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Have Gun, Will Travel (1957)

Have Gun – Will Travel is an American Western television series that aired on CBS from 1957 through 1963. It was rated number three or number four in the Nielsen ratings every year of its first four seasons. It was one of the few television shows to spawn a successful radio version. The radio series debuted November 23, 1958. The television show is presently shown on the Encore-Western channel. Have Gun – Will Travel was created by Sam Rolfe and Herb Meadow and produced by Frank Pierson, Don Ingalls, Robert Sparks, and Julian Claman. There were 225 episodes of the TV series, 24 written by Gene Roddenberry. Other contributors included Bruce Geller, Harry Julian Fink, Don Brinkley and Irving Wallace. Andrew McLaglen directed 101 episodes and 19 were directed by series star Richard Boone.

  • Sam Rolfe
  • Herb Meadow
Release Date: Sat, Sep 14, 1957

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 25

Season 6:

Episode 1: Genesis (Sep 15, 1962)
After an unsuccessful attempt on his life by young Roderick Jefferson, Paladin is prompted into remembering a similar incident from his past. Once, as a youth, he agreed to pay off a gambling debt by shooting it out with a professional gunfighter.
Taylor's Woman
Episode 2: Taylor's Woman (Sep 22, 1962)
A hen-pecked rancher, in San Francisco to marry his housekeeper, hires Paladin to help him get out doing so.
The Fifth Bullet
Episode 3: The Fifth Bullet (Sep 29, 1962)
After eight years, Paladin tries to repay a convict for the lie he was told when he arrested him. "I promise you a fair trial" is what he said.
A Place For Abel Hix
Episode 4: A Place For Abel Hix (Oct 06, 1962)
Hix sends for Paladin. When he arrives in town, he finds that Hix was killed in a gunfight even though he's the fastest man with gun who ever lived.
Beau Geste
Episode 5: Beau Geste (Oct 13, 1962)
After 15 years in office, Sheriff Dobbs is retiring and some old enemies are just waiting for the day he turns in his badge. Paladin received a newspaper clipping about the sheriff and $10 to save Dobbs' life.
Bird of Time
Episode 6: Bird of Time (Oct 20, 1962)
Paladin rides upon a man named Stryker hanging from a tree. When he learns Paladin is after the same man but with a warrant, he says he has stronger reasons and hopes he won't get in his way.
Memories of Monica
Episode 7: Memories of Monica (Oct 27, 1962)
Repaying a debt, Paladin rides to Valley Heart. Sheriff Reagan awaits the return of a native son who has been jailed for the past six years.
The Predators
Episode 8: The Predators (Nov 03, 1962)
Paladin is after a man suspected of killing a marshal. After finally capturing him in the desert he claims his innocence.
Shootout at Hogtooth
Episode 9: Shootout at Hogtooth (Nov 10, 1962)
Hogtooth gets more ridicule than usual, when 3 gunmen take over the town, after cleaning it up. Each was hired in secret by a town council member, so the enforcers band together to suck Hogtooth dry.
A Miracle for St. Francis
Episode 10: A Miracle for St. Francis (Nov 17, 1962)
Paladin rides to the San Luis Rey church in search of a very old brandy. When he is asked by the Padre to retrieve a statue of worship, they strike a bargain where they both may get what they want.
Marshal of Sweetwater
Episode 11: Marshal of Sweetwater (Nov 24, 1962)
Sweetwater was a wild town before Thomas Carey, a retired Army scout and old friend of Paladin, became marshal. But Carey has taken over complete control and turned into a killer. Paladin has to stop him and Carey has always seemed the faster of the two.
Man in an Hourglass
Episode 12: Man in an Hourglass (Dec 01, 1962)
A doctor who once saved Paladin's life calls upon him to find and safely bring back the son of a one-time sweetheart. The young man has "taken to the hills" to track down his father's killer.
Episode 13: Penelope (Dec 08, 1962)
Paladin meets a drunken Col Lacey at the Carlton. He is there fearful of going home to his lovely wife after being away for some time seeking his fortune.
Trial at Tablerock
Episode 14: Trial at Tablerock (Dec 15, 1962)
Adams, the prosecutor, wants to hire Paladin to rid the town of someone he says is getting away with murder.
