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Birthday: Jan 01, 1970
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Budd Buster

Movie Cast Year
Frozen on Love's Trail 1912
The Law Commands Kentuck' Jones 1937
Drums of Destiny Kentuck 1937
Under Strange Flags Tequila 1937
Roaring Six Guns 'Wildcat' Roper 1937
Blazing Justice Bob Peterson, Virginia's Father 1936
The Feud Maker Cowlick Connors 1938
The Fighting Texan Old-timer 1937
The Fighting Renegade Old Dobie 1939
The Lone Rider in Ghost Town Moosehide 1941
Old Louisiana Kentuck 1937
Apology for Murder Jed, the Caretaker 1945
Paroled - To Die Henchman Spike Travers 1938
The Vanishing Riders Hiram McDuff 1935
The Gun Ranger Carl Beeman 1936
Wild Horse Phantom Ed Garnet 1944
Where the West Begins Sheriff Judson 1938
Guns of the Law Jed Wilkins 1944
Bullets and Saddles Charley Craig 1943
Outlaws of the Plains Tom Wilson 1946
Rainbow Over the Rockies Frank Porter 1947
Feud of the Range Sidekick Happy 1939
Frontier Scout Jones 1938
Songs and Bullets Zeke, the old-timer 1938
Straight Shooter Sheriff Ed Long 1939
The Texas Rambler Seth Higgins 1935
Desert Patrol Hezi Watts 1938
Trail of Terror Monte 1943
Marked Men Mr. Marvin - druggist 1940
Cowboy Commandos William (Wilheim) Werner 1943
Pinto Canyon Henchman Bill Kellar (as Bud Buster) 1940
The Lone Star Vigilantes Colonel Sam Monroe 1942
Border Badmen Peter Evans 1945
Gentlemen With Guns Sheriff 1946
Frontier Fugitives Old Man Wilson (uncredited) 1945
Cavalry Wagon Boss / President Lincoln 1936
North of Arizona Grey Wolf 1935
Roll Along, Cowboy Cowhand Shorty 1937
West of the Alamo Shotgun 1946
The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury Loco Weed 1941
Ambush Trail Miner Zeke (Jim Haley in credits) 1946
Texas to Bataan Tad Kelton 1942
Jungle Raiders Dr. Murray Reed 1945
The Trusted Outlaw Adler 1937
Doomed at Sundown Sheriff 1937
Daughter of the Tong 'Lefty' McMillan 1939
King of the Royal Mounted Vinegar Smith 1940
Six Gun Man Joe Turner 1946
Santa Fe Scouts Wid 1943
Wolves of the Range Ben Foster 1943
The Texas Marshal Banker Henderson 1941
Cheyenne Roundup Bonanza Smith 1943
The Pinto Bandit P. T.Heneberry 1944
Brand of the Devil Henry Wilburn 1944
Thundering Gun Slingers Sheriff 1944
The Riding Avenger Jailbird Bud 1936
Gangs of Sonora Jed Pickins 1941
The Old Chisholm Trail Rancher Hank 1942
The Wild Frontier Sam Wheeler 1947
The Shadow of Silk Lennox Henchman Deacon Fedder 1935
Down Rio Grande Way Clem Kearney 1942
Hidden Valley Outlaws Ned Murphy 1944
Frontier Outlaws Clerk 1944
Navajo Kid Telegrapher Pinky 1945
Home on the Range Sheriff 1946
Texas Jack Chief Kickapoo (as Bud Buster) 1935
Wolf Riders Renegade (uncredited) 1935
Whirlwind Horseman Cherokee Jake 1938
Thunder in the Desert Deputy Oscar 1938
Springtime in Texas Jed Stevens 1945
Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns Rancher 1942
Billy the Kid Trapped Montana (as Bud Buster) 1942
West of Cimarron Colonel Grant Morgan 1941
