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The Revival

The Zyurangers must rescue the astronauts who freed Queen Bandora . It's up to Geki's Tyranosaurus protector beast to save the day.

Release Date: Fri, Feb 21, 1992

Country: JP
Language: Ja
Runtime: 25
Subtitle     Direct Stream

Season 1:

The Birth
Episode 1: The Birth (Feb 21, 1992)
170 million years ago, Dinosaurs and humans lived side by side in peace and harmony. One day however, a mischievous troublemaker by the name of Kai breaks several dinosaur eggs and as such is chased off a cliff by a dinosaur. Kai's mother, a woman named Bandora, sees her son get chased off a cliff but does not see what had happened before that. Enraged, Bandora asks Satan himself to give her the power to destroy every last dinosaur on Earth. Bandora gets the power but she pays a terrible price for it: her sanity. Bandora becomes the evil Queen Bandora and after recruiting the help of Grifforza (Goldar), Puipuiin (Finster), Lammy (Scorpina), BakuBaku (Squatt), and Tatutattin (Baboo), begins her relentless attack on the dinosaurs, determined to wipe them out of existance. The great wizard Barza (what Zordon was supposed to be before he got trapped in a time warp) could not stand the terrible destruction plaguing the dinosaurs. He recruited five special people from five special king
The Revival
Episode 2: The Revival (Feb 28, 1992)
The Zyurangers must rescue the astronauts who freed Queen Bandora . It's up to Geki's Tyranosaurus protector beast to save the day.
Fight in the Land of Despair
Episode 3: Fight in the Land of Despair (Mar 06, 1992)
The Zyurangers decide that in order to defeat Queen Bandora's evil plans, they need to get the Legendary weapons from the Land of Despair. There's just one catch though: if they stay there for longer than 24 hours, they will turn into stone. Queen Bandora decides to send down Grifforza and some clay soldiers down to the Land of Despair as well, determined to make sure that the Zyuranger's first day in the Land of Despair is also their last.
Reawaken, Legendary Weapons
Episode 4: Reawaken, Legendary Weapons (Mar 13, 1992)
The Zyurangers successfully complete their mission to get the legendary weapons from the Land of Despair. After transforming, they make short work of Dora Minotaurus. Queen Bandora destroys the Land of Despair, enraged that her plan to destroy the Zyurangers did not work.
Scary Riddles
Episode 5: Scary Riddles (Mar 27, 1992)
A rash of missing children is the work of DoraSphynx. Those who fail to answer his riddles are turned into trees. Thanks to Dan's impulsiveness, Boi befalls the same fate. Bandora renews her vow to make human adults suffer by tormenting their children. The Zyurangers' lack of teamwork leaves Geki the only ranger left to face DoraSphynx.
Arise! Daizyuzin!
Episode 6: Arise! Daizyuzin! (Apr 03, 1992)
Tyrannosaurs sends Geki to an unknown land, where he has a vision - Geki must find the DinoCrystals to free his friends, and then together their Guardian Beasts can form Daizyuzin. Geki battles DoraSphynx and Grifforzer and finds the crystals, freeing the other Zyurangers. The rangers must use their new power to combine their guardians beasts and defeat DoraSphynx and Grifforzer...
I Can See! I Can See!
Episode 7: I Can See! I Can See! (Apr 10, 1992)
Bandora's new monster DoraGoblin is visible only to children, and plays his magic accordion to kidnap children so their souls may be stolen. A boy named Toru whose would-be girlfriend has fallen victim tries to help the Zyuranger fight DoraGoblin since they cannot see him, but Toru seems more concerned about his missing present...
Terror! Eaten In An Instant
Episode 8: Terror! Eaten In An Instant (Apr 17, 1992)
Upset over gaining ten pounds and realizing meals are family bonding time for humans, Bandora unleashes reject monster DoraCirce to consume the world's food supply. When the Zyurangers face him, he also easily manages to consume their weapons. Their only hope is in a magical herb and a mysterious old stranger called Gnome.
Run! Prince of The Eggs
Episode 9: Run! Prince of The Eggs (Apr 24, 1992)
Bandora learns that the Apellos tribe of Delos Island have two last dinosaur eggs. She uses her DoraCockatrice monster, who once tricked the Prince of the island, to discover the secret location of the eggs.
Monkeys No More!
Episode 10: Monkeys No More! (May 01, 1992)
Bandora creates another Dora Cockatrice monster, who tricks the Prince once again, this time into disabling the forcefield around the eggs so they could be stolen.
My Master!
Episode 11: My Master! (May 08, 1992)
Did you summon me, master? A group of children find a magic lamp, and revel in the wishes that the lamp's spirit, Djinn, grants for them. But the witch Bandora also has Djinn in her sights...
Papa's a Vampire!?
