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She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985)

She-Ra, He-Man's twin sister, is leading a group of freedom fighters known as the Great Rebellion in the hope of freeing their homeworld of Etheria from the tyrannical rule of Hordak and the Evil Horde.

Release Date: Mon, Sep 09, 1985

Country: US
Language: De | En
Runtime: 24

Melendy Britt
She-Ra / Princess Adora / Castaspella / Mermista / Catra / Octavia
George DiCenzo
Bow / Sea Hawk / Hordak / Tung Lashor / Dylamug / Vultak
John Erwin
He-Man / Prince Adam / Beast Man
Linda Gary
Madame Razz / Glimmer / Sweet Bee / Shadow Weaver / Scorpia / Entrapta
Alan Oppenheimer
Skeletor / Cringer / Announcer
Erika Scheimer
Queen Angella / Frosta / Perfuma / Peekablue / Flutterina / Spritina / Imp
Lou Scheimer
Spirit / Swift Wind / Light Hope / Broom / Kowl / Sprag / Sprocker / Leech / Grizzlor / Modulok / Multi-Bot / Horde Troopers / Horde Prime / Colonel Blast
Diane Pershing
Netossa / Spinnerella

Season 2:

One to Count On
Episode 1: One to Count On (Sep 13, 1986)
When Catra steals the Crystal Crown, Bow and Glimmer decide to get it back, certain that She-Ra will save them if they get into trouble. Adora follows them, but makes sure to teach them to take care of themselves.
Return of the General
Episode 2: Return of the General (Sep 20, 1986)
The Evil Horde attacks Bright Moon and takes it's farm families prisoner. Having escaped capture, farmer Sunder takes up his armor once more to rescue his wife and daughter with a little help from She-Ra.
Out of the Cocoon
Episode 3: Out of the Cocoon (Sep 27, 1986)
Villagers from the lowlands of Sand Valley ask the rebels for help after Baron Condor has taken all their food. She-Ra walks into Condor's trap, but finds help from a young cleaning girl known as Small One.
A Lesson in Love
Episode 4: A Lesson in Love (Oct 04, 1986)
The Rebels are all at the Twigget Carnival just outside Whispering Woods. Hordak needs a spy, so Shadow Weaver puts a spell on young Prince Kevin, who has run away from home.
Something Old, Something New
Episode 5: Something Old, Something New (Oct 11, 1986)
Sorcerers apprentice Ely takes the Serenity Stone from Shadow Weaver's Troopers and becomes very powerful and big-headed. He remains unaware that without the stone in it's proper place, Etheria will become unbalanced.
The Pearl
Episode 6: The Pearl (Oct 18, 1986)
She-Ra and Mermista free a baby horned whale from Hordak's capture. They take it back to Mermista's father's undersea kingdom, Salinius. But they are unaware Hordak has attached a limped spy device to the baby whale.
Above It All
Episode 7: Above It All (Oct 25, 1986)
Shadow Weaver unleashes the power of the Cave of Winds on the Rebel leaders. She-Ra is hindered in her aid by tree-like beings who reside on a floating Sky Land.
Day of the Flowers
Episode 8: Day of the Flowers (Nov 01, 1986)
While Adora and Adam are celebrating the Day of the Flowers, Orko accidentally makes the swords of power disappear. Then Hordak sends the most powerful machines in the universe, the Monstroids, to attack Flower Mountain.
The Caregiver
Episode 9: The Caregiver (Nov 08, 1986)
Shakra, who took care of Adora during her years at the Fright Zone, leaves the Horde to join the Rebellion. But Hordak has given her a magic amulet which he uses to keep track of Shakra and the Rebels.
Romeo and Glimmer
Episode 10: Romeo and Glimmer (Nov 15, 1986)
Hordak plans to attack Bright Moon using Entrapta's new Trapper Tank. Meanwhile, Glimmer tends to captured Horde Corporal Romeo and the two form a bond. But Romeo still manages to escape and plans to tell Hordak about Bright Moon's weakened defenses.
The Perils of Peekablue
Episode 11: The Perils of Peekablue (Nov 22, 1986)
Hordak has his troopers capture Peekablue so Shadow Weaver can put a spell on her and force her to reveal the Rebels exact locations in the Whispering Woods. That way, the rebel leaders can be captured by The Horde's new Grabbers.
Sweet Bee's Home
Episode 12: Sweet Bee's Home (Nov 29, 1986)
Sweet Bee is looking for a new planet her hive of Bee people can settle on. But her ship Scout 3 is shot down over Etheria by Hordak. Luckily Adora and her visiting brother Adam are on hand to help out as She-Ra and He-Man. Also joining them are Mermista and Frosta, brandishing the powers of water and ice, respectively. Frosta immediately takes a liking to He-Man and becomes quite jealous when he appears more interested in Sweet Bee.
