image of Yoo Sun
Birthday: Feb 11, 1976
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Yoo Sun

Yoo Sun (유선) is a South Korean actress. She was born on February 11, 1976. She is best known for the popular family drama My Too Perfect Sons, as well her work in films including hits like Black House (2010), Moss (2010), GLove (2011), and Don't Cry Mommy (2012).

Movie Cast Year Ha-yan 2000
The Wig Ji-hyeon 2005
GLove Na Joo-won 2011
The Chosen: Forbidden Cave Geum-joo 2015
Don't Cry, Mommy Yoo-Rim 2012
My First Client Ji-suk 2019
The Master Narrator 2019
The Uninvited Hee-eun 2003
Black House Yi-hwa 2007
Never Ending Story Dong-ju's sister-in-law 2012
The Culprit Jeong Da-yeon 2019
The Preparation Moon-kyung 2017
Gabi Sadako 2012
Moss Lee Yeong-ji 2010
안녕하세요 1970
Never Said Goodbye 2016
Romantic Heaven Yum Kyung-ja 2011
The Discloser Katherine 2017
Mayonnaise 1999
The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful Madam Hong 2019
Sweet & Sour CEO 2021
The Big Swindle Jung In-sook 2004
The Himalayas (cameo) (uncredited) 2015
Tube 2003
Series Cast Year
Take Care of Us, Captain Choi Ji-won 2012
Sweet Savage Family Lee Do-kyung 2015
The King's Doctor Jang In-joo 2012
Lobbyist Yoo Moon-young (Eva) 2007
South Of the Sun Lee Min-joo 2003
Running Man 2010
Our Gap Soon Shin Jae-Soon 2016
Sunshine Choi Joon-hee 2002
Criminal Minds Na Na-Hwang 2017
Clean with Passion for Now Secretary Gwon 2018
The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House 2009
Mother of Mine Kang Mi-Sun 2019
Little Women 2004
H.U.S.H. Yang Yoon-kyung 2020
The Goddess of Revenge Kim Tae-On 2020
Move to Heaven Kang Eun-jeong 2021
그 여자가 무서워 최영림 2007
폭풍 속으로 2004
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