Episode 12: Papa's a Vampire!? (May 15, 1992)
Dan meets a girl named Michi. Michi has been seeing a vampire... which turns out to be her father! What could be going on here?! Dan! Trust in Mcihi's words, and find the answer to this mystery!
Fire! The Golden Arrow
Episode 13: Fire! The Golden Arrow (May 22, 1992)
Mei falls prey to Bandora's poisoned apple, while DoraLadon drains the youth from children! Only the PteraArrow can free the children from DoraLadon. Keep fighting Mei! Overcome the curse with your courage!
Become Small!
Episode 14: Become Small! (May 29, 1992)
Dondon the fae is rejected as Pleplechaun's assistant. The boy Toshio never seems to do anything right.
Destroy! The Dark Super Sword
Episode 15: Destroy! The Dark Super Sword (Jun 05, 1992)
DoraKnight wields the Durandal, the most powerful sword of the demon world. With it, he challenges Goushi to a duel.
The Great Sneeze Plot
Episode 16: The Great Sneeze Plot (Jun 12, 1992)
Isamu, a young soccer player, is ostracized from his team.
The Sixth Hero
Episode 17: The Sixth Hero (Jun 19, 1992)
A mysterious man named Burai is awakened from a long slumber and reveals to the ZyuRangers that he has their powers as well! However, Burai doesn't attack Queen Bandora's forces, he attacks the ZyuRangers themselves! What kind of a grudge does Burai hold against the ZyuRangers that would make him want to attack them?
The Hate-Filled Brother's Sword
Episode 18: The Hate-Filled Brother's Sword (Jun 26, 1992)
Burai seeks out Queen Bandora and asks her for the strength to destroy the ZyuRangers. Burai wants revenge against the ZyuRangers as his brother is the Red ZyuRanger and long ago, Burai was taken away from his birth father and given to King Yamamoto (the Dark Warrior) as a consolation prize when the King won a battle against Burai's father. Burai swore revenge against his brother and swore to beat him in battle while the Great War against Queen Bandora was being waged. However, the War ended to quickly and Burai never got the chance to prove himself. He followed the other ZyuRanger's into a hypersleep and has finally been reawakened. Queen Bandora tells Burai that the Savage Sword will give Burai all the strength he needs to destroy the ZyuRangers but forgets to mention to Burai one tiny detail: the Savage Sword makes whoever is currently wielding it completely insane, and Burai is already unstable as it is! With the Savage Sword in Burai's hands, do the ZyuRangers even stand a cha
Female Warrior Scorpion!
Episode 19: Female Warrior Scorpion! (Jul 03, 1992)
Things aren't going well for the ZyuRangers. When the Red ZyuRanger finds out that Burai is his brother, he is unable to fight to his full potential out of fear that he could hurt his brother. To make matters worse, Queen Bandora has resurrected Lammy out of a 65 million year slumber, in order to help Burai in a final battle against the ZyuRangers.
Daizyuzin's Last Day
Episode 20: Daizyuzin's Last Day (Jul 10, 1992)
Lammy and Grifforza commence their attack on Japan to bring about the end of the ZyuRangers. The Zyuranger call upon their mechas to do battle but there are three big problems. One, Lammy and Grifforza are holding a schoolbus full of children hostage and threaten to throw the bus off a cliff should the ZyuRangers make one false move. Two: today there is a solar eclipse occuring which means that Daizyuzin's (Megazord's) power will be at its absolute minimum. Three: Queen Bandora has grown Grifforza, Lammy, and Burai to monster size. The ZyuRangers manage to make the rescue of the schoolbus and their children, yet the Red ZyuRanger just doesn't have the heart to fight against his brother Burai. Because of this, Daizyujin get's beat up badly. So badly in fact, that Daizyuzin breaks apart and falls into a pool of lava that has opened in the Earth's crust! The ZyuRanger's cannot believe what they're seeing! Their most trusted friend, Daizyuzin, has seemingly been destroyed right before
The Shugozyu's Great Riot
Episode 21: The Shugozyu's Great Riot (Jul 17, 1992)
Queen Bandora and her evil crew are celebrating their victory over the ZyuRangers. However, all is not well. Burai, consumed by his lust for power because of the Savage Sword, tries to destroy Queen Bandora herself! Queen Bandora proves to be more powerful than Burai could of ever thought possible, and Burai is banished to Earth. Once there, Burai encounter's a child-like being named Clotho, who reveals herself to be the keeper of life and death. (In other words, she determines how long a person lives.) She explains to Burai that when he went into hypersleep 170 million years ago, an earthquake had occured between that long span of time, and caused a landslide of rocks where Burai had been hypersleeping which killed him! Burai's companion mecha Dragon Ceaser however, couldn't stand being alone without Burai, and pleaded with Clotho to give Burai his life back. Clotho agreed but with a catch: Burai has only 48 hours left to live before his lifeforce (represented by a green candle) c
Combine! Gouryuzin
Episode 22: Combine! Gouryuzin (Jul 24, 1992)
The Great Wizard Barza, using his own special brand of magic, manages to bring back Daizyuzin out of the lava. Ironic- ally enough, the lava made Daizyujin stronger and now the Red Zyuranger Geki is ready to end Burai's rampage once and for all. All by himself, Geki beat up Dragon Ceasar as a punishment for attacking his fellow ancient beast spirits, and then blasted Geki right out of his Dragon Ranger armor. Burai, unable to move, is at the mercy of Geki. Daizyuzin orders Geki to strike Burai down, yet even after everything that Burai has done, Geki refuses to do so. In a mad burst of adrenaline, Burai tries to strike Geki down, only to hear Geki say something like this: ""If It will help, if it will take away the pain, then by all means kill me."" Upon hearing these words, Burai drops the Savage Sword and breaks into tears which completely disintegrates the Savage Sword, freeing Burai from his insane rage.
