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You Knock on My Door (2020)

Connecting all her hopes in her life to her education, Eda comes face to face with Serkan Bolat, who unknowingly cuts her scholarship abroad and caused her to remain a high school graduate. Serkan Bolat offers to give Eda her scholarship back if she pretends to be engaged to him for two months. Eda first rejects the offer due to her hatred for him, but when circumstances change, she has no choice but to accept the offer. While pretending to be engaged, Serkan and Eda begin to have a passionate, challenging relationship that will make you forget all they know right, because love is hard. And that's why it's amazing!!

Release Date: Wed, Jul 08, 2020

Country: TR
Language: Tr
Runtime: 130

Hande Erçel
Eda Yıldız
Kerem Bürsin
Serkan Bolat
Bige Önal
Selin Atakan
Çağrı Çıtanak
Ferit Şimşek
Alican Aytekin
Seyfi Çiçek
Evrim Doğan
Ayfer Yıldız
Anıl İlter
Engin Sezgin
Melisa Döngel
Ceren Başar
Elçin Afacan
Melek Yücel "Melo"
Sitare Akbaş
Figen Yıldırım "Fifi"
Sarp Bozkurt
Erdem Şangay
İlkyaz Arslan
Leyla Haktan

Season 1:

You Knock on My Door (1)
Episode 1: You Knock on My Door (1) (Jul 08, 2020)
Eda Yildiz won a scholarship to study the last year abroad while she was the first in the department at the university, but when her scholarship is stopped at the last minute, Eda's life is turned upside down, she is expelled from the university and remains a high school graduate. For months, she tries unsuccessfully to reach Serkan Bolat, who cut her scholarship. She starts working in her aunt's flowers shop. One day, when she finds out where Serkan Bolat will be, she confronts him face to face. They have to spend a day handcuffed to each other.
You Knock on My Door (2)
Episode 2: You Knock on My Door (2) (Jul 15, 2020)
While Serkan Bolat held a press conference about an important international investment, the meeting broke up when Eda stuck to his lips. Now, Serkan has a prestige to save and Eda has to fix the mistake she made. The solution is simple: they will pretend to be engaged for 2 months. Serkan's prestige will be saved and Eda's university final class payment will be made in return. There is only one problem, to convince family and friends that they are in love with each other at first sight.
You Knock on My Door (3)
Episode 3: You Knock on My Door (3) (Jul 22, 2020)
Serkan Bolat and Eda Yildiz are engaged. This news of course falls into the society like a bomb; everyone is after Eda, what kind of person she is, what does she do for a living and where does she graduate. Eda is left alone in this showy, false world. The only think in Serkan's mind is work, because he knows that Kaan Karadag is up to something sneaky.
Game of Lovers
Episode 4: Game of Lovers (Jul 29, 2020)
The stress of receiving three stressful phone calls resulted in Eda fainting once again in Serkan's arms. Matters are a bit serious this time though, as Selin and Ferit want to come visit them at their shared "home" But there's no such "home" together. Preparations need to made and the notice given is so short. While Eda is busy panicking, all Serkan thinks about is work, work and work again. Eda's friends are certain that Serkan is having an affair with Selin, after catching them red-handed at the restaurant. Eda is trying to get the house ready while she tries to convince them that everything is OK. Eda, after doing her best to please her guests all day, the unexpected news is that she's running out of patience. And things, are at the brink of getting out of hand.
Love in the Mediterranean
Episode 5: Love in the Mediterranean (Aug 12, 2020)
A surprise awaits the team that goes to Antalya to sign an important agreement. Both investors need to sign, but they do not want to come together because they are about to divorce. It is up to Serkan and Eda to bring them together. During the magical moments they spend together in Antalya, Eda and Serkan get closer than ever before. Meanwhile, a new crisis to be created by Kaan Karadag will be a test for Eda. The risk she takes to save Serkan will cause her to realize her feelings for him. Serkan, on the other hand, is increasingly attracted to Eda.
