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Flash Gordon (2007)

Flash Gordon is an American science fiction television series that debuted on Sci Fi in the United States on August 10, 2007 and continued airing new episodes through February 8, 2008. It has also appeared on the United Kingdom Sci Fi Channel and SPACE in Canada. The series was developed by Peter Hume, who served as executive producer/show runner and wrote the first and last episodes, among others.

Release Date: Fri, Aug 10, 2007

Country: CA | US
Language: En
Runtime: 42

Season 1:

Episode 1: Pilot (Aug 10, 2007)
Flash finds out that his scientist father is still alive, the only problem is that his father disappeared through a trans-dimensional rift.
Episode 2: Pride (Aug 17, 2007)
Baylin is Ming's best bounty hunter, but she is stranded on Earth; Tyrus is sent by Ming to fetch her.
Episode 3: Infestation (Aug 24, 2007)
Flash and Baylin travel to Mongo to acquire an antidote after Nick is bitten by an alien parasite.
Episode 4: Assassin (Sep 07, 2007)
Flash is shocked after witnessing a familiar face, his father, exit a rift.
Episode 5: Ascension (Sep 14, 2007)
Flash, Dale and Baylin travel to Mongo and learn about the Dactyl ascension ceremony. Meanwhile, Rankol is pressured into opening a rift.
Life Source
Episode 6: Life Source (Sep 21, 2007)
Ming sends a hunter to Earth on a mission. Meanwhile, Flash, Baylin and Zarkov find a dead soldier.
Episode 7: Alliances (Sep 28, 2007)
Flash, Baylin and Zarkov visit the Verden on Mongo, where Flash learns more about his father from their leader, Barin; Ming has plans for Barin and Aura.
Episode 8: Revelations (Oct 05, 2007)
Zarkov becomes stranded on Mongo and is arrested in Nascent City. While imprisoned he meets Kreb, somebody who has information about Flash's father.
Til Death
Episode 9: Til Death (Oct 12, 2007)
Flash falls for Ming's daughter, Aura, after she drugs him with a love potion as part of a scheme to derail her upcoming nuptials with Barin.
Conspiracy Theory
Episode 10: Conspiracy Theory (Oct 19, 2007)
Zarkov is abducted by Rankol's bodyguard, Genessa, in a bid to enlist the scientist's help in controlling the rifts.
Random Access
Episode 11: Random Access (Oct 26, 2007)
Joe learns Flash and Dale's secret after he and Flash fall through a rift while fighting. Elsewhere, Baylin and Dale help bring a child into the world.
Secrets and Lies
Episode 12: Secrets and Lies (Nov 02, 2007)
Flash and Zarkov become deeply involved in a complicated clash between two clans of Mongo. Meanwhile, Joe begins to talk about his "adventures," jeopardising his career.
Episode 13: Sorrow (Nov 09, 2007)
Flash and Dale accompany Baylin back to Mongo for Honor Day, a day of remembrance for the lives lost during an environmental catastrophe known as "The Sorrow."
Stand and Deliver
Episode 14: Stand and Deliver (Nov 16, 2007)
Flash must help Baylin rescue the Verden who have been sold into slavery.
Episode 15: Possession (Nov 30, 2007)
Joe steals a rift blaster which he uses to visit Mongo. Joe intends to secure photographic evidence of the planet's existence.
Thicker Than Water
Episode 16: Thicker Than Water (Jan 04, 2008)
Flash and Aura are kidnapped by a Deviate after he returns to Mongo with Baylin and Zarkov in search of the rift blaster that Joe lost before Rankol does.
Ebb and Flow
Episode 17: Ebb and Flow (Jan 11, 2008)
Flash and the gang visit Mongo after Rankol steals a body of water from Earth.
Episode 18: Blame (Jan 18, 2008)
Flash and Aura search for an antidote for a canton whose water supply is contaminated.
Cold Day In Hell
Episode 19: Cold Day In Hell (Jan 25, 2008)
Flash heads to Frigia, a cold area of Mongo, to free the region's queen.
Revolution (1)
Episode 20: Revolution (1) (Feb 01, 2008)
Ming orders Rankol's execution after he learns that Rankol is a Celetroph. Terek builds a force to rebel against Ming, while Flash is shocked by a discovery he makes in the mainframe room of the Citadel. Dale and Norah, who are being chased by "men in black," escape to Mongo.
Revolution (2)
Episode 21: Revolution (2) (Feb 08, 2008)
The attack against Ming has begun, though Azura offers Ming assistance in repelling Terek's forces. Dr. Gordon is freed from a mind prison, leading to a brief reunion between father and son.

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