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90 Days, Time to Love Episode 15

Hyun Ji-seok, a university professor, and Go Mi-yeon, a scriptwriter, were high school sweethearts, who discover that they are cousins. They break up, but find themselves attracted to one other once again when they meet in Seoul four years later.

Release Date: Wed, Nov 15, 2006

Country: KR
Language: Ko
Runtime: 60
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Kang Ji-hwan
Hyun Ji-suk
Kim Ha-neul
Go Mi-yeon
Jung Hye-young
Park Jung-ran
Yoon Hee-seok
Kim Tae-hoon
Kim Hyeong-beom
Park Deok-goo
Yoon Hyeon-sook
Kim Wal-sook
Kim Hye Ok
Ji-suk's mother
Lee Jae-yong
Ji-suk's father
Lee Jang-woo
Mi-yeon's classmate
Sung-ho Choi
Boo Byung-chan
Ahn Yong-jun
Mi-yeon's nephew
Ha Jae-yeong
Go Wang-bong

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