Mysterious Day
Episode 6: Mysterious Day (Aug 19, 2020)
Serkan saves Eda from the paparazzi. Regardless of the award he will receive, his talking to Selin, and the contract he has been working on for months. Eda now thinks that their relationship has gained a completely different dimension. But is it really so? The next day, Serkan Bolat disappears, nobody knows where he is. Except for Selin! Eda goes crazy when she finds out about this. Selin is extremely happy. In Serkan's absence, Eda has promised an important customer that she will finish it in an impossible day. When Serkan appears, the fighting noise gets bigger in the office. The team is divided into two by Eda and Serkan. On the one hand, Eda tries to find out where Serkan has disappeared, on the other hand, she tries to train the customer's business. The tension between Serkan and Eda will end on a night they wake up together.
Love is a Game
Episode 7: Love is a Game (Aug 26, 2020)
Serkan opened his heart to Eda for the first time, shared a very special secret with her… When Eda returns home under the spell of the moment they shared, Ayfer immediately notices Eda's shining eyes. Is Eda really in love? Eda is very afraid of having fallen in love with Serkan… But it is so difficult to stay away from Serkan. The next day is Serkan's birthday… But of course, Serkan Bolat hates celebrating his birthday. Moreover, according to the rumor, he was spending his birthday with Selin. It will be the same this year. Moreover, Eda had to prepare flowers for Selin by hand on behalf of Serkan, as well as writing a note to Selin. Selin is also starting to get confused. So how will this situation affect Serkan and Eda?
Episode 8: Self-Confidence (Sep 02, 2020)
Serkan has blamed Eda for the stolen design to which Eda told him, "You cannot see my face again." Let's see how Serkan gets used to being without Eda. Eda will prove her innocence to Serkan, because he questioned her integrity. Serkan is unable to say "come back" to Eda because of his pride. Ferit starts resenting Selin, who is extremely happy with the news of Serkan and Eda's separation. Danger bells are also ringing for Ferit. Meanwhile, it turns out that Serkan can solve an emergency related to the patent of the design only with the help of Eda.
Pride in Love
Episode 9: Pride in Love (Sep 09, 2020)
Eda disappears after proving her innocence to Serkan. Serkan wants to win Eda's heart, but it's not going to be easy to find her. With a lot of effort, when Serkan finally does find Eda, she does not want to talk to him. This time, Serkan puts the handcuffs on Eda! Serkan repeatedly tries apologizing in his own way however Eda's expectation is much simpler. After spending a long night together, they both start seeing each other in a different way for the first time. But no matter what they do, everything will change when they realize that the contract has ended.
Surprise in Love
Episode 10: Surprise in Love (Sep 16, 2020)
Selin and Ferit's decision to marry upset Serkan and Eda. Ferit also started to get involved in holding business. Serkan is trying to eliminate Ferit as soon as possible. When Eda makes up the lie "We decided to get married, too", the four start to spend time together frequently. On the side of Ayfer and Aydan, various nervous crises are experienced with the news of marriage. Serkan's main concern is that Eda does not leave his life. But he's sure Eda doesn't like him. Eda thinks Serkan is upset that Selin got married. Meanwhile, Ferit brings a partner to the holding that will break all balances.
Don't go Eda
Episode 11: Don't go Eda (Sep 23, 2020)
Selin tells Serkan, "If there is any hope for me to be with you, I will leave Ferit" and Eda hears this. Eda is convinced that Serkan will say yes. On the other hand, Serkan is sure that Eda doesn't want him. Eda decides to get away from Serkan as soon as possible and rebuild her life. She starts again applying for scholarships. Meanwhile, Ayfer learns about the contract engagement between Serkan and Eda. She is also aware that Eda is in love with Serkan. Things are not going well in the flower shop, and Ayfer is unable to pay the debts. Left with no choice, she goes to her mother as a last resort to help Eda get away from Serkan. After a while, Eda receives a phone call stating that she's been selected for an Italian scholarship. Eda sets off without telling Serkan, leaving Serkan to make a choice between his logic and heart.
