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Birthday: Jan 27, 1964
Place of Birth:

Lee Byung-joon

Movie Cast Year
Mr. XXX-Kisser President Lee 2012
Eye For An Eye Antonio 2008
Highway Star Na Tae-song 2007
Came To Me And Become A Star Byong Soo 1970
Love Fiction M 2012
A Bloody Aria Young-sun 2006
My Dictator Professor Heo 2014
Collective Invention Doctor Byeon 2015
Memoir of a Murderer Poetry Instructor 2017
Man of Vendetta Detective Koo 2010
Between Love and Hate Doo-Il 2006
Series Cast Year
Faith Jo Il Shin 2012
Cunning Single Lady Oh Byung-joon 2014
King's Family 2013
Jeon Woo Chi Woon-bo 2012
Bridal Mask Shin Nan-da 2012
She Was Pretty Min Yong-gil 2015
Poseidon Police Superintendent Gu 2011
Birdie Buddy Sung Kyung-hwan 2011
Me too, Flower! Team Leader Kim 2011
Mackerel Run Ma Do-shik 2007
Wife Min Eun-pyo 2003
Popopo 1981
Salamander Guru and The Shadows Bum-kyu 2012
Our Gap Soon Geum Do-Geum 2016
Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth Ho Kong 2016
Go Back Couple Ma Pan-Seok 2017
Cinderella Man Elegance Choi 2009
I Am Not a Robot Ye Sung-Tae 2017
Feel Good To Die Na Cheol-Soo 2018
Love Returns 2017
Level Up Yeon-Hwa's father 2019
The Boy Next Door Byung Joon 2017
Call of the Country Ju Su-young 2010
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