Be Not Forgetful of Strangers
Episode 15: Be Not Forgetful of Strangers (Dec 22, 1962)
Paladin rides into a Texas town at Christmas time and encounters a saloon full of merrymakers. Soon afterward a cowboy brings in a pregnant girl who may not survive the impending birth.
The Treasure
Episode 16: The Treasure (Dec 29, 1962)
Jess Harden, about to be released from prison for an $80K robbery he says he didn't commit, returns to the same town not knowing that it's a ghost town.
Episode 17: Brotherhood (Jan 05, 1963)
Abe and Jim Redrock are both well educated. The only problem they always run into is they are also Indians. Abe stays true to his heritage, causing trouble for the elected sheriff of Latigo.
Bob Wire
Episode 18: Bob Wire (Jan 12, 1963)
Bob Wire hires Paladin, C.O.D., to escort him and his wagon load of barb wire to Anderson.
The Debutante
Episode 19: The Debutante (Jan 19, 1963)
Mrs. Quincy longs to see her granddaughter who has been away since she was six. When her daughter and husband died in the mine fields, she was taken in.
Unforgiving Minute
Episode 20: Unforgiving Minute (Jan 26, 1963)
Fleeing banditos, Paladin seeks shelter from a peasant and his beautiful, scheming wife, their marriage at the breaking point.
American Primitive
Episode 21: American Primitive (Feb 02, 1963)
Paladin is joined by his friend Ernie Backwater, an aging sheriff who is out to capture Will Tybee, a wanted fugitive who has spent his life searching for the man who murdered his son.
The Burning Tree
Episode 22: The Burning Tree (Feb 09, 1963)
Paladin is escorting a unique prisoner to a trial and certain conviction. A man who has been married seven times and murdered all of them.
Cage at McNaab
Episode 23: Cage at McNaab (Feb 16, 1963)
Paladin is asked by the wife of a man who is condemned to die to visit him in prison and see if new evidence can be found to clear her husband.
The Caravan
Episode 24: The Caravan (Feb 23, 1963)
Paladin is hired to escort a Rani and her party across 150 miles of desert to a safe haven. The Rani is from a country fighting a civil war and she is to be the new leader if her side is victorious.
The Walking Years
Episode 25: The Walking Years (Mar 02, 1963)
A letter from a friend brings Paladin to a bar where he's drugged. He wakes up chained and in the company of a man with a similar story and a woman who's path they've both crossed before.
Sweet Lady of the Moon
Episode 26: Sweet Lady of the Moon (Mar 09, 1963)
Carl Soddenberg committed a heinous, murderous act. Paladin is hired to get him to an asylum and keep the family's survivors at bay who are out for revenge.
The Savages
Episode 27: The Savages (Mar 16, 1963)
An art collector hires Paladin to guide him, and his strangely childlike daughter, to the camp of a reclusive sculptor.
The Eve of St. Elmo
Episode 28: The Eve of St. Elmo (Mar 23, 1963)
Colonel Draco invites Paladin to investigate an "insurrection" over water rights. Paladin discovers that Draco was crippled eight months previously and wants revenge. Paladin has no intention of being Draco's executioner.
Lady of the Fifth Moon
Episode 29: Lady of the Fifth Moon (Mar 30, 1963)
Paladin comes to pay his respects to the mother of a Chinese man who is killed. She asks Paladin to meet a ship bound for China and see that her granddaughter is brought safely aboard.
Two Plus One
Episode 30: Two Plus One (Apr 06, 1963)
Paladin is riding to meet a lovely French lady in Los Angelos. On the way he encounters an Indian maiden being attacked. The girl, Taymanee, after being rescued, informs Paladin that she now belongs to him. His tryst takes a bad turn when Taymanee's attackers return.
The Black Bull
Episode 31: The Black Bull (Apr 13, 1963)
After being tortured, Paladin, becomes a surrogate bull for a famous, but now insane bullfighter, Nino Ybarra..
Face of a Shadow
Episode 32: Face of a Shadow (Apr 20, 1963)
Paladin is hired by a man to deliver ten thousand dollars. When the man is found dead, with the money missing, Paladin has to sift through a numbr of suspects, including a band of gypsies and the men who found the body.

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