Don't Break From Love
Episode 12: Don't Break From Love (Sep 30, 2020)
Finally in the end Serkan made his declaration of love. Now it is Eda's turn. But it is not going to be easy to obtain Eda's declaration. Serkan waits patiently in order to hear that Eda is in love with him. Now we also have to deal with keeping this a secret from the families. Since Eda's aunt learned about the engagement agreement, she cannot tell her that she and Serkan and now a real couple in love. With Eda's insistence, Serkan agrees to keep this a secret. But they and their relationship is going to go through many adventures while they keep this secret.
Episode 13: Breathless (Oct 07, 2020)
Selin transferred some of her shares in the Holding because she thought she was getting married. Surprise partner Efe Akman makes a quick introduction. Serkan has to fight to get back the shares from him. Alptekin, who set out to tell Serkan about the mistake he tried to leave in the past, is stunned when he sees Serkan and Eda together. His health is in danger while he tries to explain the situation to his son. Serkan is being tested with great dilemmas both in his professional life and private life. Eda wants to stand by his side, as in every period of life. The attraction between them gives them both strength to overcome obstacles.
I'd Like to Forget
Episode 14: I'd Like to Forget (Oct 14, 2020)
Eda explains to her aunt and friends that Serkan is going to Italy with her. She is very happy, very in love and excited. Serkan learns about his family's connection to Eda's family. He says "This is my responsibility, nothing can separate me from Eda" and opposes his family. He wants to be more attached to Eda, postpone the work and spend a day alone with Eda. While experiencing his love with Eda, in the absence of Serkan in the office, projects are disrupted, Leyla goes crazy from phone traffic, those in the office are in a state of panic. Efe's offering to help Selin in this environment and his desire to put things in order will drive Serkan crazy. Efe organizes a meal for the team to socialize. In this dinner, where the whole team participates, there is fun, competition and competitive moments. Serkan wants to show his loyalty to Eda by telling her the whole truth. But this confession will not be easy for Serkan.
Episode 15: Soulmate (Oct 21, 2020)
Eda is destroyed when Serkan leaves her. She decides to go to Italy and complete her education. But at the knick of time, she learns that the grantor of her Italian scholarship is her grandmother, with her aunt being the intermediary. She confronts her aunt and makes a decision to no longer allow anyone to interfere with her life. Learning that Eda will not come to work, Efe offers her a job. She will only be able to work under him and have no relationship with Serkan Bolat. Eda first thinks that she cannot deal with seeing Serkan every day in the same building. But then she remembers her decision: She will determine the course of her life herself, in spite of everyone. Therefore, she accepts Efe's offer. Serkan, who thinks that he has removed Eda from his life, goes crazy when he sees Eda, who starts working at his workplace. But he cannot do anything because she is an employee of Efe. A cold war begins between Eda and Serkan. While Eda gets her sweet revenge, she infuriates Serkan.
Love is Feeling
Episode 16: Love is Feeling (Oct 28, 2020)
Serkan trembles after finding Eda in the camping area. Serkan's close and caring behavior draws Eda's attention. She suspects that there is another reason behind Serkan's decision to break up. Since Eda hits her head when she has an accident in the forest, she's unable to sleep until morning. Serkan insistently takes her to the summer house. And they spend time together until morning. Serkan, on the other hand, tries to get used to the separation with Eda, while trying to remain unresponsive to the fact that Efe and Eda are together. Because he is aware that Eda has doubts about their breakup. The night of the boys' match, the girls' karaoke, the boys attend the girls' party. It will be much more difficult for Serkan to hide his love for Eda on this night, when everyone opens their feelings to each other.
You Knock on My Door (4)
Episode 17: You Knock on My Door (4) (Nov 04, 2020)
Efe tries to gain Serkan's trust by bringing one of Turkey's most important families to the holding as a customer. However, they actually have secret plans regarding Serkan. Before handing over big projects, the family wants to get to know the company by having their homes renovated. Eda and Serkan take care of the renovation of the house, and the owners of the house, Emre and Aslı, become their friends. Things get out of hand when Aslı shares a special secret with Eda. Serkan and Eda embark on a sweet adventure that will lead to many misunderstandings. Meanwhile, Serkan is sure that Eda is pregnant. But Eda's not saying anything to him about this makes him crazy. On the one hand, his deep love for Eda and on the other hand, being unable to be close to him will ruin Serkan. Eda, on the other hand, cannot prevent her feelings for Serkan despite all her anger. The attitude of Eda in the game Efe plays will drag the relationship between Serkan and Eda to a completely different point.
