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Birthday: Jun 15, 1968
Place of Birth: Daegu, South Korea

Oh Dal-su

Oh Dal-su (오달수) is a South Korean actor. Oh Dal-su began his acting career in theater in Busan, and since 2001 has been the head of theater company Singiru Manhwagyeong ("Mirage and Kaleidoscope"). His rich experience on the stage, in local productions such as Ogu, later made Oh an in-demand supporting/character actor on the big screen. Oh has starred in numerous successful films, in roles such as the owner of the organized crime-funded private jail in Oldboy (2003), a former gang boss in Mapado (2005), a weapons smuggler in A Bittersweet Life (2005), a transvestite in Foxy Festival (2010), a Chinese-Korean conman in The Thieves (2012), and a sympathetic inmate in Miracle in Cell No. 7. He also dubbed the voice of the monster in The Host (2006).

Movie Cast Year
Oldboy Park Cheol-woong 2003
Lady Vengeance Mr. Chang 2005
I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK Shin Duk-cheon 2006
A Bittersweet Life Myeong-goo 2005
Thirst Yeong-doo 2009
The Good, the Bad, the Weird Messenger for Kim Pan-joo 2008
Detective K: Secret of Virtuous Widow Han Seo-pil 2011
If You Were Me Police Station Chief (seg. 6) 2003
Late Blossom Dal-su 2011
Troubleshooter Choi Sang-cheol 2010
Project Makeover Jung-ju's Father 2007
Bet On My Disco 2002
A Tale of Legendary Libido Gang-mok 2008
Miracle in Cell No. 7 So Yang-ho 2013
The Thieves Andrew 2012
The Attorney Park Dong-ho 2013
Bar Legend Na Sang-Choon 2006
Money Show Factory President 2009
The Servant Old Man Ma 2010
Head Professor Kim Sang-chul / Professor Oh Byung-seok 2011
Private Eye Oh Yeong-dal 2009
The Pirates Han Sang-jil 2014
Slow Video Byeong-soo 2014
Ode to My Father Dal-goo 2014
Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island Han Seo-pil 2015
Assassination Pomade 2015
Veteran Oh Jae-pyeong 2015
You Call It Passion Director Ko 2015
The Great Actor Jang Seong-pil 2016
Tunnel Dae-kyung 2016
Soar Into the Sun Master Sergeant Min Dong-phil 2012
Master Hwang Myung-joon 2016
Woman Is the Future of Man Glutinous Rice Cake Seller (uncredited) 2004
Run-Off Kang Dae-woong 2016
Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds Prosecutor 2017
Memoir of a Murderer Byung-man 2017
The President's Barber Mr. Ahn 2004
The Ugly Duckling Nak-man's Father 2012
The Host The Monster (voice) 2006
1987: When the Day Comes Journalist (cameo) (uncredited) 2017
Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead Han Seo-pil 2018
Forbidden Quest Hwang 2006
Foxy Festival Gwang-rok 2010
Between Love and Hate Hak-Yi 2006
Control 1970
I Want to Know Your Parents Do Ji-yeol 2022
Best Friend Eui-sik 2020
Never Ending Peace and Love Police Box (Chief) 2003
Crying Fist Yong-dae (uncredited) 2005
Mai Ratima 2012
Driving with My Wife's Lover Taxi Driver 2007
The Blacklist 신씨 2021
Old Days Self 2016
Don't Step Out of the House Father (voice) 2009
Woongnami Na Bok-cheon 2023
I, The Executioner Oh Jae-pyeong 1970
A Bloody Aria Oh Ge-un 2006
The Show Must Go On Hyun-soo 2007
Once in a Summer Nam Gyun-soo 2006
My Paparotti Principle Deok-saeng 2013
Boss In-sool 1970
Code Name: Jackal Chief Detective Ma 2012
4PM Jeong-in 1970
The Wild Gak-su 2023
Series Cast Year
Dream Lee Young-chul 2009
Salamander Guru and The Shadows Sun-dal 2012
Squid Game 2021
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