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Law of the Plainsman (1959)

Law of the Plainsman is a Western television series starring Michael Ansara that aired on the NBC television network from October 1, 1959, until May 5, 1960. The character of Native American U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart was introduced in two episodes of the popular ABC Western television series The Rifleman starring Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain. Law of the Plainsman is distinctive and unique in that it was one of the few television programs that featured a Native American as the lead character, a bold move for U.S.network television at that time. Ansara had earlier appeared in the series Broken Arrow, having portrayed the Apache chief, Cochise. Ansara, however, was not Native American but of Syrian descent. Ansara played Sam Buckhart, an Apache Indian who saved the life of a U.S. Cavalry officer after an Indian ambush. When the officer died, he left Sam money that was used for an education at private schools and Harvard University. After school, he returned to New Mexico where he became a Deputy Marshal working for Marshal Andy Morrison. He lived in a boarding house run by Martha Commager. The only other continuing character was 8-year old Tess Logan, an orphan who had been rescued by Buckhart. Robert Harland, later of Target: The Corruptors! starred in seven episodes as Deputy Billy Lordan. Wayne Rogers, who went on to star in another Four Star western, Stagecoach West, and later, M*A*S*H, also played deputy Lordan in several episodes.

Release Date: Thu, Oct 01, 1959

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Michael Ansara
Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart

Season 1:

Prairie Incident
Episode 1: Prairie Incident (Oct 01, 1959)
Patrolling the plains, Marshal Sam Buckhart discovers a wagon containing a murdered man and his eight-year-old daughter. The girl is able to give Buckhart a description of the killer.
Full Circle
Episode 2: Full Circle (Oct 08, 1959)
For years Sam Buckhart has been looking for a bank robber. He is stunned to discover that the thief is Sheriff Max Chafee, who Sam believed to be honest and straightforward.
A Matter Of Life And Death
Episode 3: A Matter Of Life And Death (Oct 15, 1959)
Marshal Sam Buckhart, who has been searching for outlaw Charlie Slade for many years, finally locates his hideout. Before Buckhart can take the outlaw prisoner, Slade's henchmen overpower him.
The Hostiles
Episode 4: The Hostiles (Oct 22, 1959)
A man who lives in the mountains kills a young girl; Sam Buckhart is assigned to find the murderer.
Passenger To Mescalero
Episode 5: Passenger To Mescalero (Oct 29, 1959)
Deputy Marshal Sam Buckhart is assigned to bring a dangerous outlaw to the prison at Mescalero. During the journey a band of outlaws ambush the stagecoach.
Blood Trails
Episode 6: Blood Trails (Nov 05, 1959)
The Gibbet
Episode 9: The Gibbet (Nov 26, 1959)
The Dude
Episode 10: The Dude (Dec 03, 1959)
Clear Title
Episode 12: Clear Title (Dec 17, 1959)
Toll Road
Episode 13: Toll Road (Dec 24, 1959)
Episode 15: Fear (Jan 07, 1960)
Episode 16: Endurance (Jan 14, 1960)
The Comet
Episode 17: The Comet (Jan 21, 1960)
Episode 26: Stella (Mar 31, 1960)
Episode 27: Amnesty (Apr 07, 1960)

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