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Superman (1988)

Superman is a 1988 animated Saturday morning television series produced by Ruby-Spears Productions and Warner Bros. Television that aired on CBS featuring the DC Comics superhero of the same name. Veteran comic book writer Marv Wolfman was the head story editor, and noted comic book artist Gil Kane provided character designs.

Release Date: Sat, Sep 17, 1988

Country: US
Language: En | Es
Runtime: 30

Beau Weaver
Superman / Clark Kent (voice)
Mark L. Taylor
Jimmy Olsen (voice)
Michael Bell
Lex Luthor (voice)
Alan Oppenheimer
Jonathan Kent (voice)
Tress MacNeille
Martha Kent (voice)
Lynne Marie Stewart
Jessica Morganberry (voice)
Stanley Ralph Ross
Perry White (voice)

Season 1:

Destroy the Defendroids
Episode 1: Destroy the Defendroids (Sep 17, 1988)
Lex Luthor's company builds robots called Defendroids to protect Metropolis. His real plan is to make Superman useless. Superman figures out the plan and in an effort to drive Luthor out into the open he announces his retirement. Luthor then plans to use the Defendroids to steal gold being shipped in Metropolis. Superman manages to put an end to Luthor's plan, but Luthor manages to get away.
The Adoption
Episode 2: The Adoption (Sep 17, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) After Martha and Jonathan Kent discover a baby boy in a crashed spaceship, they take the baby to an orphanage. Unfortunately, there are a number of couples waiting to adopt before the Kents. The baby manages to drive the couples away after a series of pranks. He is then adopted by the Kents.
Fugitive From Space
Episode 3: Fugitive From Space (Sep 24, 1988)
When STAR labs discovers an alien space ship, they call Lois, Clark, and Jimmy to help document the craft. When they go into the ship they discover two aliens in suspended animation. These aliens, however, are awakened when Jimmy accidentally presses a button. One of the aliens is a police officer, the other is a criminal that wants to take over the planet. Superman must figure out who is who and must find some way of stopping the criminal.
The Supermarket
Episode 4: The Supermarket (Sep 24, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) When Martha Kent takes Clark on his first shopping trip, she must be very careful so that Clark does not reveal his superpowers.
By the Skin of the Dragon's Teeth
Episode 5: By the Skin of the Dragon's Teeth (Oct 01, 1988)
Lex Luthor buys the Great wall of China and invites Lois, Jimmy, and Clark to China for an exclusive interview. They head to an excavation site beneath the Great Wall. Using explosives, Lex creates a cave-in. Lex wants Superman to tunnel under the wall to save everyone at the cave-in site. When Superman does so, he discovers the ancient treasure of the Dragon King. Lex steals a jeweled tooth from a stone dragon, but unexpectedly brings the statue to life. Superman must work with Lex Luthor in order to stop the dragon.
At the Babysitter's
Episode 6: At the Babysitter's (Oct 01, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) The Kents leave Clark with a babysitter for the night. The babysitter has her hands full when Clark uses his superpowers in order to stay up late and watch television.
Cybron Strikes
Episode 7: Cybron Strikes (Oct 08, 1988)
When Superman and Lois are celebrating her birthday with a flying trip into the sky, a metal pyramid floats down to them. Inside the pyramid is Cybron a hostile cyborg. Superman takes the pyramid to a government facility. At the facility, Cybron attacks and turns Lois, Jimmy, and the rest of the government officials into robots. Lois and Jimmy figure out that Superman is Clark Kent, but Superman takes them to STAR Lab where he devises a plan to deal with Cybron. His plan is to trap Cybron in a super-conductor. His plan works and everyone is returned to normal. Fortunately for Superman, Lois and Jimmy's memories are wiped clean.
The First Day of School
Episode 8: The First Day of School (Oct 08, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) Clark Kent goes to his first day of school and meets Lana Lang. Clark gets in trouble when another student blames him for letting the class guinea pig out of the cage.
The Big Scoop
Episode 9: The Big Scoop (Oct 15, 1988)
Dr. Glozer creates the Chronotron which is a device that lets someone look one hour into the future. Lex Luthor wants the machine and sends his men to kidnap Dr. Glozer and steal the machine. Looking through the Chronotron, Lex sees Clark turn into Superman. He arranges a train crash to force Clark to reveal that he is Superman, fortunately his plan fails. Lex then arranges a number of crimes to occur at the same times as disasters that appear in the Chronoton. Later Lex arranges to kidnap Clark Kent on live TV during a missile launch that Superman needs to stop. Lex wants Clark to reveal that he is Superman on television. Fortunately, Superman arrives to stop the missile even though Clark remains on television. Lois destroys the Chronotron and it is revealed that the Clark Kent on television was really Jonathan Kent in disguise.
Overnight with the Scouts
Episode 10: Overnight with the Scouts (Oct 15, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) Clark Kent camps in the woods with his boy scout troop. They tell ghost stories over a campfire. Later the hear noises in the woods, but when the investigate the find nothing but forest animals.
Episode 11: Triple-Play (Oct 22, 1988)
The Prankster steals the World Series by transporting it to a far away remote island. He forces Superman to play a game of Baseball otherwise his friends will die. The game is unfair because Prankster wants to kill them anyway. Superman must stop him.
