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Static Shock (2000)

The adventures of a teenage superhero who fights crime in Dakota City.

  • Dwayne McDuffie
  • Denys Cowan
  • Michael Davis
  • Derek Dingle
Release Date: Sat, Sep 23, 2000

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 22

Phil LaMarr
Virgil Hawkins / Static (voice)
Jason Marsden
Richie Foley / Gear (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson
Robert Hawkins (voice)
Michele Morgan
Sharon Hawkins (voice)

Season 4:

Future Shock
Episode 1: Future Shock (Jan 17, 2004)
Static must save his future self when he's accidentally transported 40 years into the future.
Episode 2: She-Back! (Jan 24, 2004)
She-Bang returns, to Static and Gear's annoyance. More threatening to Static is Madelyn Spaulding, who breaks some meta-humans out of jail and sends them after him.
Out of Africa
Episode 3: Out of Africa (Jan 31, 2004)
Anasi must keep the golden spider that's the source of super powers away from Osebo. The spider has turned up in Dakota.
Fallen Hero
Episode 4: Fallen Hero (Feb 07, 2004)
Static vs. Green Lantern. This is a pity because Green Lantern has long been a hero of Static's, but robberies have been committed and all signs point to Green Lantern.
Army of Darkness
Episode 5: Army of Darkness (Feb 14, 2004)
Static and Gear fight Nightbreed, a meta-human gang whose members can't live in sunlight, so they're setting out to take it away from everyone else.
No Man's an Island
Episode 6: No Man's an Island (Feb 21, 2004)
Edwin Alva captures Static and Hotstreak for scientific experiments and handcuffs them together. So they must work together if they're going to escape. Trouble is, they can't stand each other.
Hoop Squad
Episode 7: Hoop Squad (Feb 28, 2004)
Static and a group of NBA stars moonlighting as superheroes team up to rescue Gear, who was been kidnapped by the evil scientist Dr. Odium.
Now You See Him ...
Episode 8: Now You See Him ... (Mar 13, 2004)
A teen thief named Speedwarp who can manipulate time wants to romance Daisy, but Static and Gear think that's a bad idea.
Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Episode 9: Where the Rubber Meets the Road (Mar 27, 2004)
Rubberband Man must overcome his dyslexia to help Static and Gear disarm a fusion reactor stolen from Edwin Alva's lab as part of a "disaster matrix" plan hatched by Specs and Trapper to wreak havoc in the city.
Episode 10: Linked (May 01, 2004)
A pro-football player hides the fact that he's a Bang Baby.
Wet and Wild
Episode 11: Wet and Wild (May 08, 2004)
Aquamaria is cured of "Bang Baby syndrome"--until Hotstreak un-cures her, and her resulting rampage could mean total chaos in Dakota City.
Episode 12: Kidnapped (May 15, 2004)
Static's dad is kidnapped by Omnara, a scientist who once worked for Alva and who now wants to raid Alva's labs in an effort to control world technology.
Power Outage
Episode 13: Power Outage (May 22, 2004)
all the Bang Babies--Static and Gear included--begin to lose their powers, thanks to Dr. Donald Todd.

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