Hope Springs A-Turtle
Episode 24: Hope Springs A-Turtle (Aug 07, 1992)
When Boi is hit by DoraTortoise's traffic light, he finds himself running without end.
The Park Where Demons Dwell
Episode 25: The Park Where Demons Dwell (Aug 14, 1992)
Children are under attack by butterflies which swarm around a park statue.
Be Careful of Shaved Ice
Episode 26: Be Careful of Shaved Ice (Aug 21, 1992)
Tottpatt has concocted a new liquid that's meant to send our heroes to the cruel and evil side. While they are playing tennis, he takes the time to enter the substance into Dan's and Mei's shaved ice. He runs out of a time before he can do any more damage. It works perfectly, sending Dan and Mei on an evil rage against our heroes. What's more? Dora Bugaranan, Puripurikan's newest creation, is out wreaking havoc, devouring Boi and Goshi! Only one thing can bring Dan and Mei to their senses: the liquid from a Mandrake. Barza moves out on his quest for it....
Mei On A Silver Platter
Episode 27: Mei On A Silver Platter (Aug 28, 1992)
DoraGuzzler attacks people with his toxic flowers. It is said that only the sacrifice of a Rishiyan princess can defeat him.
Clay Monsters, New And Improved
Episode 28: Clay Monsters, New And Improved (Sep 04, 1992)
A red gas billows forth from the ramen ship where Dan works. The source: a new type of clay that Bandora is digging up below.
A Mystery!? The Attacking Beast Knight God
Episode 29: A Mystery!? The Attacking Beast Knight God (Sep 11, 1992)
Geki and Burai find themselves in a mysterious land. In order to defeat DoraFranken, the brothers must overcome the trial together.
Satan Comes!!
Episode 30: Satan Comes!! (Sep 18, 1992)
The giant pillar is part of a ritual to summon Great Satan. As children are captured for sacrifice, Bandora recites a spell that may cost her life.
Reborn! The Ultimate God
Episode 31: Reborn! The Ultimate God (Sep 25, 1992)
SatanFranken's attack begins to dissolve Daizyuzin. Only Ultimate Daizyuzin can defeat him.
Geki! Slash Your Tears
Episode 32: Geki! Slash Your Tears (Oct 02, 1992)
Burai has only hours remaining. Geki's hesitation allows DoraNarcissus to run rampant.
Teach Me! The Jewel of Bravery
Episode 33: Teach Me! The Jewel of Bravery (Oct 09, 1992)
In order to save the children kidnapped by DoraRaiger, the Zyurangers need the Fae Stone in young Saori's possession.
Live, Burai!
Episode 34: Live, Burai! (Oct 16, 1992)
To run down the last of Burai's remaining life, Bandora seals him inside of a cave.
Ninja Warrior, Boi
Episode 35: Ninja Warrior, Boi (Oct 23, 1992)
Boi takes a job as a bodyguard at a ninja dojo.
Smash It! The Mirror of Death
Episode 36: Smash It! The Mirror of Death (Oct 30, 1992)
Any who look into the Mirror of Ruin die instantly. With the ocean as a stage, Zyuranger clashes with Lami, who seeks to possess its magic! But when a young boy gets his hands on the mirror...
A Dinosaur is Born
Episode 37: A Dinosaur is Born (Nov 06, 1992)
DoraJinjiao is after the dinosaur eggs. While Mei and the children are trapped inside his gourd, the others hear the true voice of Daizyuzin in the raging waves.
Princess Mei's Seven Metamorphoses
Episode 38: Princess Mei's Seven Metamorphoses (Nov 13, 1992)
Children are falling ill.
A Subterranean Beast's Tears
Episode 39: A Subterranean Beast's Tears (Nov 20, 1992)
The ferocious monster attacks people and Zyuranger alike. He's a legendary undergound monster by the name of Goda. But Zyuranger catches an unexpected sight...
