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Birthday: Jun 12, 1920
Place of Birth: Wem, Shropshire, England, UK

Peter Jones

Peter Geoffrey Francis Jones (12 June 1920 - 10 April 2000) was a distinguished British actor and radio personality known for his distinctive voice and narration. He gained recognition for his role as The Book in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," providing the voice of the eponymous guidebook in both the radio series and subsequent adaptations. Jones's soothing and authoritative voice lent a unique charm to the character, guiding audiences through the whimsical and absurd universe created by Douglas Adams. His contributions to the series as the voice of The Book became iconic and memorable for fans of the series.

Movie Cast Year
Carry On Doctor Chaplain 1967
Carry On England Brigadier 1976
School for Scoundrels Dudley 1960
Never Let Go Alec Berger 1960
The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy The Book 1981
The Browning Version Carstairs 1951
Forbidden Pete 1949
Home to Danger Lips Leonard 1951
Romanoff and Juliet Otto 1961
Miss Robin Hood Cyril Lidstone 1952
John and Julie Jeremy 1955
Cairo Road Ship Lieutenant 1950
A Day to Remember Percy Goodall 1953
The Blue Lagoon Michael-child 1949
The Yellow Balloon Spiv 1953
Private's Progress Arthur Egan 1956
The Franchise Affair Bernard Chadwick 1951
Angels One Five Sentry 1952
Seven Nights in Japan Capt. Balcon 1976
Just Like a Woman Saul Alexander 1967
Tender Loving Care Mr Davies 1993
Milk Harry 1999
Confessions of a Pop Performer Maxy Naus 1975
The Magic Box Industry Man 1952
Operation Bullshine Gunner Perkins 1959
For Better, for Worse The Car Dealer 1954
Smashing Time Dominic 1967
The Return of the Pink Panther Psychiatrist 1975
Chariots of Fire 1981
The Good Beginning Furrier 1953
Chance of a Lifetime Xenobian 1950
Last Holiday Travel Agent 1950
On Such a Night Second Gentleman 1956
Albert R.N. Schoolie 1953
Time, Gentlemen, Please! Lionel Batts 1952
Adventures in Space and Time Narrator 1999
Blue Murder at St. Trinian's Prestwick 1957
The Children Of Dynmouth Mr. Dass 1987
Father Came Too! Charles II 1964
I See a Dark Stranger Soldier in Pub (uncredited) 1946
Danger Within Capt. Alfred Piker 1959
Dead of Night Fred, Barman (Segment "Golfing Story") (Uncredited) 1945
Fanny by Gaslight Young Client at 'The Shades' (uncredited) 1944
Hot Millions Prison Governor 1968
Vice Versa Chawner 1948
Press for Time Robin Willobey (photographer) 1966
The Mansion of Madness 1973
Nearly a Nasty Accident Flight Lt. Winters 1961
24 Hours of a Woman's Life Bill 1952
The Long Memory Fisher 1953
The Sandwich Man Escapologist 1966
Series Cast Year
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 1981
Q... 1969
The Avengers Doyle 1961
Whoops Apocalypse 1982
Beggar My Neighbour 1966
Star Turn 1976
Mr Digby, Darling 1969
One-Upmanship 1970
The Rag Trade 1977
Midsomer Murders Bunny Dawlish 1997
The Goodies 1970
Rumpole of the Bailey 1975
From a Bird's Eye View Clive Beauchamp 1970
I Thought You'd Gone 1984
Mild And Bitter 1966
Kindly Leave The Kerb 1971
The Agatha Christie Hour 1982
Treasure Island 1951
ITV Christmas Comedy 1983
Minder Henry 1979
The Goodies Minister for Sports 1970
Saturday Review The Book (voice) 1984
The Upper Hand Mr. Baker 1990
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