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Home Improvement (1991)

The daily trials and tribulations of handyman Tim Taylor, a TV show host raising three boys with help from his loyal co-host, domineering wife, and unseen neighbor.

  • Matt Williams
  • Carmen Finestra
  • David McFadzean
Release Date: Tue, Sep 17, 1991

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 22

Season 8:

Episode 1: Whitewater (Sep 22, 1998)
Jill surprises Tim with a river-rafting trip for his birthday, sinking his plan to attend a NASCAR event.
Episode 2: Adios (Sep 29, 1998)
Randy is selected to go to Costa Rica for a year to study the rain forest, and Jill's worried. So Tim decides to "fix things."
All In The Family
Episode 3: All In The Family (Oct 06, 1998)
Tim and Jill's plans to spend some time together are interupted when Tim's brother and Jill's sister anounce that they are an item.
Taylor Got Game
Episode 4: Taylor Got Game (Oct 13, 1998)
While Brad studies for his SAT's, a friend of Wilson's offers him the chance to play professional international soccer in Europe.
Al's Fair Lady
Episode 5: Al's Fair Lady (Oct 20, 1998)
Jill is concerned when Al's new rich girlfriend keeps buying him extravagant gifts in order to keep him in the relationship.
Episode 6: Bewitched (Oct 27, 1998)
At a Halloween party Tim encourages Wilson to break up with his girlfriend. who claims to be a witch. But, after he dumps her he mysteriously disappears. Tim blames the witch but when the police arrive Tim is accused of Wilson's disappearance.
Not-So-Great Scott
Episode 7: Not-So-Great Scott (Nov 03, 1998)
When Tim overhears Jill saying that one of her patients is having an affair with Heidi's husband, Tim has trouble keeping it from Heidi.
Tim's First Car
Episode 8: Tim's First Car (Nov 10, 1998)
When Tim's first car is destroyed before his eyes in a junkyard, Jill decides to find him a replica of it. Meanwhile, Mark helps Brad make a video for his college applications.
Mr. Likeable
Episode 9: Mr. Likeable (Nov 17, 1998)
Tim becomes unhappy when Al stars in a TV movie with Morgan Fairchild. Meanwhile, Mark tries to get the affection of the most beautiful girl in his class by listening to her talk about her problems.
Thanks, But No Thanks
Episode 10: Thanks, But No Thanks (Nov 24, 1998)
Tim invites his brother Marty and his twins to live with him when he discovers that Marty and his wife Nancy are separated.
Home For The Holidays
Episode 11: Home For The Holidays (Dec 08, 1998)
Randy returns from Costa Rica for Christmas only to discover the changes that have taken place in his absence and that life has gone on without him.
Ploys For Tots
Episode 12: Ploys For Tots (Dec 15, 1998)
Tim and Jill try to teach Marty the best way to parent when one of the twins keeps throwing tantrums to get her own way.
Chop Shop 'Til You Drop
Episode 13: Chop Shop 'Til You Drop (Jan 05, 1999)
Tim and Jill buy Brad a car. However, when it is stolen, Tim and Al go undercover to catch the thieves.
Home Alone
Episode 14: Home Alone (Jan 19, 1999)
Tim gets preoccupied when he is left alone to write his book.
Knee Deep
Episode 15: Knee Deep (Feb 02, 1999)
Brad blames Tim for possibly ruining his soccer career when he injures his knee on a piece of hardware during a Tool Time shoot at the house. The magicians Penn & Teller appear on Tool Time.
Mark's Big Break
Episode 16: Mark's Big Break (Feb 09, 1999)
Tim commissions Mark to make a video to celebrate the completion of his hot rod. When Tim is disappointed with the result, Mark films a new version - with a dance number set to "Greased Lightning."
Young At Heart
Episode 17: Young At Heart (Feb 16, 1999)
Jill is angry when Tim spends too much time with his new female mechanic near their anniversary.
Love's Labor Lost (1)
Episode 18: Love's Labor Lost (1) (Feb 23, 1999)
Plans for a ski trip are put on hold when Jill needs an emergency hysterectomy. Tim helps her face the situation, but becomes frightened when complications arise during surgery.
Love's Labor Lost (2)
Episode 19: Love's Labor Lost (2) (Mar 02, 1999)
Tim waits for news on Jill's surgery. Jill will be fine, although she had to have her ovaries completely removed, not partially as was first thought. Jill's mother comes to visit to help with her daughter's care and with her mood swings.
Episode 20: Neighbors (Mar 16, 1999)
Tim and Wilson's friendship is tested when Wilson wins $10,000 and decides to build an elaborate science lab in his backyard - which blocks the Taylor family's view.
A Hardware Habit To Break
Episode 21: A Hardware Habit To Break (Mar 30, 1999)
Harry announces that he is retiring and selling the hardware store. Tim organizes a fundraising party for the store, but ends up buying it himself. But when the customers dry up, Tim begins to wonder what he is doing wrong.
Loose Lips And Freudian Slips
Episode 22: Loose Lips And Freudian Slips (May 04, 1999)
Jill's thesis is before the committee. During Mark's student film viewing, Jill's psychology professor sees Jill criticize him and Jill is worried that this will affect the thesis committee's decision.
Episode 23: Trouble-A-Bruin (May 11, 1999)
Troubles brew on Tool Time when Bud mandates that no non-Binford products are to be used on the show. Brad has to decide whether or not to play soccer earlier than he is scheduled to when he has an opportunity to play in front of a UCLA scout.
Dead Weight
Episode 24: Dead Weight (May 18, 1999)
Tool Time continues to be a "jewel" despite the continued excess presence of the Binford name. Things rapidly turn sad when Al decides to take his mother out to dinner to tell her he's going to get married... and she has a heart attack and dies.
The Long And Winding Road (1)
Episode 25: The Long And Winding Road (1) (May 18, 1999)
Tim quits Tool Time, and Jill gets an offer that divides the family.
The Long And Winding Road (2)
Episode 26: The Long And Winding Road (2) (May 25, 1999)
As Tim and the Boys drive to school, they reminisce about some of the memories they have had over the past eight years.
The Long And Winding Road (3)
Episode 27: The Long And Winding Road (3) (May 25, 1999)
Tim tapes his final Tool Time; Jill sets up for Al's wedding to Trudy and begins to have second thoughts about moving to Indiana.
Backstage Pass
Episode 28: Backstage Pass (May 25, 1999)
A retrospective look at eight years of the hit comedy, including interviews with the cast, unseen bloopers and Wilsons entire face being revealed.

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