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The A-Team (1983)

A fictional group of ex-United States Army Special Forces personnel work as soldiers of fortune while on the run from the Army after being branded as war criminals for a "crime they didn't commit."

Release Date: Sun, Jan 23, 1983

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 45

George Peppard
John 'Hannibal' Smith
Dirk Benedict
Templeton 'Faceman' Peck
Mr. T
B.A. Baracus
Dwight Schultz
'Howling Mad' Murdock
Eddie Velez
Frankie Santana
Robert Vaughn
General Hunt Stockwell

Season 5:

Dishpan Man
Episode 1: Dishpan Man (Sep 26, 1986)
The A-Team is blackmailed by retired General Stockwell, who kidnaps Hannibal and threatens to have him prosecuted if the A-Team fails to secure the release of hostages held on a plane in Spain.
Trial by Fire
Episode 2: Trial by Fire (Oct 03, 1986)
The A-Team's court martial begins and a surprising motive for the death of Colonel Morrison is revealed.
Firing Line
Episode 3: Firing Line (Oct 10, 1986)
General Stockwell interferes with the plans of Murdock and Frankie to free the rest of the A-Team before the Army can execute them.
Quarterback Sneak
Episode 4: Quarterback Sneak (Oct 17, 1986)
The A-Team uses a football game as a cover to sneak a chemical warfare scientist out of East Germany.
The Theory of Revolution
Episode 5: The Theory of Revolution (Oct 24, 1986)
The outbreak of a revolution interferes with the planned rescue of three Americans from a Third World Country.
The Say UNCLE Affair
Episode 6: The Say UNCLE Affair (Oct 31, 1986)
Stockwell is kidnapped by his former partner who has "gone bad" and the A-Team has 18 hours to find him or forever loose any chances of securing a pardon.
Alive at Five
Episode 7: Alive at Five (Nov 07, 1986)
Face plans to leave the A-Team but gets involved in the rescue of a newswoman from a paranoid mob chief.
Family Reunion
Episode 8: Family Reunion (Nov 14, 1986)
A former political adviser offers to trade a diary for a reunion with his daughter- who Face is hitting on, but Murdock learns that the man may be Face's father and the daughter Face's sister.
Point of No Return
Episode 9: Point of No Return (Nov 18, 1986)
Stockwell refuses to allow the A-Team to go after Hannibal when he fails to check in while on a solo mission in hostile territory.
The Crystal Skull
Episode 10: The Crystal Skull (Nov 28, 1986)
The A-Team's effort to secure a valuable religious artifact involves them with warring island tribes who mistake Murdoch for a God and some unusual missionaries.
The Spy Who Mugged Me
Episode 11: The Spy Who Mugged Me (Dec 02, 1986)
Murdock poses as suave secret agent to catch a killer before he can complete another assignment.
The Grey Team
Episode 12: The Grey Team (Dec 30, 1986)
The A-Team must bring a girl in who has stolen a briefcase from her father, filled with material she believes he's selling to the Soviets.
Without Reservations
Episode 13: Without Reservations (Mar 08, 1987)
Frankie and Face visit Murdock at his job in a restaurant, and all three become hostages of mobsters out to kill a patron, the US Attorney General.

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