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Static Shock (2000)

The adventures of a teenage superhero who fights crime in Dakota City.

  • Dwayne McDuffie
  • Denys Cowan
  • Michael Davis
  • Derek Dingle
Release Date: Sat, Sep 23, 2000

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 22

Phil LaMarr
Virgil Ovid Hawkins / Static (voice)
Jason Marsden
Richie Foley / Gear (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson
Robert Hawkins (voice)
Michele Morgan
Sharon Hawkins (voice)

Season 4:

Future Shock
Episode 1: Future Shock (Jan 17, 2004)
Batman, Robin and Static stop a criminal named Timecode. In the Batcave, Batman tries to secure Timecode's time machine and is caught in a time field. Static tries to save him but is caught in the field instead and sent 40 years into the future. Still in the Batcave he meets the Future Batman, Terry McGinnis, who at first thinks he's an enemy. The older Bruce Wayne appears and tells both of them to calm down and that he's been expecting Virgil since the accident. Bruce wants Static to help them with Kobra (A major criminal organization bent on ruling the world in Batman Beyond.) Seems Kobra has kidnapped the future Static and they want to trade him for their Kobra Leader. The Future Batman is reluctant to work with the younger version of Static, but goes along with it. They go undercover to meet a contact of Bruce Wayne who might have information on Kobra's current hideout. The person doesn't show up, but Virgil thinks he's found another contact instead. The false contact is a Jokerz m
Episode 2: She-Back! (Jan 24, 2004)
The episode starts out with Virgil and Richie in a comic shop talking about a comic book character. They see that Madelyn Spaulding is working there and they talk to her. After they leave, she finds out that she has powers still, only using them differently now. The next scene shows the metahuman prison. Madelyn destroys the walls and frees the bang babies. Static and Gear arrive to stop them from escaping. They are not doing well when Shebang arrves to save the day. Madelyn and her gang escape. Shebang talks to the press. After hearing her, Static and Gear decide to talk to her. Turns out the people hunting her were arrested, so now she is back in Dakota and wants to be part of the team. Static is not happy about this. At school, Shebang is driving everyone crazy. When Madelyn and her gang show up again, they easily beat Static and Gear, no thanks to Shebang. They tell her that they do not want to work with her ever again. Her feelings get hurt, which makes her decide to take on Madelyn.
Out of Africa
Episode 3: Out of Africa (Jan 31, 2004)
Sharon and Virgil help Dr. Anoyke set up a West African Exhibit at the museum. Anoyke receives a call, then hides a golden spider in Sharon's coat and tells her and Virgil to leave. On the way home, Virgil realizes he left his backpack at the museum, so he returns to get it. He sees Anoyke is being attacked by a giant bug and turns into Static to stop it. Later, Anansi appears to tell Static that his old enemy, Osebo, is after the golden spider, the source of Anansi's powers. Meanwhile, Sharon discovers the Spider in her pocket and begins testing it. She goes to Richie for help in figuring it out, and Osebo's henchman attacks Richie's house and kidnaps Sharon. Static, Gear, and Anansi track them to their hideout to regain the golden spider and free Sharon.
Fallen Hero
Episode 4: Fallen Hero (Feb 07, 2004)
Green Lantern (GL) goes on a crime spree, and Virgil is disappointed that one of his heroes has turned bad. While on patrol, Static and Gear run into GL and try to talk to him. When that doesn't work, they try to capture him but fail. The real GL appears in Dakota to stop the fake, who is Sinestro in disguise. Sinestro wants to ruin GL's reputation on Earth. Static and Gear manage to capture the real GL and send him to prison. Sinestro searches for GL's power ring, but GL hid it on Static and Sinestro goes looking for him. When Static finds the ring, he talks to GL and learns the truth. Static powers GL's ring so he can defeat Sinestro.
Army of Darkness
Episode 5: Army of Darkness (Feb 14, 2004)
A new group of meta-humans is found beneath the city. This group can't be out in the sunlight, or else they will die. Can Static and Gear help save them, or has Ebon already made them his puppets?
No Man's an Island
Episode 6: No Man's an Island (Feb 21, 2004)
Static and Hotstreak are captured and taken to a mysterious island for scientific experiments. Now they have one goal: to escape the island alive, but can their hatred for one another cause the two to work together, or is there something bigger occurring on the island?
Hoop Squad
Episode 7: Hoop Squad (Feb 28, 2004)
