image of Lee Seo-jin
Birthday: Jan 30, 1971
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Lee Seo-jin

Movie Cast Year
Shadowless Sword Dae Jung-hyun 2005
Terror Taxi Gilnam 2000
Love Forecast Lee Dong-jin 2015
I Love You Jin-Sung 2001
Intimate Strangers Joon-mo 2018
Trap: Director's Cut Gang Woo-hyun 2019
조폭인 내가 고등학생이 되었습니다 1970
Series Cast Year
Phoenix Jang Sae-hoon 2004
Lee San, Wind in the Palace Yi San 2007
Youn's Kitchen Self 2017
Shooting the Star Do-hoon 2002
Gye Baek, Warrior’s Fate Gyebaek 2011
Possessed Shin Ryu 2009
Marriage Contract Han Ji-Hoon 2016
Freeze Baek Joong-Won 2006
Lovers Ha Kang-jae 2006
On Air himself 2008
Running Man 2010
Wonderful Days Kang Dong Suk 2014
Three Meals a Day: Jeongseon Village Self 2014
Since We Met Kang Min-seok 2002
Grandpas Over Flowers Self 2013
Damo Commander Hwangbo 2003
Trap Kang Woo-hyun 2019
Master In The House Himself 2017
Little Forest Himself 2019
Friday Joy Package Himself 2020
Home Alone Self 2013
Youn Stay Self 2021
Times Lee Jin-woo 2021
Her House Joon-hee 2001
The Game Caterers Self 2021
Dr. Park’s Clinic Park Won-jang 2022
Youn's Unexpected Journey Head Manager 2022
Behind Every Star Ma Tae-oh 2022
삼시세끼 2014
Infinite Challenge Self 2005
Jinny's Kitchen Self - CEO/Boss Lee 2023
You Quiz On The Block Self 2018
High School Return of a Gangster Kim Deuk-pal 2024
Nattering with Nah Self 2023
어서옵SHOW 2016
Candy in My Ear 2016
Jinny's Kitchen: Team Building Self 2023
이서진의 뉴욕뉴욕 Self 2020
Just an Excuse Self 2022
Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village Self 2015
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