image of Lee Soon-jae
Birthday: Oct 10, 1935
Place of Birth: Hoeryong, North Hamgyong, Korea

Lee Soon-jae

Lee Soon-jae (이순재) is a South Korean actor.  He was born in Japanese-occupied Korea in what is now North Korea, but moved to Seoul at age 4.

Movie Cast Year
Late Blossom Kim Man-seok 2011
Lady Hong 1969
Good Morning President Kim Jung-ho 2009
Stand by Me Grandfather 2018
Romang Nam-bong 2019
Trees Stand on Slope Hyun-tae 1968
Cruel Revenge Choi Chang-ik 1969
Escaping Shanghai Jin Han-pa 1969
Ghost Story 1968
A Regret 1967
A Horrible Breath 1974
A Letter from Heaven 1979
Guests Who Arrived by the Last Train 1967
Yeonhwa Min Tae-ho 1975
Yeonhwa 2 Min Tae-ho 1975
My Girl and I Kim Man-geum 2005
Family Matters Won-jo 2006
Regret 1969
Special Investigation Unit: The Life of Miss Kim Su-im 1974
A Misty Grassland 1967
Wasteland 1975
Yongary, Monster from the Deep Yoo Kwang-nam 1967
Past Loves 1968
Gunsmoke 1966
Little Namgung Dong-ja 1977
Starting Point 1969
Good morning Senior Park 2022
Love Me Once Again '80 1980
Son of a Man 1980
The Artist: Reborn Park Joong-sik 2017
Eulhwa 1979
Miss O's Apartment 1978
Chang-Su's Heydays 1975
The White Crow 1967
Traces 1967
I've Sacrificed Everything 1980
Chulsaegado 1968
Nostalgia Crown Prince 1967
Lady in Dream Lee Seong-u 1968
Yeong-ja’s Heydays 1975
Salt Pond 1968
Even the Sun is Sobbing 1984
Love Me Once Again '80 Part 2 1981
Admiration of Nights 1980
When the Buckwheat Blooms 1967
Forbidden Quest Yun-seo's father 2006
Intimate Strangers Young-bae's Father (voice) 2018
Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP Hamster (voice) 2020
The Testimony Kang 1974
Teacher Waryong's Trip to Seoul 1962
Series Cast Year
High Kick Lee Soon-jae 2006
Three Meals a Day: Jeongseon Village Self 2014
The Princess' Man Kim Jong Seo 2011
Lee San, Wind in the Palace King Yeongjo 2007
Flames of Desire 2010
My Princess Park Dong-jae 2011
The King 2 Hearts Eun Kyu-tae 2012
Unkind Women Kim Chul-Hee 2015
The King's Doctor Ko Joo-man 2012
The Scholar Who Walks the Night King Seonjo 2015
Ugly Alert Na Sang-jin 2013
A Thousand Kisses Jang Byung-doo 2011
Potato Star 2013QR3 Noh Song 2013
Yeah, That's How It Is Yoo Jong-Chul 2016
Guardian Angel Kang Doo-shik 2001
Who's My Love? Father 2002
Hur Jun 유의태 1999
Grandpas Over Flowers Self 2013
A Problem at My Younger Brother's House Park Man-bo 2003
Money Flower Jang Gook-Hwan 2017
Live Yang-chon's Father 2018
High Kick 이순재 2006
Legal High Gu Se-jung 2019
사랑이 뭐길래 Lee Byeong-ho 1991
My Kids Give Me a Headache Ho Shik 2012
Mom's Dead Upset Na Chung-bok 2008
Beethoven Virus Kim Gab Yong 2008
Master In The House Himself 2017
Hanoi Bride Il Ran's dad 2005
Pegasus Market Kim Dae-ma 2019
Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Kim Man-Bok 2020
Home Alone Self 2013
목욕탕집 남자들 Kim Bok-dong 1995
Mom's Diary Self 2016
영웅시대 2004
Idol School Principal 2017
Flower Grandpa Investigative Team Lee Jun-hyeok 2014
Grand Par 출연 2021
Merchant 2001
Godfather 2021
High Kick Through The Roof 2009
The Red Sleeve An elderly man 2021
Again My Life Woo Yeong-Soo 2022
See and See Again 1998
The 2nd Republic Yun Po-sun 1989
Behind Every Star Self 2022
Family: The Unbreakable Bond Kwon Eung-soo 2023
Make a Woman Cry Kang Tae-Hwan 2015
When Spring Comes 2007
O’PENing Cha Sun-jae 2022
Radio Star Self 2007
Chief Inspector Support Role 1970
진주목걸이 Hwang Man-Gap 2003
어여쁜 당신 Jang Yoon-Jae 2005
그래도 사랑해 Chairman Park 2001
I Love You, Don't Cry Han Gyu-Il 2008
Stars Falling From the Sky Jung Gook 2010
그대를 사랑합니다 Kim Man Seok 2012
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