Love You So Much
Episode 18: Love You So Much (Nov 11, 2020)
Everyone believes the collapse of the rooftop is Serkan's fault. Serkan is in such a difficult situation for the first time in his life. While everybody, even himself, thinks that these are happening because of a mistake he made in drawing, there is only one person who believes that Serkan will never do such a carelessness: of course, Eda! While Serkan tries to fix the damage caused by the crash, Eda is determined to solve the error in the drawings. Serkan goes to a new house, Aydan is very sad, Eda has a great plan for Aydan. Meanwhile, Ayfer learns that the customer who came to the florist actually came thanks to Serkan, not with Efe's reference. Eda misinterprets Serkan's behavior towards Selin. Serkan follows Eda, who has become distant towards him, and finds her in the university library. Even if they are currently going through a rough patch, they cannot stay away from each other. They spend time together during the night.
You Knock on My Door (5)
Episode 19: You Knock on My Door (5) (Nov 21, 2020)
Eda and Serkan's recent discussions ended with Eda telling Serkan that she would now see other people. Serkan feels resentful that Eda can forget him so quickly, and on the one hand, he feels trapped having to pay for his father's mistake. He thinks Eda will slip out of his hands forever. The flower that came to Eda from a mysterious man is the salt and pepper of the business. Serkan goes after Eda to talk and tell her about the accident years ago, the name behind the death of Eda's parents. What Serkan wants to tell Eda is difficult enough, and how he learned them is also important. Serkan wants to create an environment where they can be alone and talk for a long time, where no one will disturb them. On the morning of the night they spent together, a bad surprise awaits Eda with Selin's arrival at Serkan's house. What will Eda decide after learning the truth? Will love overcome everything?
Two Loving Hearts
Episode 20: Two Loving Hearts (Nov 28, 2020)
Serkan tells Eda that Alptekin was negligent in the accident in which her parents' lives were lost. He left Eda due to this heavy burden... Eda goes to face Alptekin. The person in charge of the subcontractor firm is served his sentence. What about the main person responsible for everything? Eda leaves everything behind and goes away with the girls. Serkan, on the other hand, does not leave his house, does not meet with anyone or take care of his business during this period. The two lovers retreat to their own corners and think about what to do. When Eda returns to the city, Serkan also gathers all her strength, leaves her house and tries to talk to her. Eda knows that his father's mistake is not Serkan's responsibility; however, he preferred to leave Eda instead of facing the issue. Eda prepares a contract with Serkan on how to manage their business relationship and Serkan signs without reading. Aydan takes action to bring two lovers side by side and prevent them from breaking.
Feel Us
Episode 21: Feel Us (Dec 05, 2020)
Serkan and Eda continue to wait for each other in separate venues. After a while, they both run out of hope and they get up. While Eda tells the girls that she will not believe in Serkan again, Serkan tells Engin that she will never stop trying. The next day, when Eda goes to work, she receives an offer to be the face of the campaign run by İnci Gülüşlü Kızlar Association. The same offer was made to Serkan. While Serkan refuses without thinking, he later learns that Eda will be participating in the same shoot. When Ayfer goes to confront Alptekin after learning the secret he kept, she encounters a scene she never expected and is forced to help Aydan. Meanwhile, Serkan is looking for a way to join the campaign, which he refused, in order to be with Eda. On the other hand, Aydan also makes plans to bring Serkan and Eda together, but these plans become so disrupted that getting out becomes complicated for even her.
