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Emily of New Moon (1998)

Emily of New Moon is a Canadian television series, which aired on CBC Television from 1998 to 2000. The series originally aired in the United States on the Cookie Jar Toons block on This TV and it is currently seen in Canada on the Viva, Bravo! and Vision TV cable channels. The series, produced by Salter Street Films, was based on the Emily of New Moon series of novels by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The series consisted of three seasons of thirteen episodes and one season of seven episodes, for a total of forty-six. The executive producers were Micheline Charest, Michael Donovan, and Ronald Weinberg. The series starred Martha MacIsaac as the titular orphan Emily Starr. Susan Clark and Sheila McCarthy played Emily's aunts Elizabeth and Laura, who had taken on the responsibility of raising Emily following her father's death, and Stephen McHattie played her cousin Jimmy. Susan Clark left the series after the first season when her character, Elizabeth, was killed off. Recurring cast included Chip Ciupka as Mr. Carpenter, Peter Donaldson as Ian Bowles, Richard Donat as Dr. Burnley, Kris Lemche as Perry Miller, John Neville as Uncle Malcolm, Jessica Pellerin as Ilse Burnley, Shawn Roberts as Teddy Kent, and Linda Thorson as Cousin Isabel.

Release Date: Sun, Jan 04, 1998

Country: CA
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Martha MacIsaac
Emily Byrd Starr
Sheila McCarthy
Laura Murray
Kris Lemche
Perry Miller
John Neville
Uncle Malcolm

Season 4:

Rites Of Passage
Episode 1: Rites Of Passage (Mar 29, 2000)
Emily is feeling very insecure with her future as she begins to take the entrance exam for college hoping to get the scholarship - which Ilse and Teddy are also trying to get. On the way to exam they meet Jack and Emily pays for him to do the exam as well. Ilse tries to play matchmaker to get Jack and Emily together so she can go after Teddy.
The Taming Of Ilse Burnley
Episode 2: The Taming Of Ilse Burnley (May 30, 2000)
With her father's wedding approaching fast, Ilse is resenting the fact that she will have a step-mother that isn't Laura. She isn't about to let her father forget the fact that Laura and Iris are two different people.
A Bill Of Divorcement
Episode 3: A Bill Of Divorcement (Mar 31, 2000)
The family is whole again when Jimmy returns home. Laura still wants a divorce but Ian Bowles returns and he now owns a share of New Moon. Emily comes up with the idea to marry in order to pay for Aunt Laura's divorce so she can retain rights to the farm. She tries to become a mail order bride. While she is writing it Teddy arrives, at first she ignores him, but when he climbs up to her window they go outside to talk.
Too Close To The Sun
Episode 4: Too Close To The Sun (Jun 01, 2000)
Perry returns to Blair Water only to be leaving shortly to fight in the Boer War. Other strange occurances are also going on with a love letter finding its way to Cousin Jimmy and a stranger coming to town.
Weight Of The World
Episode 5: Weight Of The World (Jun 04, 2000)
Jack is still trying to make a go of his fox hunting business and talks Cousin Jimmy into being a partner after he doesn't know how else to pay for Emily's fees; not to mention that Aunt Laura is pregnant. While the fox business turns out to be very profitable, the dreams of being rich get Emily's imagaination going into overdrive meaning a hard lesson to learn.
Episode 6: Away (Jun 04, 2000)
Emily is feeling as happy as can be and has been writing for weeks and sending her work off. As she is waiting Rhoda takes off with Emily's mail before she gets a chance to see it. She does this for a while as Emily is receiving acceptance letter and money cheques from a New York publisher Thelonius Grand. Her plans goes astray when the publisher days that he is coming to the island to meet Emily. It all comes out in the end although Rhoda nearly pulls off the scam only to have Emily give her a gift. Ian also leaves New Moon and is believed to have committed suicide. He gave his rights up to Laura for New Moon and she is left to raise Margaux's son.
Seller Of Dreams
Episode 7: Seller Of Dreams (Jun 06, 2000)
Overjoyed at finishing her first book she goes to see Teddy to see what he thinks of it. Only he breaks her heart when he is brutally honest about it bringing back memories of Dean Priest. Emily then falls down the stairs and remembers back through a series of flashbacks the moments in her life that have shaped her future.

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