Cheyenne Takes Over Lem Boswick (as Bud Buster) 1947
The Westward Trail Benson 1948
Billy the Kid Wanted Storekeeper 1941
Battle of Greed Comstock 1937
The Gambling Terror Rancher Shorty 1937
Knight of the Plains Henchman Manuel 1938
Thunder River Feud Sheriff 1942
Romance of the Limberlost Fair Barker 1938
Headin' for the Rio Grande Senator Black - cattleman 1936
Murder on the Yukon Jim Smithers 1940
Sierra Sue Greg Travis 1941
The Shadow Beggar Giving Cranston Tip on Radio Shop 1940
I Take This Oath Jones 1940
Billy The Kid's Fighting Pals Newspaper Editor Mason 1941
Daredevils of the West Indian Scout [Ch. 1,5] 1943
Westward Ho Henchman Coffee 1942
Haunted Ranch Sheriff 1943
Outlaw Roundup Dude Merrill (as Bud Buster) 1944
Valley of Fear Bootmaker (as Bud L. Buster) 1947
Arizona Bound Old-Timer 1941
Sheriff Of Sage Valley Tim Pine - Rancher 1942
Zorro's Fighting Legion Juan 1939
Sheriff of Redwood Valley Express Agent Crump 1946
Fighting Caballero Serenaded Barfly 1935
Jungle Queen Jungle Jack 1945
Western Frontier Ranch Hand 1935
The Luck of Roaring Camp Single Tooth 1937
Wild Mustang Budd 1935
Trigger Fingers Head of Cattlemen's Association 1939
Thunder Over the Prairie Judge Merriwether 1941
West of Pinto Basin Farmer Jeff 1940
The Blocked Trail Deputy Bets McGee 1943
Cattle Stampede Rancher Jensen - Kelly's Pal 1943
Boot Hill Bandits Mayor Noah Smyth 1942
Outlaws of Boulder Pass Rancher 1942
Riders of the Rio Grande Jed - Bank Teller 1943
The White Gorilla Carter 1945
Call of the South Seas Kanahu 1944
Billy the Kid Outlawed Bartender Clem (as Bud Buster) 1940
Trigger Trail Tug Cattlet 1944
Sunset Serenade Martin Cowhand 1942
Blazing Frontier Luke Newton 1943
Fugitive Of The Plains Deputy 1943
Emergency Landing 'Pappy' Clayton 1941
Terror of the Plains Townsman 1934
Wyoming Outlaw Bank Teller 1939
Meet Dr. Christian City Council Member 1939
Tonto Basin Outlaws Stage Driver 1941
Rock River Renegades Judge 1942
Traffic in Crime Watchman 1946
The Mummy's Curse Cajun standing at bar, smoking pipe [extra] 1944
Chip of the Flying U Rancher 1939
Deep in the Heart of Texas Jail Sentry 1942
Boss of Rawhide Townsman 1943
Calling Wild Bill Elliott Militiaman 1943
Mutiny on the Blackhawk Settler Joe 1939
Raiders of San Joaquin Deputy Jailer (as Bud Buster) 1943
Sky Racket Yard Worker with Truck 1937
Jesse James at Bay Homesteader 1941
The Law Rides Again Commissioner's Aide 1943
Exile Express Station Agent 1939
Rocky Mountain Rangers Townsman 1940
Call of the Canyon Jim Taylor 1942
Song of the Saddle Clerk (uncredited) 1936
Gunsmoke Ranch Settler 1937
Drums of Fu Manchu Dacoit 2 on Train 1940
The Courageous Dr. Christian Jones 1940
Dick Tracy's G-Men Cappy 1939
Dark Command Townsman 1940
Heart of the Rio Grande Ranch Car Driver 1942
Mandrake the Magician Construction Camp Henchman 1939
Badman's Territory Doc's Friend (uncredited) 1946
Adventures of Red Ryder Johnson - General Store 1940
Custer's Last Stand Maj. Ware 1936
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