image of On Ju-wan
Birthday: Dec 11, 1983
Place of Birth: Daejeon, South Korea

On Ju-wan

Movie Cast Year
My Mighty Princess Il-yeong 2008
The Peter Pan Formula Kim Han-soo 2006
The Five Jae-wook 2013
Natural Burials Jung-hoon 2012
Illegal Parking Noh Jung Do 2014
If You Were Me 2 Employee 2006
The Cut Joong-suk 2007
Obsessed Kyung Woo-jin 2014
The Aggressives Jjaeng 2005
Remember You Dong-gun 2016
Bloody Tie Yoo Sung-geun (uncredited) 2006
The Way 2017
Time Renegades Teacher Park 2016
Honest Candidate Kim Joon-yeong 2020
The Taste of Money Yoon Chul/Charlie 2012
The City Of Violence Tae-su (young) 2006
Flying Boys Lee Chang-seob 2004
Series Cast Year
Typhoon In That Summer Han Ji-hoon 2005
Twelve Men In a Year Cha Jin-oh 2012
Idle Mermaid Lee Hyun-myung 2014
Punch Lee Ho-sung 2014
The Blade and Petal Bojang of Goguryeo 2013
The Village: Achiara's Secret Seo Ki-hyun 2015
The Time We Were Not in Love 2015
Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim Suk Joon-Soo 2016
Real Romance Love Letter Himself 2004
X-Man Himself 2003
Witch Hunt Himself 2013
Man Who Sets The Table Jung Tae-yang 2017
조선과학수사대 별순검 Kim Gangu 2007
SNL Korea Himself 2011
Dinning Together Himself 2016
Men on a Mission Self 2015
The Lies Within Jin Young-Min 2019
꼬리에 꼬리를 무는 그날 이야기 Self 2020
바다경찰 2018
Sixth Sense Self 2020
The Penthouse Baek Joon-ki 2020
내사랑 내곁에 2011
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