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Peter Gunn (1958)

Peter Gunn is an American private eye television series. Filmed in a film noir atmosphere and featuring Henry Mancini music that could tell you the action with your eyes closed, Peter Gunn worked in style. Known as Pete to his friends and simply as Gunn to his enemies, he did his job in a calm cool way.

Release Date: Mon, Sep 22, 1958

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 3:

Mask of Murder
Episode 2: Mask of Murder (Oct 10, 1960)
Gunn gets a frantic phone call from Norman Hartley and rushes to Hartley's home - only to find him dead.
The Candidate
Episode 4: The Candidate (Oct 24, 1960)
The candidate for Governor, Adrian Grimmett, runs on a no-taxes platform. Who could possibly want to assassinate him?
The Judgment
Episode 5: The Judgment (Oct 31, 1960)
On Halloween Arthur Merrill answers the door prepared to treat the youngsters - but one of them shoots him.
The Death Frame
Episode 6: The Death Frame (Nov 07, 1960)
Eddie Carson, a small time thug, is sure he's going to be bumped off. He tries to get Gunn to help him but the sleuth is unmoved until it's too late.
Death Across the Board
Episode 7: Death Across the Board (Nov 14, 1960)
Wealthy Sportsman Harley Bernard would like to know who murdered his stable manager. At first Gunn suspects Frank Rousseau, a gangster who once tried to get Wally to fix a race. The next suspect is a seven-foot giant who tries to strangle Gunn. After being rescued by Lt. Jacoby, Gunn visits TV exercise personality Jack LaLanne who identifies the tall man as the ""Great Gorza.""
Tramp Steamer
Episode 8: Tramp Steamer (Nov 21, 1960)
The Rico brothers' testimony was responsible for Matt Poliska's deportation, and when Dave Rico is shot, his dying word is Poliska. But Poliska's not supposted to be in the country.
Take Five for Murder
Episode 10: Take Five for Murder (Dec 05, 1960)
Gunn is hired by the manager of teen idol Bobby Jeeter to payoff a blackmailer and find out who is doing the blackmailing.
Big Dream, Deadly Dream
Episode 11: Big Dream, Deadly Dream (Dec 12, 1960)
Detective Eddie Sellers comes clost to solving a two-million dollar robbery and pays with his life. His brother Cal, also a detective, is afraid he's next.
Episode 12: Sepi (Dec 19, 1960)
A young boy tells Gunn that he saw his father beaten up during the night. But when Gunn calls the police, Sepi disappears.
Royal Roust
Episode 14: Royal Roust (Jan 02, 1961)
A royal visitor, King Felix, is visiting the city and it's Jacoby's job to escort him through the city jail.
Bullet in Escrow
Episode 15: Bullet in Escrow (Jan 09, 1961)
Ed Stone is released from prison, met by a friend who gives him a gun and makes a call to Peter Gunn.
Jacoby's Vacation
Episode 16: Jacoby's Vacation (Jan 16, 1961)
Jacoby tells Gunn that he's going on vacation to some nice quiet place. Gunn tells Jacoby he's got just the place.
Blind Item
Episode 17: Blind Item (Jan 23, 1961)
Death Is a Sore Loser
Episode 18: Death Is a Sore Loser (Jan 30, 1961)
A janitor and his wife see Police Sergeant Lee Davis enter their building and minutes later they hear two shots. They rush to the scene to find Sergeant Davis holding a gun over the body of a dead derelict.
I Know It's Murder
Episode 19: I Know It's Murder (Feb 13, 1961)
Kevin Daniels asks Gunn to prevent the murder of his mother.
A Kill and a Half
Episode 20: A Kill and a Half (Feb 20, 1961)
It's ""trick or treat"" night, and Arthur Merrill answers the door to a big surprise.
The Deep End
Episode 22: The Deep End (Mar 06, 1961)
Susan Neilson swims out to the deep end of her pool and drowns. Her swimming instructor, Phil Matterson, left her alone, poured himself a drink and ignored her cries for help.
Portrait in Leather
Episode 23: Portrait in Leather (Mar 13, 1961)
While ex-heavyweight champ Billy Cochrane is training for a comeback, an attempt is made on his life.
Cry Love, Cry Murder
Episode 25: Cry Love, Cry Murder (Mar 27, 1961)
The gun used in a murder of a gangster is found in the possesion of a teenager.
A Penny Saved
Episode 26: A Penny Saved (Apr 03, 1961)
Ballet dancer Nico Belurin escapes from a home for the mentally ill.
Till Death Do Us Part
Episode 30: Till Death Do Us Part (May 08, 1961)
Edward Candell is scheduled to die for the murder of his wife Leona. Tommy McDonald is surprised to hear the verdict - he just saw Leona.
Last Resort
Episode 31: Last Resort (May 15, 1961)
Clinton Hobart, former movie great, is trying to make a comeback. But hard-driving young producer Les Murdock isn't making matters any easier for the old fellow.
A Matter of Policy
Episode 32: A Matter of Policy (May 22, 1961)
Gunman Frank Dineen never objected to killing people for money. This time, however he's going to do a job for himself.
A Bullet for the Boy
Episode 33: A Bullet for the Boy (May 29, 1961)
Gambling man Paul Mitchell and the son of an American diplomat in Acapulco, is show and wounded while leaving his home.
Death Is a Four Letter Word
Episode 34: Death Is a Four Letter Word (Jun 05, 1961)
Lisa Randolph's well-groomed appearance belies the turmoil of her emotions - as Gunn discovers when he is asked to prevent her from committing suicide.
Deadly Intrusion
Episode 35: Deadly Intrusion (Jun 12, 1961)
Golf instructor Gil Manson is accused by the police of being a hit and run driver. Manson insists he was giving a golf lesson at the time of the accident, but his pupil has mysteriously disappeared.
Episode 36: Voodoo (Jun 19, 1961)
Abel Gunther a small-time Haitian sugar-cane grower, blames the death of his wife on the spirit world. He has a more praticial explanation for another of his worries - his cane fields have been leveled by fire.
Down the Drain
Episode 37: Down the Drain (Jun 26, 1961)
A man named Paul Condon calls the police and tells them where a cache of stolen jewels can be found. But before any more information can be passed on - Condon is shot down.
Murder on the Line
Episode 38: Murder on the Line (Sep 18, 1961)
Cesar Carlyle, a very rich man, hires Gunn to find certain documents which, if made public, could ruin him. Seems the papers were stolen and the theif wants a good deal of money for their return.

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