Spoiled Lover
Episode 22: Spoiled Lover (Dec 12, 2020)
The romantic evening of Serkan and Eda ends with an urgent call. Selin, who gets mad because she is caught in the corner, has very different plans. Serkan comes to Eda with a very different request after what he has learned. Eda has no choice but to accept. Meanwhile, someone new enters their lives and causes everyone to be confused and question themselves and what they believe. Should you change for the person you love? If you love, is it okay to force the other person to change? Aydan enters a brand new path with the support of Eda and Serkan after his decision. Even unwillingly, Ayfer has to be with Aydan on this road. Their celebrations after the victory result in a surprising marriage proposal. Eda, who thinks she has begun to be unfair to Serkan, thinks it is her turn to take a step. Eda's decision to knock on Serkan's door one evening produces very different results than he expected.
Love Has No Language
Episode 23: Love Has No Language (Dec 19, 2020)
In the middle of Serkan and Eda's love story, Balca falls like a bomb. The new PR manager tries not to miss the opportunities to get closer to Serkan because she thinks Serkan is the love of her life. She even attempts to create special opportunities. Serkan does not show any interest in Balca, however, Eda is certain that Balca is after him. When Serkan insists on his own opinion, they make a bet. To understand whether Balca has any interest in Serkan, they both try various methods in their own way. Meanwhile, Eda's friends do not stand idly by and go after Balca right away to catch a deficit. While working for a tender that the company is preparing, Balca sets a sneaky trap for Eda. As Eda is making some preparations for her boss' secret partner, she is unaware that she is actually working for her grandmother. Both the result of the tender and the entry of Eda's grandmother into their lives on the same day will create great surprises for Serkan and Eda.
You Became My Heart
Episode 24: You Became My Heart (Dec 26, 2020)
Eda did not fall into the trap of Balca about the tender; However, the appearance of Semiha Hanım, shakes Serkan's trust. Serkan immediately leaves the company. Eda chases after him and tries to tell him that she did not know the identity of the secret partner until that minute. Taking advantage of the absence of Serkan and Eda, Semiha Hanım, declares a state of emergency at the company. The next stop of this woman is the house of Ayfer and Eda. Eda eventually finds a way to get Serkan to listen. They both agree that their relationship is getting worn out. Serkan wants to make a brand new start with the new year. Though Eda wants to leave her grandmother in the past, her grandmother fell like a bomb in the middle of her life. Will the magic of the New Year be able to surround Serkan and Eda? Are brand new beginnings possible? When the clock strikes 12 a.m., they make a contract to let each other know their decision about their relationship.
You’re My Breath
Episode 25: You’re My Breath (Jan 02, 2021)
The New Year's Eve party turns out to be unpleasant due to Serkan's detention. The news of Serkan spending the first hours of the new year in jail makes some sad, and others happy. Semiha Hanım, who made an unfounded report about Serkan, confronts Eda, who tries to meet with Serkan even for five minutes, and Serkan makes a speech professing his love for her. Now Eda is caught between her grandmother's threats and her love for Serkan. Meanwhile, a handsome young Arab Prince, who is also a wealthy businessman, appears to work with Artlife Architecture. It is Semiha Hanım who introduced this prince to the company and she has many other plans. Prince Seymen's start to work with the company causes shock in everyone's lives. Prince Seymen, Semiha Hanım, Eda and Serkan come together one evening to celebrate their starting to work together. This meal will cause a great secret to be revealed.
I’m Officially in Love
Episode 26: I’m Officially in Love (Jan 09, 2021)
It is revealed that Prince Seymen's lost wife who just happened to look exactly like Eda. Eda and Serkan are bewildered. Serkan does not tolerate this. Although Eda says that she is not aware of this situation, a photo deals another blow to her relationship with Serkan. Prince Seymen is ready to do whatever it takes to get Eda, who resembles his ex-wife. Semiha Hanım and Balca, who secretly collaborated with the Prince in the company, try to help him even further. Eda, unaware of the prince's bad intentions, on the one hand, Serkan, unaware of Balca's bad intentions, on the other hand, and unintentionally, they will start to make moves that will break each other's hearts and unwittingly make each other jealous. The tension between Serkan and Eda eventually causes a big explosion when neither of them expected. A spark caused the tension between them to ignite. What happens next will cause their lives to be thrown to a point they never expected.
