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McCloud (1970)

Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud of the small western town of Taos, New Mexico is assigned to the metropolitan New York City Police Department (NYPD) as a special investigator.

Release Date: Tue, Feb 17, 1970

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 120

Season 7:

Bonnie and McCloud
Episode 1: Bonnie and McCloud (Oct 24, 1976)
The head of a trucking company is killed before eyewitnesses, and McCloud's girlfriend is the culprit.
'Twas the Fight Before Christmas...
Episode 2: 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas... (Dec 26, 1976)
On Christmas Eve, an assassin stalks McCloud, a spurned mistress attempts suicide, a sidewalk Santa turns mugger, junkies raid a hospital pharmacy, Chris's newspaper organizes a party for orphans at Westside Hospital with Chief Clifford as Santa, and the junkies take hostages.
The Great Taxicab Stampede
Episode 3: The Great Taxicab Stampede (Jan 16, 1977)
McCloud is framed for the murder of a drug-dealing hack, and exposes the ring.
The Moscow Connection
Episode 4: The Moscow Connection (Jan 23, 1977)
The State Department sends Chief Clifford and McCloud to Moscow with a touring country & western singer, undercover.
London Bridges
Episode 5: London Bridges (Mar 06, 1977)
A peer of the realm, who's a photographer as well as a cat burglar, comes to America and, in flagrante delicto at a Long Island costume party, witnesses a killing at the hands of Irish bombers, all of which sends McCloud to Blighty, where the target remains to be found.
McCloud Meets Dracula
Episode 6: McCloud Meets Dracula (Apr 17, 1977)
Murder victims are found to be drained of blood, and an elderly star of vampire films is suspected; Chief Clifford is on the hunt for a random sniper.

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