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MasterChef Australia (2009)

MasterChef Australia is a Logie Award-winning Australian competitive cooking game show based on the original British MasterChef. It is produced by Shine Australia and screens on Network Ten. Restaurateur and chef Gary Mehigan, chef George Calombaris and food critic Matt Preston serve as the show's main judges. Journalist Sarah Wilson hosted the first series, however her role was dropped at the end of the series.

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Release Date: Mon, Apr 27, 2009

Country: AU
Language: En
Runtime: 75

Season 14:

Meet the Fans & Favourites
Episode 1: Meet the Fans & Favourites (Apr 18, 2022)
12 emerging home cooks will experience the magic of the MasterChef kitchen for the very first time, while 12 of MasterChef Australia’s most loved contestants will feel a sense of nostalgia as they walk through the hallowed doors for a second time. Whether their passion stems from feeding their family, creating culinary masterpieces on TikTok or a desire to test their skills against some of the best cooks MasterChef Australia has ever produced, these 24 contestants from all over Australia share one common love – food.
1st Service Challenge
Episode 2: 1st Service Challenge (Apr 19, 2022)
In a massive service challenge, it's Fans versus Favourites, course versus course in the ultimate three-course battle, with the winning teams heading to the immunity decider challenge.
1st Team Challenge
Episode 3: 1st Team Challenge (Apr 20, 2022)
Split into four teams across four benches, 12 contestants discover they have 75 minutes on the clock to create a dish using the ingredients from a particular layer of the balanced diet food pyramid.
1st Immunity Challenge
Episode 4: 1st Immunity Challenge (Apr 21, 2022)
It's this season's first immunity challenge. Choosing ingredients from mystery cloches, the contestant with the best dish wins immunity and will sit out the elimination challenge.
The Jaffle Elimination - 1st Elimination
Episode 5: The Jaffle Elimination - 1st Elimination (Apr 24, 2022)
It's the first elimination of the year. The makers of the best jaffle in round one will be safe, but the chef with the least-satisfying dish that changed their life in round two will go home.
The Very First Mystery Box
Episode 6: The Very First Mystery Box (Apr 25, 2022)
Contestants must create a dish using the same ingredients that were in the very first mystery box in MasterChef season one, The least impressive fare will send their chefs to a pressure test cook-off.
Adriano Zumbo Pressure Test
Episode 7: Adriano Zumbo Pressure Test (Apr 26, 2022)
Dessert king Adriano Zumbo returns to the kitchen for a pressure test like no other. The contestant with the least impressive take on Zumbo's Polly Want A Waffle will be sent home.
Team Relay Challenge + 1st Masterclass
Episode 8: Team Relay Challenge + 1st Masterclass (Apr 27, 2022)
Four teams vie for a shot at immunity in the infamous team relay challenge. This time, teams won't even know the mystery ingredient until the clock starts ticking! Plus, the first Masterclass of 2022.
Beat The Chef Immunity Challenge
Episode 9: Beat The Chef Immunity Challenge (Apr 28, 2022)
The winning team in the previous relay challenge join the top-two mystery box winners for a chance at immunity as they try to Beat The Chef, who just happens to be MasterChef favourite Matt Stone.
Bonjour - Service Challenge
Episode 10: Bonjour - Service Challenge (May 01, 2022)
Bonjour. Get ready for this episode's classic service challenge with guest chef Shannon Bennett. Each team must cook a French-inspired entree, main and dessert for 20 diners plus the judges.
Fridge & Pantry - Mystery Box
Episode 11: Fridge & Pantry - Mystery Box (May 02, 2022)
Guest chef Shannon Bennett returns with 10 of his favourite fridge and pantry items to create this mystery box. The two least impressive cooks will face off in the next episode's pressure test.
Noi - Pressure Test
Episode 12: Noi - Pressure Test (May 03, 2022)
MasterChef alumni and dessert king Reynold Poernomo returns to set this pressure test dish: his new intricate signature dessert, noi. The chef who fails to cope with the dish will be sent home.
Fast vs Fancy - Service Challenge
Episode 13: Fast vs Fancy - Service Challenge (May 04, 2022)
Guest chef Curtis Stone leads teams out to the garden for a fast food versus fancy food service. With 80 ravenous diners waiting, the winners will head to the next immunity challenge.
Ingredients vs Time - Immunity Challenge