Virgil's dad, Robert, buys VIP tickets to the NBA All-Star game in L.A. after gathering money from doing a charity drive. Virgil and Richie walk into one of the courts where they find Karl Malone, Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and Steve Nash playing some ball. Just as they're introducing themselves to the popular NBA stars, chaos commences. All the plastic in the court starts to disintegrate. Static and Gear fly outside to see what's going on, and find that all the cars in the city have stopped because all their tires disintegrated. Gear learns that nanites have been doings this, and he leads Static to where this is all starting. Farther away, they find a gigantic robot tearing up the city. After not being able to stop the robot with their own powers, four superheroes in different colored costumes fly into play to help Static and Gear. A little later after the fight, the robot disappears, taking Gear with him. The new superheroes reveal their identities to Static. To Static's surprise, they
Now You See Him ...
Episode 8: Now You See Him ... (Mar 13, 2004)
The episode starts out at the Dakota Mall. Daisy is looking at a necklace that she wants to buy, but says she doesn't have enough money to. She sees a man staring at her in a mirror. As soon as she turns around, the man disappears. While Daisy continues to browse around, all of a sudden, someone moving extremely fast runs through the mall stealing things. Static and Gear show up, but fail to catch the fast person. Later, at Static and Gear's headquarters, Virgil tells Richie that his sister scored two free tickets to the upcoming B2K concert. He also tells him because Daisy is the biggest fan of B2K, he's going to invite Daisy to accompany him to the concert. Richie taped the fight they had earlier with the fast person, and he explains to Virgil that somehow the mysterious man is using super speed. Back at the mall, Virgil and Daisy are greeted by Eddie Felson, the nerd boy from science camp a couple summers ago. He tries to ask Daisy out on a date, but Virgil chimes in, reminding Dais
Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Episode 9: Where the Rubber Meets the Road (Mar 27, 2004)
Adam takes Sharon out on a date, while Virgil and Richie play Adam's Game Station 2. At the restaurant, Adam can't read their menu. The words are all jumbled around, meaning that he has dyslexia. Meanwhile, a creature breaks into Edwin Alva's labs. It gets past security with no trouble, and comes face to face with Alva. The creature introduces itself as Tarmack, the ""living chunk of the biggest, baddest road you'll even drive on."" Its come to the labs to steal a fusion engine Alva has. Back at the date, a news report on a nearby TV shows up, explaining what's happening at Alva's labs. Adam turns into Rubberband Man, and rushes over to the labs to stop the creature. Soon after RB Man arrives, Static and Gear show up to help. Tarmack takes the fusion engine, and proceeds to run out the lab. Alva tells RB Man to press ""override"" on the computer to lock up every door so that Tarmack can't escape. Because of his dyslexia, RB Man can't tell the difference from what all the buttons say. Stati
Episode 10: Linked (May 01, 2004)
Static and Gear are fighting a new Bang Baby, but they are losing. The Bang Baby runs off, but they do not follow. They have to go to a dinner. The next scene shows the unknown Bang Baby at his home watching a news report about a pro football player named Dule Jones. It shows Dule Jones being introduced. Virgil and family are at the dinner and watch him speak. Later, Dule arrives and offers to take Sharon, Virgil and Richie for a ride in his humvee. As they are driving, they are attacked by the unknown Bang Baby. Virgil and Richie run off and switch into their uniforms. They try to fight him, but lose. Dule drives off leaving Sharon behind. When he gets to his house, Chainlink breaks in. He threatens to tell the world Dule is a Bang Baby if he doesn't get some of Dule's fortune. Dule agrees and returns to the Hawkins' house. Virgil and Richie agree that they should follow Dule to protect him from Chainlink. Richie attaches a tracer to Dule's humvee. The next morning, Dule and Sharon a
Wet and Wild
Episode 11: Wet and Wild (May 08, 2004)
Aquamaria threatens all of Dakota when Hotstreak foils her attempt to return to normal.
Episode 12: Kidnapped (May 15, 2004)
Static's dad is kidnapped by Omnara, a woman who once worked for Edwin Alva, committed to her research of learning Static's secret identity. Although, the only thing Static can do to free his dad is to steal Omnara's old research for another project she was working on. In order for him to do that, Static has to turn his back on Gear and do whatever it takes to ensure his dad's safety, along with keeping his identity a secret to everyone else.
Power Outage
Episode 13: Power Outage (May 22, 2004)
After Kangor suddenly loses his powers, Ebon and his crew find out that it's from inhaling Dr. Todd's cure. Soon, every bang baby in Dakota (even Static and Gear) begin to revert back, but Ebon tries to stop this from happening. Ebon and his crew plan to steal what's left of the bang baby gas that was used in making the cure to stage another Big Bang before everyone's cured.

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