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Lilli Palmer Theatre (1955)

A half-hour anthology series.

Release Date: Sun, Sep 25, 1955

Country: GB
Runtime: 30

Lilli Palmer
Self - Hostess

Season 1:

Bardell vs. Pickwick
Episode 1: Bardell vs. Pickwick (Sep 25, 1955)
Adaptation of a Charles Dickens story from The Pickwick Papers.
The Door
Episode 3: The Door (Oct 09, 1955)
The Great Healer
Episode 4: The Great Healer (Oct 16, 1955)
In Victorian times, two women meet up, it comes out that they hadn't seen each other for over fifty years, from when they worked together as chorus girls. They have a chat about old times and how their lives have changed, the most notable changes are Kitty's who went from been a working class chorus girl to a titled lady after marring Bertie, who would later become Lord Bodmin. Rosie's changes were more mundane as she just married and became Mrs. Bounce.
The Orderly
Episode 7: The Orderly (Nov 06, 1955)
Death Trap
Episode 11: Death Trap (Dec 04, 1955)
The No Man
Episode 12: The No Man (Dec 11, 1955)
The Colonel
Episode 17: The Colonel (Jan 15, 1956)
Night Call
Episode 24: Night Call (Mar 04, 1956)
The Gloves
Episode 31: The Gloves (Apr 22, 1956)

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