image of Lee Byung-joon
Birthday: Jan 27, 1964
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Lee Byung-joon

Lee Byung Joon is a South Korean actor. He was born in Busan on January 27, 1964 and made his acting debut in 1985. Active in theater, film, and television dramas, he has taken on countless roles over the years, including those in “Secret Garden” (2010), “Bridal Mask” (2012), “I Am Not a Robot” (2017), and “Level Up” (2019).

Movie Cast Year
Eye For An Eye Antonio 2008
Mr. XXX-Kisser President Lee 2012
Man of Vendetta Detective Koo 2010
A Bloody Aria Young-seon 2006
My Dictator Professor Heo 2014
Collective Invention Doctor Byeon 2015
Love Fiction M 2012
Highway Star Na Tae-song 2007
Came To Me And Become A Star Byong Soo 2013
Memoir of a Murderer Poetry Instructor 2017
Between Love and Hate Doo-Il 2006
The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful Chil Bo-sa 2019
Female War: Bloody War in Bongcheon-dong Dal-goo (달구) 2016
Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle 2010
Earth Rep Rolling Stars Tango (voice) 2011
Ghost Sweepers Ko-san 2012
You Call It Passion President 2015
Never Ending Story Mr. Perm 2012
Series Cast Year
Faith Jo Il Shin 2012
Cunning Single Lady Oh Byung-joon 2014
Jeon Woo Chi Woon-bo 2012
Bridal Mask Shin Nan-da 2012
Poseidon Police Superintendent Gu 2011
Birdie Buddy Sung Kyung-hwan 2011
Me too, Flower! Team Leader Kim 2011
Mackerel Run Ma Do-shik 2007
Wife Min Eun-pyo 2003
Popopo 1981
Salamander Guru and The Shadows Bum-kyu 2012
Our Gap Soon Geum Do-Geum 2016
Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth Ho Kong 2016
Go Back Couple Ma Pan-Seok 2017
Cinderella Man Elegance Choi 2009
I Am Not a Robot Ye Sung-Tae 2017
Feel Good To Die Na Cheol-Soo 2018
Love Returns 2017
Level Up Yeon-Hwa's father 2019
The Boy Next Door Byung Joon 2017
Call of the Country Ju Su-young 2010
Backstreet Rookie Choi Yong-Pil 2020
Wang’s Family Choi Dae-Se 2013
Dream High Si Beom-soo 2011
A New Leaf Jin Jin-ho 2014
Hot Singers 2022
Reborn Rich Joo Young-il 2022
The Glory Lee Gil-seong 2022
She Was Pretty Min Yong Gil [Ha Ri's father] 2015
What's Wrong with Secretary Kim Jang Jeong Do [Fashion Designer] 2018
Perfect Marriage Revenge Han Woon-jae 2023
로봇이 아니야 Ye Sung-Tae 2017
Maestra: Strings of Truth Oh Hyeon-seok 2023
Welcome to Samdal-ri Dae-young's father 2023
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