Episode 14: Ingredients vs Time - Immunity Challenge (May 05, 2022)
Guest chef Curtis Stone returns as contestants cook a tasty dish worthy of immunity. But in this classic challenge, as their pantry of ingredients increases, their cooking time decreases.
Eggscellant Elimination
Episode 15: Eggscellant Elimination (May 08, 2022)
Who will crack in an 'eggscellent' elimination challenge that sees contestants given just one egg to create the tastiest dish? Fail, and they must scramble to cook for their lives in round 2.
The Alphabet Of Mystery Boxes
Episode 16: The Alphabet Of Mystery Boxes (May 09, 2022)
Twenty-six alphabetical mystery boxes contain single ingredients that correspond with the letter on the box. Chefs must cook using their designated ingredient, with the bottom four headed for a pressure test.
Fat Duck Pressure Test
Episode 17: Fat Duck Pressure Test (May 10, 2022)
Fat Duck pastry chef Gareth Whitton sets this pressure test with his smoked pecan and butterscotch tart. The dish that least resembles Gareth's creation will send its maker home.
Clare Smyth Service Challenge
Episode 18: Clare Smyth Service Challenge (May 11, 2022)
London's celebrated chef Clare Smyth has selected cherries and honey as two core ingredients that teams will need to cook with in this service challenge, as they duke it out for a shot at immunity.
Summer Cucumbers
Episode 19: Summer Cucumbers (May 12, 2022)
The winners from yesterday's service challenge compete in a two-round immunity challenge. The contestant who creates the two most impressive dishes will dodge Sunday's elimination bullet.
The Overnight Dish Elimination
Episode 20: The Overnight Dish Elimination (May 15, 2022)
It's elimination day and the creator of the best Round 1 fare will keep their team safe. Those fighting to avoid the drop must then prepare a tasty dish to be left overnight and cooked the next day.
The Coffee Mystery Box
Episode 21: The Coffee Mystery Box (May 16, 2022)
In a grungy Fitzroy warehouse, contestants lift the lids on their mystery boxes, leading to coffee beans spilling out across their bench as judges reveal they must create a dish that features coffee.
Alla Wolf-Tasker's Re-creation Elimination
Episode 22: Alla Wolf-Tasker's Re-creation Elimination (May 17, 2022)
Arriving at Alla Wolf-Tasker's Lake House restaurant, contestants must re-create his summer cucumbers with Murray cod dish. The contestant whose dish least resembles Alla's will be going home.
Date Night Team Challenge
Episode 23: Date Night Team Challenge (May 18, 2022)
Teams need to create the prefect date night meal including an entree, main and dessert for 25 couples plus the judges. The two teams with the least impressive menu will head to a shock elimination.
Elimination & MasterClass
Episode 24: Elimination & MasterClass (May 19, 2022)
The bottom two teams from the previous challenge face elimination and must split their 90-minute cooking time over two rounds, with the creator of the least impressive second round dish going home.
Two Cuisines Immunity Challenge
Episode 25: Two Cuisines Immunity Challenge (May 22, 2022)
It's time to switch things up, and everyone is now cooking for themselves to stay in the competition. The maker of the best dish will win a cash prize of $10,000 and a game-changing immunity pin.
Not-So-Humble Invention Test
Episode 26: Not-So-Humble Invention Test (May 23, 2022)
The mystery box has been set by the queen of the kitchen, the legendary Maggie Beer. The four least impressive dishes created from the mystery box will send their makers into a pressure test.
Tuna Wellington Pressure test
Episode 27: Tuna Wellington Pressure test (May 24, 2022)
Fish butcher extraordinaire Josh Niland reveals his first pressure test dish: tuna wellington with mashed potato and tuna gravy. Whoever cooks the dish that is least like Josh's will be sent home
Werribee Mansion Service Challenge
Episode 28: Werribee Mansion Service Challenge (May 25, 2022)
Teams face a service challenge for 60 hungry diners at the stately Werribee Mansion. To win a shot at immunity, contestants must turn humble ingredients into a fine dining entree and posh main course
Air Fryer immunity/Elimination
Episode 29: Air Fryer immunity/Elimination (May 26, 2022)
Contestants vie for immunity from elimination over a two-round fry-up, and must create the best dishes using an everyday air fryer before cooking a sweet or savoury dish using a deep fryer.
Celebrate Greens Elimination
Episode 30: Celebrate Greens Elimination (May 29, 2022)
