited) 1932
Curtain at Eight Silent Detective 1933
Parachute Jumper Counterman at Jewel Diner (uncredited) 1933
Sensation Hunters Stuttering Waiter 1933
Afraid to Talk Protester Sign Carrier (uncredited) 1932
The Invisible Man Bicycle Owner (uncredited) 1933
Goldie Gets Along Stuttering Waiter 1933
We're in the Money Wedding Witness (uncredited) 1935
Cross Country Cruise Niagara Falls Boatman (Uncredited) 1934
The All-American News Commentator at Game (uncredited) 1932
Half a Sinner Radio Announcer 1934
The Big Cage Ticket Taker 1933
How the West Was Won Jeb Hawkins 1962
Strange People The Radio Repairman 1933
Girl Missing Joe, Garage Attendant (Uncredited) 1933
The Poor Rich Dr. Johnson the Coroner (uncredited) 1934
Whom the Gods Destroy Clifford (uncredited) 1934
The Bride of Frankenstein Peasant (uncredited) 1935
Golden Harvest Farmhand at Wedding (uncredited) 1933
Little Accident Milkman (uncredited) 1930
King of Jazz Desk Sergeant ('Springtime') / Soldier ('All Noisy on the Eastern Front') / Waiter ('Oh! Forevermore!') / Front End of Horse / Quartet Member ('Nellie') 1930
Women Won't Tell Man in Junkyard 1932
She Couldn't Take It Peddler 1935
Sensation Seekers Below Deck Yacht Crewman 1927
West Point of the Air Soldier at Kelly's Wreckage 1935
Death on the Diamond Hot Dog Vendor 1934
His Lucky Day Road House Thug (uncredited) 1929
Riptide Chauffeur (uncredited) 1934
Scandal for Sale Newspaperman 1932
I'll Tell the World Otto - Bicycle Repair Man 1934
Saturday's Millions Reporter 1933
Mystery of Edwin Drood First Gossip (uncredited) 1935
The Life of Vergie Winters Roscoe (uncredited) 1934
Great Expectations Prisoner on Ship 1934
King for a Night Soda Jerk 1933
George White's Scandals Hick (uncredited) 1934
My Woman Auditioning Man Who Does Animal Sounds (Uncredited) 1933
Beloved Stuttering Boarder 1934
La Classe américaine 'Stumpy' (archive footage) 1993
And the Oscar Goes To... 2014
Series Cast Year
The Real McCoys Grandpa Amos McCoy 1957
The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour 1969
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars 1951
The Dinah Shore Chevy Show 1956
The Guns of Will Sonnett 1967
Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater 1956
The Oscars 1953
Alias Smith and Jones 1971
This Is Your Life 1952
Cavalcade of America 1952
What's My Line? Self - Mystery Guest 1950
The Merv Griffin Show Self 1962
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