The Circus
Episode 12: The Circus (Oct 22, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) Clark Kent inadvertently becomes part of the circus.
The Hunter
Episode 13: The Hunter (Oct 29, 1988)
Clark Kent goes on a holiday with his parents, but must leave as Superman when General Zod and his Phantom Zone companions create a creature known as the Hunter. The Hunter can transform into any material he wants and transforms into steel in order to kidnap Lois Lane. The Hunter then transforms himself into Kryptonite and apparently kills Superman. Superman, however, is only in suspended animation and Lois Lane awakens him. Superman destroys the Hunter and uses the Phantom Zone projector in order to keep General Zod in the Phantom Zone.
Little Runaway
Episode 14: Little Runaway (Oct 29, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) Clark is unhappy with the Kents and decides to run away from home. He leaves but after a number of problems he returns after he realizes that home is not worse than life on the run.
Superman and Wonder Woman vs. The Sorceress of Time
Episode 15: Superman and Wonder Woman vs. The Sorceress of Time (Nov 12, 1988)
Superman teams up with Wonder Woman to take on an evil Sorceress by the name of Cyrene. The Sorceress uses Black Magic to transport Mythological beasts to the future in order to battle Superman and Wonder Woman. Superman and Wonder Woman must imprison the escaped Sorceress before she attains ultimate power.
The Birthday Party
Episode 16: The Birthday Party (Nov 19, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) Clark Kent takes his driving test and passes it with flying colors.
Episode 17: Bonechill (Nov 19, 1988)
Lois and Jimmy interview a bookstore owner named Chilton Bone about an ancient medallion named the Talisman of Ola. Bone chases them off and uses the talisman to turn into Bonechill. When Lois, Jimmy, and Clark come back, Bonechill reanimates some ancient mummies to attack them. Bonechill escapes and attacks a group of teenagers. Superman manages to rescue them but Bonechill captures Lois, Jimmy, and Perry White. He wants to use them to distract Superman while he goes off to gain more power. Superman, however, rescues them and stops Bonechill by destroying the talisman.
The Driver's License
Episode 18: The Driver's License (Nov 12, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) Clark's birthday party gets an unexpected surprise.
The Beast Beneath These Streets
Episode 19: The Beast Beneath These Streets (Nov 26, 1988)
Researchers have discovered an old part of Metropolis that has been buried for a hundred years. According to legend, this part of Metropolis was buried a hundred years ago when a doctor named Morpheus made a machine that allowed him to steal the powers of a number of different kinds of animals. The legend turns out to be true when Morpheus who appears to be a man-bat kidnaps Lois. He lures Superman to his machine which he uses to steal Superman's powers. Using kryptonite, Superman weakens Morpheus and puts him into his machine. Superman's powers return and he immediately destroys Morpheus's machine trapping him inside it.
First Date
Episode 20: First Date (Nov 26, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) Clark takes Lana on a date to a concert. When a number of problems arise, Clark uses his superpowers to get around them.
Episode 21: Wildshark (Dec 03, 1988)
In the Bermuda Triangle, Superman must do battle with a villain known as Wild Shark.
To Play or not to Play
Episode 22: To Play or not to Play (Dec 03, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) Clark Kent discovers that he can not play football.
Night of the Living Shadows
Episode 23: Night of the Living Shadows (Dec 10, 1988)
Lex Luthor develops a suit that allows a person to become a shadow. He uses the suit to rob banks and a jewelry store. Superman can do nothing to stop him. Luthor recruits a gang to use the technology to rob the mint. Lois infiltrates the gang and helps Superman stop the robbery. Though the gang of thieves is caught, Luthor gets away.
Episode 24: Graduation (Dec 10, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) When Clark heads to his graduation he runs into trouble when his graduation robe gets dirty. He buys a new one which is much too big. Martha stitches it up for him and despite a thunderstorm Clark makes it to his graduation just in time.
The Last Time I Saw Earth
Episode 25: The Last Time I Saw Earth (Dec 17, 1988)
An alien bounty hunter named Starock attacks the space shuttle as Lois and Jimmy are flying on it toward a space station. Superman rescues the shuttle but when he attacks Starock's ship he is knocked away. Starock seizes the shuttle and heads into hyperspace with Superman in hot pursuit. Lois and Jimmy are taken to an alien city where they are treated very well. The aliens are fattening them up because their bodies contain proteins that will make the aliens immortal. Superman and a friendly alien manage to rescue Lois and Jimmy before they are injured. Superman defeats Starock and flies the shuttle back to Earth.
It's Superman
Episode 26: It's Superman (Dec 17, 1988)
(Family Album Segment) Clark Kent leaves Smallville for Metropolis. Before he leaves, his mother gives him his costume which she made from blankets that arrived with him in his spaceship. In Metropolis, Clark tries to get a job at the Daily Planet. As he is being interviewed by Perry White, Lois informs them that a bank is being robbed with a tank. Perry promises Clark a job if he can get the scoop on the story. Clark changes into Superman and stops the robbery. Later, he writes the newspaper story on Superman.

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