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Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (1951)

Schlitz Playhouse of Stars is an anthology series that was telecast from 1951 until 1959 on CBS. Offering both comedies and drama, the series was sponsored by the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company. The title was shortened to Schlitz Playhouse, beginning with the fall 1957 season.

Release Date: Fri, Oct 05, 1951

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Season 8:

A Thing to Fight For
Episode 1: A Thing to Fight For (Sep 26, 1958)
A peace-loving Civil War veteran seeks refuge from the violence of war as overseer on a Florida plantation.
The Hasty Hanging
Episode 3: The Hasty Hanging (Oct 10, 1958)
A man and his wife are sentenced to hang without a trial.
The Four
Episode 4: The Four (Oct 17, 1958)
The Trouble With Ruth
Episode 5: The Trouble With Ruth (Oct 24, 1958)
Not even her husband knows that Ruth Elliot is a kleptomaniac. But hoodlum Joseph Libo finds out about her illness and threatens to tell her husband unless she helps him carry out a robbery.
False Impression
Episode 7: False Impression (Nov 07, 1958)
A crippled dental technician falls in love with a pretty girl who refuses to have anything to do with him. He decides to steal a fortune in jewels in order to force the girl to overlook his physical handicap and marry him.
Last Edition
Episode 9: Last Edition (Nov 21, 1958)
Newspaper editor Sheldon Black is being shoved aside for the publisher's slimy protégé, Dean Lowell, who passed Black's ideas off as his own. Before exiting, Black orders Lowell to cover the execution of a condemned man that Lowell was friends with in the war. If the reptile Lowell had been willing to soil his "war hero" reputation and testify, he could have saved the man from the electric chair. Instead, he remains quiet and turns in quite a news story.
Third Son
Episode 11: Third Son (Dec 05, 1958)
The youngest brother is torn between whether to follow in the footsteps of his brother who is a frontier marshal or the other one who is a dashing gambler.
No Answer
Episode 13: No Answer (Dec 19, 1958)
A swindler who's known for separating rich widows from their money is the lead suspect in the murder of this latest "pigeon." His alibi seems pretty air tight: he was with the investigating cop when the murder supposedly took place.
A Fistful of Love
Episode 15: A Fistful of Love (Jan 02, 1959)
Drama of a prizefighter's battle for survival.
You Can't Win 'Em All
Episode 17: You Can't Win 'Em All (Jan 16, 1959)
A professional football player refuses to admit that his playing days are over.
And Practically Strangers
Episode 18: And Practically Strangers (Jan 30, 1959)
From childhood Alan Mitchell has always felt his abilities and achievements overshadowed by those of his younger brother Hugh. When Hugh requisitions Alan to work with him on a nuclear bomb project it puts an additional strain on their already tense relationship.
Death Trap
Episode 19: Death Trap (Feb 06, 1959)
The Man Who Had No Friends
Episode 20: The Man Who Had No Friends (Feb 13, 1959)
Champion Barry Brannon retires from a successful career as a fighter and goes into the restaurant business with his long-time manager, Charlie. When Barry proposes to his girl, he finds that she is in love with Charlie.
On the Brink
Episode 22: On the Brink (Feb 27, 1959)
Story of an intense hatred between father and son.
Ivy League
Episode 24: Ivy League (Mar 13, 1959)
After 30 years in the Marine Corps, Bull Mitchell retires and enrolls as a college freshman.
Episode 25: Frederick (Mar 20, 1959)
The Salted Mine
Episode 26: The Salted Mine (Mar 27, 1959)
In the Old West, a beautiful mine owner hires a detective to discover if she has been swindled when she bought a mine.
The Dreamer
Episode 27: The Dreamer (Apr 03, 1959)
The Rumor
Episode 32: The Rumor (Jun 05, 1959)
The guys of the billing department at Brittanica Insurance heard that one of them is about to be let go. After breaking up with his girlfriend-of-the-week, office playboy Eddie shoots off his mouth and says he's gonna quit and leave town. Of course, he reconsiders as soon as he meets another woman.
Episode 34: Hostage (Jun 19, 1959)
A motorcycle cop becomes hostage to a cold-blooded slayer who plans to use him to escape police roadblocks.
Cowboy Five Seven
Episode 35: Cowboy Five Seven (Jul 17, 1959)
This dramatization was about a typical day in the lives of the men of SAC, was made by Stewart, a reserve officer in the air force, at Westover (Mass.) Air Base. No professional actors are used; officers and enlisted men and their families portray themselves.
A Ballad to Die By
Episode 36: A Ballad to Die By (Jul 31, 1959)
Rancher Anna Carrick hires singing cowboy Johnny Guitar to play at her wedding. Johnny soon learns that Anna is to marry a killer against her will.

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