image of Ahn Kil-kang
Birthday: Aug 24, 1966
Place of Birth: South Korea

Ahn Kil-kang

Ahn Gil-kang (Korean: 안길강; born August 24, 1966) is a South Korean actor. His role in the popular period drama Queen Seon Duk earned him the Golden Acting Award at the 2009 MBC Drama Awards.

Movie Cast Year
The City of Violence Wang-jae 2006
2009: Lost Memories Lee Myung-hak 2002
Running Wild Yang Ki-taek 2006
Arahan Kkang Tong 2004
The Beast And The Beauty Choi Do-shik 2005
Hearty Paws Gang Boss 2006
Holy Daddy Angel 2006
Man on High Heels Master Park 2014
Time Between Dog and Wolf director Kim 2007
Once Upon a Time Jang-cheon 2008
Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War Sergeant Huh 2004
The Divine Move Carpenter Heo 2014
If You Were Me 2 Joon-chul 2006
Once Upon a Time in Seoul Myeong-su 2008
How the Lack of Love Affects Two Men Bakery Man 2006
On Your Wedding Day Woo-yeon's Father 2018
The Unjust Gwang Su-dae 2010
Dachimawa Lee Agent 6 (uncredited) 2008
Crying Fist Correctional Supervisor 2005
Conduct Zero Taekwondo Master 2002
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate Movie Director 2002
No Blood No Tears BBQ Restaurant Owner 2002
Die Bad Seok-hwan's Senior 2000
You Are My Pet 2011
Sad Movie Red Tracksuit 2005
Cheer Up, Mr. Lee Mr.Kim 2019
The Romance 2006
Punch Coach 2011
Le Grand Chef Sung-il 2007
Hero 2007
Sweet & Sour Jang-hyeok's Father 2021
Socialization – Understanding of Dance Han Soo Ji's Father 2019
Dachimawa Lee 회장 1998
Hello Ghost Small Car Owner (cameo) 2010
My Perfect Roommate Doctor 2022
Series Cast Year
Iljimae Kongkal A Je 2008
Coffee House Jin-man Kang 2010
Idle Mermaid Ahn Ma-nyeo 2014
My Secret Hotel Kim Geum-bo 2014
Tomorrow's Cantabile Yoo Won-sang 2014
Shine or Go Crazy Kang-myung 2015
The Slave Hunters Jjak-gui 2010
The Great Seer Monk Moo-hak 2012
Gye Baek, Warrior’s Fate Kwi-woon 2011
Jackpot Kim Che-Gun 2016
Running Man 2010
Invincible Parachute Agent Yang Soo-kit 2006
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo Kim Chang-gul 2016
Queen of Mystery Detective Bae 2017
The Good Thieves Jang Pan-Soo 2017
Reunited Worlds An Tae-Bok 2017
Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter Teacher Goo 2018
The Nokdu Flower Hae-Seung 2019
Into The Ring Goo Young-tae 2020
Frozen Love head of arts team 2017
Once Again Yang Chi Soo 2020
Tale of the Nine Tailed Hyun Ui-Ong 2020
KBS Drama Special 2010
Joseon Exorcist Min Moo-goo 2021
Sell Your Haunted House Do Hak-sung 2021
Dali & Cocky Prince Jin Baek-won 2021
Dream High Ma Doo-sik 2011
The Driver 김호철 2022
Orange Marmalade Baek Seung-hoon 2015
Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 Hyun Ui-Ong 2023
Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 Hyun Ui-ong 2023
Mercy for None Koo Bong-san 1970
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