Burai's Departure of Death
Episode 40: Burai's Departure of Death (Nov 27, 1992)
Burai is given some depressing news by Clotho: he only has five hours left to live. Even worse: the next time Burai leaves the Lapseless Room, he won't be able to return. Queen Bandora overhears this juicy information and comands Puipuiin to create DoraFake, a monster capable of making it look like it is something else than what it really is. DoraFake transforms itself into Dragon Ceaser, and Queen Bandora flies down to Earth to tell the ZyuRangers that SHE'S in control of Dragon Ceaser now. The ZyuRanger's try their best to handle DoraFake, but eventually, they NEED Burai's help, BADLY! Burai decides to hurry to help the other ZyuRangers. Burai tries to gain recontrol of Dragon Ceaser, only to discover that what's attacking Daizyujin isn't Dragon Ceaser at all but merely DoraFake mimicking Dragon Ceaser. After Burai calls upon the real Dragon Ceaser, he and the other ZyuRangers make short work of DoraFake. Burai immediately hurries back to the Lapseless Room, but Queen Bando
Blaze, Burai!!
Episode 41: Blaze, Burai!! (Dec 04, 1992)
Trying as hard as Burai can, he cannot reach the Lapseless Room in time, nor can he stop Queen Bandora from destroying it. Adding insult to injury, Queen Bandora flies off with his Green Candle, claiming that he has only four hours left to live. Burai however, is no longer concerned for his life, he's concerned about someone elses. Burai has had a very disturbing vision about a young boy dying soon after Burai dies, and Burai goes off to find him, which he does. Burai is pleasantly surprised however, that the boy he's been looking for is perfectly fine and in perfect health. Burai decides to spend his last four hours hanging out with the kid, showing him the time of both their lifes on top of Dragon Caesar. The other Zyurangers, desperate for a way to save Burai's life, decide to go to the Sacred Land of the Dinosaurs, which is said to contain a magical water that can revive anyone near the brink of death. There's just one catch though: the other Zyuranger's won't be able to mo
Burai Dies...
Episode 42: Burai Dies... (Dec 11, 1992)
Burai might be hopelessly outmatched by Dora Fake, but knowing that he's going to die anyways, decides to go out the same way he came in, and fights like there's no tomorrow. The other Zyurangers suddenly find themselves with their powers back, meaning that Dan and Goushi have succeeded in their mission. The other Zyurangers form the true Daizyujin and finish off DoraFake once and for all. The victory is bittersweet however, as Burai's lifeforce is almost completely gone. Clotho appears to the Zyurangers informing them that even though they succeeded in their mission, the water of the gods will not be able to restore Burai's life as he has already died once and the life he has been living with the other Zyuranger's was a temporary one. So with Burai's last request, he bestows the Dragon Armor and Dragon sword to his brother Geki, so that Geki can command Dragon Caesar, and asks the Zyurangers to give the magical water to the boy he had saved earlier so that even though Burai will d
Live Again! Zyusouken
Episode 43: Live Again! Zyusouken (Dec 18, 1992)
In his sorrow over the loss of Burai, Dragon Caesar loses his will to fight while Geki conquers his sadness to battle on.
Swordswoman! Japan's Best
Episode 44: Swordswoman! Japan's Best (Dec 25, 1992)
DoraChimera seeks the power of Sayaka, Japan's leading kendo artist. When Sayaka is possessed, Goushi's desperate cry tries to reach her.
The Foolish Boy
Episode 45: The Foolish Boy (Jan 08, 1993)
The nature-loving boy Kouichi uses DoraUnicorn to destroy the city.
Presenting! The Vicious Squadron
Episode 46: Presenting! The Vicious Squadron (Jan 15, 1993)
Zyuranger is destroying the city. Although they are imposters, the people turn their anger on Geki and his friends. Driven out of the city, the team encounters a lonely old woman.
Break in! The Final Deciding Battle
Episode 47: Break in! The Final Deciding Battle (Jan 22, 1993)
The Guardian Beasts declare that Great Satan will rise again. Suddenly, the mysterious boy Cai appears. He drives back Geki and his team.
The Son from the Darkness
Episode 48: The Son from the Darkness (Jan 29, 1993)
King Brachion sinks into quicksand carrying the dinosaur eggs, and Bandora's past with Cai is revealed. At last, Great Satan is reborn.
The Gods Lost!!
Episode 49: The Gods Lost!! (Feb 05, 1993)
Daizyuizin and Caesar are dead! Great Satan and Talos continue to wreak havoc on Earth. Unable to transform, Geki and his team fall to despair...
Viva Dinosaurs
Episode 50: Viva Dinosaurs (Feb 12, 1993)
Geki and his team are trapped in the demiplane. It is time for them to work together and save Daizyuzin.

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