Portrait of Doom
Episode 13: Portrait of Doom (Dec 06, 1986)
Spritina the Twigget thinks she doesn't have any skill to perform at the Summer Moon Festival. A mysterious woman gives her magic paint and tells Spritina to paint pictures of all her Rebel friends. But each time she does, the subject of the painting mysteriously disappears...
Assault on the Hive
Episode 14: Assault on the Hive (Dec 13, 1986)
Skeletor attacks the spacecraft carrying Sweet Bee's hive in order to turn the bee-people into his slave army. She-Ra calls on He-Man for help. During the space battle, they meet new allies such as Crystal Sundancer and Comet Cat.
Loo-Kee's Sweety
Episode 15: Loo-Kee's Sweety (Sep 12, 1987)
Catra is capturing all the Conceals on Beast Island because they have been aiding the Horde's prisoners. Only Laa-See escapes to find Loo-Kee in the whispering woods. She-Ra and Swift Wind, who were enjoying a relaxing evening, decide to help free the Conceals.
The Time Transformer
Episode 16: The Time Transformer (Sep 19, 1987)
Horde Professor Tempest has invented a Time Transformer capable of rewriting history. First he makes sure Hordak's Doom Balloon defeated She-Ra at Valleyview Castle, then Hordak insists on adding a meteor storm to the Eclipse beam attack on Bright Moon.
Episode 17: Brigis (Sep 19, 1986)
The village of Brigis houses a great magic box and appears for one day every five hundred years. Hordak attempts to break the spell by kidnapping a little girl from the village.
When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed
Episode 18: When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed (Sep 26, 1987)
To celebrate their anniversary, Netossa and Spinderella recount how they came to join the Great Rebellion. Hordak had tricked Spinderella into thinking the rebels had captured Netossa, so she used her spinning dance to move the trees of the Whispering Woods and pave a way in for the Evil Horde.
Just the Way You Are
Episode 19: Just the Way You Are (Oct 03, 1987)
An unkind King wants to marry Glimmer. A circus juggling boy is afraid his father is more interested in his tightrope walking brother.
The Locket
Episode 20: The Locket (Oct 10, 1987)
Imp steals Adora's half of the magic locket she got from Sea Hawk. Sorrowful's friend Deena follows the rebels and gets captured by the Horde. Adora loses her sword and gets captured as well. Sea Hawk is alarmed by the other half of the locket, but walks in to a trap. Now it is up to Sorrowful, Bow, Madame Razz and Kowl to rescue them all.
She-Ra Makes a Promise
Episode 21: She-Ra Makes a Promise (Oct 17, 1987)
She-Ra changes place with one of her twigget friends who has been captured by Hordak.
Bow's Magical Gift
Episode 22: Bow's Magical Gift (Oct 24, 1987)
Bow gets a hold of Shadow Weaver's Wizard Wand and becomes quite overconfident about himself.
Glimmer Come Home
Episode 23: Glimmer Come Home (Oct 31, 1987)
Since she's jealous at Adora, Glimmer tries to begin an action against Hordak on her own.
The Inspector
Episode 24: The Inspector (Nov 07, 1987)
He-Man is called to Etheria after the rebels were tricked into an ambush and Adora has lost her sword. After capturing Horde Inspector Darkney, Adam takes his place and enters the Fright Zone with Adora as his assistant.
Hordak's Power Play
Episode 25: Hordak's Power Play (Nov 14, 1987)
Hordak has his Batmeks shoot down an Argonian spaceship to steal it's power cell. The pilot, 8 foot tall Larg, convinced that all Etherians are Hordesmen, forces villagers of Phlax to help repair his ship.
Shades of Orko
Episode 26: Shades of Orko (Nov 21, 1987)
The Rebels thwart a Shadow Beasties attack thanks to Man-At-Arms' new electric force shields. Angry, Shadow Weaver steals Orko's shadow and takes it to Horror Hall, where it promptly escapes and runs free.
The Bibbet Story
Episode 27: The Bibbet Story (Nov 28, 1986)
The Bibbets do not want to fight against Hordak but Bow and Adora persuade them to.
Swifty's Baby
Episode 28: Swifty's Baby (Dec 05, 1986)
Swift Wind and his pegacorn girlfriend are going to have a baby pegacorn. Hordak captures the mother but She-Ra rescues her.

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