image of Park Young-kyu
Birthday: Oct 28, 1953
Place of Birth: Daejeon, South Korea

Park Young-kyu

Park Young-kyu (박영규) is a South Koren actor.

Movie Cast Year
애란 요무라 1989
Dance With Solitude Bae Jung-beom 2004
Season In the Sun Brother Appa 2003
Break Out Park Yeong-gab 2002
How to Use Guys with Secret Tips Dr. Swarski 2013
Gigolo of Sinsadong 1989
Rainbow over Seoul 1989
Secret Zoo Mr. Seo 2020
I Am The King King Taejong 2012
Attack the Gas Station! Gas Station Owner 1999
Attack the Gas Station 2 Mr Park 2010
Oh! Brothers President Park 2003
Life Is Beautiful Jin-bong's Father 2022
What Happened to Mr Cha? Principal (uncredited) 2021
Series Cast Year
Emperor of the Sea Seol-pyeong 2004
Mr. Duke Jang Soo-chul 2000
A Hundred Year Legacy Kang Jin 2013
I Do, I Do Park Kwang-seok 2012
Beating Again Kang Hyun-chul 2015
Hwajung King Seonjo 2015
Masked Prosecutor Jong Do-song 2015
Protect the Boss Chairman Cha 2011
Assembly Park Choon-sub 2015
Monster Do Choong 2016
Jeong Do Jeon Yi In-im 2014
Running Man 2010
Chief Kim Park Hyun-Do 2017
Damo Cho Se-Wook 2003
Princess Aurora Oh Wang-sung 2013
Are You Human? Nam Gun-Ho 2018
Soonpoong Clinic 박영규 1998
그것은 우리도 모른다 1988
Smashing on Your Back Park Young-gyu 2017
Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life Kim Young-Woong 2019
Run On Ki Jeong-do 2020
국희 1999
어쩌면 좋아 2001
똑바로 살아라 2002
High Kick Through The Roof 2009
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