Everything is Beautiful With You
Episode 27: Everything is Beautiful With You (Jan 16, 2021)
Serkan was very surprised and happy at the marriage proposal of Eda. Although he accepts the offer, there is still something to be done. The decision of Eda and Serkan to get married is greeted with enthusiasm among their friends. On the other hand, Aydan and Ayfer are skeptical about this decision. While Eda and Serkan are thinking about how to convince them, Melo comes up with a suggestion. Eda's courage once again surprises Semiha Hanım. Semiha Hanım has another plan in the face of this decision taken by her granddaughter despite her and her threats. Eda and Serkan immediately start preparing for marriage. The asking ceremony and henna night will be a challenging process for all our characters. Time is running out for those who do not want this partnership.
Eda Bolat
Episode 28: Eda Bolat (Jan 23, 2021)
Those in henna do not discourage Eda and Serkan. But for Ms. Semiha, it changes things. While Eda and Serkan deal with wedding preparations, Serkan tries to keep things going without delay. Aydan and Ayfer, who want to help them, start to make things difficult for both of them with the wedding planner. Differences between families, on the one hand, short-term preparations, on the other hand, create tension on Eda and Serkan. When the boys decide to go on a bachelorette vacation, it annoys the girls and they decide to give them a surprise. In the meantime, there are more than one surprises waiting for Eda and Serkan, who have fun unaware of the problems that may be caused by the overlooked and stalled business problems in the company.
Me Before You
Episode 29: Me Before You (Jan 30, 2021)
Everyone gathered for the wedding is in awe and fear. It is certain that the plane crashed, but Serkan was not there. After the accident, the painful days of waiting for good news from Serkan for Eda begin. The loss of Serkan has caused deep wounds in everyone's lives. In his absence, Eda, Serkan's friends and Aydan are also in wonder and pain. By supporting each other, they try to both maintain their private lives and continue their work in Artlife Architecture without interruption. Finally, Serkan returns. Besides, with someone familiar. He is in good health, but a lot has changed in his life over the course of time. These changes deeply shake Eda. While people are shocked, Eda is determined to resist this change.
Heart Doesn’t Forget
Episode 30: Heart Doesn’t Forget (Feb 06, 2021)
Serkan's statement was a great shock to everyone, especially for Eda. Eda, who has been holding on to her love for months, reviews her decision again in the face of this development. In these days when Eda needs the most support, Deniz will again be with her. Serkan will start to wonder about Eda while trying to make sense of what happened in that year he does not remember. Ayfer and Alex are hesitant about revealing their relationship. Selin's arrival disturbed not only Eda but also Ceren.
True Love
Episode 31: True Love (Feb 13, 2021)
Eda's unexpected marriage announcement shocks everyone. Everyone is very happy. Selin is also happy with this situation. No matter what happens, she will make Serkan fall in love with her again. While Serkan continues on his way unaware of everything, Eda moves forward to her goal step by step. But Eda encounters a surprise she never expected. Let's see how this surprise will affect Eda's game.
Love is Forbidden
Episode 32: Love is Forbidden (Feb 20, 2021)
Eda goes along with Deniz's game and sets the wedding date earlier. Serkan, unaware of everything, is very uncomfortable with this action of Eda. "Jealousy sirens" have begun to ring for Serkan. While this jealousy brings him closer to Eda step by step, Selin does not want to lose Serkan to Eda and is determined to join forces with Deniz and turn this game to their advantage. How will Eda get out of this situation? Will Serkan fall in love with Eda again?
There’s Love in Your Scent
Episode 33: There’s Love in Your Scent (Feb 27, 2021)
While Eda and Serkan are in the arms of an innocent sleep, they are caught by Selin and Deniz. Selin has no intention of giving up on Serkan no matter what. After that night Serkan begins to question his feelings about Eda. As for Eda, despite everything she does not give up for her love and continues the game. Serkan chooses to trust his heart, which goes to Eda, and decides to go to her with the questions in his mind. Will this be enough for Serkan to remember Eda?
You Knock On My Door (6)
Episode 34: You Knock On My Door (6) (Mar 06, 2021)
Eda hopes that Serkan remembers everything when he kisses her. When she asks Serkan why he did this, Serkan's response makes her angry. Serkan's move heats up the love game between them. So, who will be the winner of this love game - Eda, Serkan or only "love"?
