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Play for Today (1970)

Play for Today is a British television anthology drama series, produced by the BBC and transmitted on BBC1 from 1970 to 1984. During the run, more than three hundred programmes, featuring original television plays, and adaptations of stage plays and novels, were transmitted. The individual episodes were between fifty and a hundred minutes in duration.

Release Date: Thu, Oct 15, 1970

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 75

Season 14:

Stan's Last Game
Episode 1: Stan's Last Game (Oct 25, 1983)
James Grout and Bert Parnaby are rival chairmen of a northern football club in the run-up to an important cup match. As tempers fray, retiring president Charles Lamb provides a calming voice of sanity.
Young Shoulders
Episode 2: Young Shoulders (Feb 14, 1984)
Cynical teenager Andrew Groves re-evaluates his attitude to life and his parents after his sister dies in a plane crash.
A Coming to Terms for Billy
Episode 3: A Coming to Terms for Billy (Feb 21, 1984)
When his father comes home to Belfast after more than 2 years in England, conflicts arise with Billy
Z for Zachariah
Episode 4: Z for Zachariah (Feb 28, 1984)
After a nuclear holocaust, only a man and a woman survive in a Welsh valley.
Desert of Lies
Episode 6: Desert of Lies (Mar 13, 1984)
An expedition tracing the path of long-lost missionaries meets with tragedy in the Kalahari Desert.
Hard Feelings
Episode 7: Hard Feelings (Mar 20, 1984)
A group of unemployed Oxford drop-outs living in a Brixton commune get their come-uppance by one of them.
Under the Hammer
Episode 8: Under the Hammer (Mar 27, 1984)
Concerning the life of the artist Vincent Van Gogh
Episode 9: King (Apr 03, 1984)
A man who has had a good life in England wants to retire to Jamaica, but the celebration with his daughters doesn't go as expected.
Rainy Day Women
Episode 10: Rainy Day Women (Apr 10, 1984)
In 1940, during World War II, an officer is sent to investigate rumors of German spies in a sleepy village where various people are the victims of war hysteria
Dog Ends
Episode 11: Dog Ends (Jul 17, 1984)
In a future society where euthansia is common, a man signs papers to have his father put down
The Cry
Episode 13: The Cry (Jul 31, 1984)
In 1959 Ulster, a journalist witnesses the beating of a youth

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