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Isis (1975)

The Secrets of Isis is the syndicated title of a live action CBS television series produced by Filmation in the 1970s originally titled Isis that appeared during the Saturday morning cartoon lineup. The show was also aired in various countries around the world. As indicated on commentary in the 2007 DVD release of the series, and supported by examining broadcast premiere dates, The Secrets of Isis was the first weekly American live-action television series whose lead character was a female superhero, debuting September 6, 1975 and predating the weekly debuts of both The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman.

Release Date: Sat, Sep 06, 1975

Country: US
Language: Zh | En
Runtime: 30

JoAnna Cameron
Andrea Thomas / Isis
Brian Cutler
Rick Mason
Ronalda Douglas
Rennie Carol

Season 2:

Seeing Eye Horse
Episode 1: Seeing Eye Horse (Sep 11, 1976)
A boy blinded in a riding accident must learn to trust a new guide horse when his family farm is threatened by fire.
The Hitchhiker
Episode 2: The Hitchhiker (Sep 18, 1976)
A girl learns a lesson about the dangers of hitchhiking when the boy she rides with loses control of his car.
The Class Clown
Episode 3: The Class Clown (Sep 25, 1976)
A new student's practical jokes endanger his fellow students.
The Cheerleader
Episode 4: The Cheerleader (Oct 02, 1976)
A girl cheats on her chemistry exam and frames a fellow cheerleader in her desperation to become number one.
Year of the Dragon
Episode 5: Year of the Dragon (Oct 16, 1976)
A Chinese-American girl learns to overcome her shame of her immigrant father's adherence to traditional customs.
Now You See It ... (1)
Episode 6: Now You See It ... (1) (Oct 23, 1976)
Rick is framed for the theft of part of a top-secret government device that can control the weather.
Now You See It ... (2)
Episode 7: Now You See It ... (2) (Oct 30, 1976)
The weather machine thieves kidnap Rick to compel him to turn over the plans for the rest of the weather control machine.

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