I Remember
Episode 35: I Remember (Mar 13, 2021)
Eda has come to the end of the road. For Serkan, she is willing to lose everything and sit down at the wedding table with Deniz. All she wants is for Serkan to come back. As for Serkan, he is very confused. As Eda continues the game, Serkan tries to resolve his feelings. Aydan and Ayfer are doing everything they can this marriage not to take place and to bring Serkan and Eda back together. So, will getting them together be good enough to bring back Serkan's memory? Will the two lovers reunite? Or will they lose each other forever?
Big Love
Episode 36: Big Love (Mar 20, 2021)
The dark cloud of a "real marriage" shadows on the reunion of Serkan and Eda. Even if this marriage is real, Eda is happy that Serkan remembers her. She is going to do whatever it takes to have this marriage annulled, and then Eda and Serkan, hand in hand, will overcome all obstacles and continue on with their love. Deniz's love for Eda outweighs on him and he disappears. Will Eda and Serkan find Deniz? Will Serkan and Eda be happy?
You Are My World
Episode 37: You Are My World (Mar 27, 2021)
After the news of Selin's pregnancy, Eda decides to stay away from Serkan. Serkan is shocked by Eda's attitude, but despite of Eda's confusion, he tries to hold on to his love. This time it is Serkan who will fight for Eda. As for Eda, she is after finding out the truth whether Selin is really pregnant or not. Is Selin really pregnant? Or is everything just a game?
The Angels Promised Me
Episode 38: The Angels Promised Me (Apr 03, 2021)
Eda and Serkan run into each other at the airport but in an unexpected way. Serkan's illness has deeply affected Eda and she has to make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Selin is determined not to give up. The illness he experienced and the events that followed lead Serkan to make radical decisions about his life. Serkan's new decisions have stunned everyone. Will Eda and Serkan find the opportunity they are looking for to make a new start to their love?
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Episode 79
Episode 79: Episode 79 (Dec 15, 2021)
Episode 80
Episode 80: Episode 80 (Dec 18, 2021)
Episode 81
Episode 81: Episode 81 (Dec 22, 2021)
Episode 82
Episode 82: Episode 82 (Dec 25, 2021)
Episode 83
Episode 83: Episode 83 (Dec 29, 2021)
Episode 84
Episode 84: Episode 84 (Jan 01, 2022)
Episode 85
Episode 85: Episode 85 (Jan 08, 2022)
Episode 86
Episode 86: Episode 86 (Jan 15, 2022)
Episode 87
Episode 87: Episode 87 (Jan 22, 2022)
Episode 88
Episode 88: Episode 88 (Jan 29, 2022)
Episode 89
Episode 89: Episode 89 (Feb 05, 2022)
Episode 90
Episode 90: Episode 90 (Feb 12, 2022)
Episode 91
Episode 91: Episode 91 (Feb 19, 2022)
Episode 92
Episode 92: Episode 92 (Feb 26, 2022)
Episode 93
Episode 93: Episode 93 (Mar 02, 2022)
Episode 94
Episode 94: Episode 94 (Mar 05, 2022)
Episode 95
Episode 95: Episode 95 (Mar 09, 2022)
Episode 96
Episode 96: Episode 96 (Mar 12, 2022)
Episode 97
Episode 97: Episode 97 (Mar 16, 2022)
Episode 98
Episode 98: Episode 98 (Mar 19, 2022)
Episode 99
Episode 99: Episode 99 (Mar 23, 2022)
Episode 104: حلقة (Apr 09, 2022)
Episode 105: حلقة (Apr 13, 2022)
Episode 106: حلقة (Apr 16, 2022)
Episode 107: حلقة (Apr 20, 2022)
Episode 108: حلقة (Apr 23, 2022)
Episode 109: حلقة (Apr 27, 2022)
Episode 110: حلقة (Apr 30, 2022)
Episode 111: حلقة (May 04, 2022)
Episode 112: حلقة (May 07, 2022)
Episode 113: حلقة (May 11, 2022)

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