Competitors must identify a selection of leafy greens and herbs. The first six contestants to incorrectly name the produce must create their tastiest dish that celebrates greens to avoid elimination.
Rainy Day Mystery Box
Episode 31: Rainy Day Mystery Box (May 30, 2022)
Andy opens the mystery box to reveal a mini storm cloud as lightning flashes around the kitchen. Contestants must create a dish for a rainy day, with a fast track to the immunity challenge at stake.
'Honey' Pressure Test
Episode 32: 'Honey' Pressure Test (May 31, 2022)
Gelato master Donny Toce presents his intricate dessert, Honey, comprising a honey tuille, gelato honeycomb, and blown sugar beehive for this Pressure Test, and failure will send someone home.
Creative Service Challenge
Episode 33: Creative Service Challenge (Jun 01, 2022)
Contestants become artists for a creative service challenge, and the judges expect three-course masterpieces as they take inspiration from a virtual forest at digital art gallery The LUME.
Marco Pierre White Pressure Test & MasterClass
Episode 34: Marco Pierre White Pressure Test & MasterClass (Jun 02, 2022)
An imposing figure appears in the kitchen: iconic chef Marco Pierre White. Contestants face a pressure test to win immunity by recreating his panache of sea scallops, calamari and ink sauce.
Marco Pierre White Elimination
Episode 35: Marco Pierre White Elimination (Jun 05, 2022)
Contestants must create a dish using ingredients from culinary king Marco Pierre White's array of pantry items that he uses at home. The least impressive dish will ensure elimination for its maker.
Smoking Mystery Box Challenge
Episode 36: Smoking Mystery Box Challenge (Jun 06, 2022)
Contestants enter the kitchen for a smoking mystery box challenge. They must create a dish that incorporates a burnt element or has the flavour of fire, for a shot at a huge advantage.
Elimination Pressure Test
Episode 37: Elimination Pressure Test (Jun 07, 2022)
It's an elimination pressure test with a difference. The contestants won't see or taste the dish, and they won't be given a recipe. All they have to go on is a review written by judge Melissa Leong.
Immunity 3 Course Service Challenge
Episode 38: Immunity 3 Course Service Challenge (Jun 08, 2022)
Vying for a shot at immunity, contestants are split into two teams for a service challenge. Each team must curate a three-course menu for either the Japanese or Italian restaurant they are cooking in.
Movie Food Immunity
Episode 39: Movie Food Immunity (Jun 09, 2022)
You have a ticket to the silver screen for a movie food immunity challenge. After a popcorn taste test, the remaining competitors must create a blockbuster flavour choc-top that will thrill filmgoers.
Rick Stein Elimination
Episode 40: Rick Stein Elimination (Jun 12, 2022)
Someone will be eliminated and miss out on the top 10 as contestants attempt to create an entrancing dish that transports the judges and legendary guest chef Rick Stein to a special place.
Top Ten Week Mystery Box
Episode 41: Top Ten Week Mystery Box (Jun 13, 2022)
Top 10 Week kicks off with one tough mystery box: it's the everything box, and all ingredients inside must be used. Plus, anyone who cooks a top dish this week will be safe from elimination.
Own Pressure Test
Episode 42: Own Pressure Test (Jun 14, 2022)
Contestants have been asked to write their own Pressure Test overnight. Now, they must handle their own pressure and exceed the high bar they have set for themselves and bring their best dish yet.
Classic Invention Test
Episode 43: Classic Invention Test (Jun 15, 2022)
This challenge is the classic invention test. Our cooks must be inventive, creative and able to think outside the box as they reimagine a classic we all grew up with: the humble fruit salad.
Time Auction
Episode 44: Time Auction (Jun 16, 2022)
The cooks with the four top dishes this week have won immunity from Sunday's elimination. Now they battle it out to win the final immunity pin, but only if they can ace the infamous Time Auction!
3 Round Elimination Challenge
Episode 45: 3 Round Elimination Challenge (Jun 19, 2022)
Six contestants are cooking to survive in a challenge played out over three rounds, where they can only pick one ingredient to use: pumpkin, chicken or fish. What would you cook to stay in the game?
Mystery Box Challenge
Episode 46: Mystery Box Challenge (Jun 20, 2022)
In a Mystery Box challenge that focuses on detail, plating and using what's available from a choice of tiny ingredients, cooks must plate up a winning entree-sized dish to avoid a Pressure Test.
99 Ingredient Pressure Test
Episode 47: 99 Ingredient Pressure Test (Jun 21, 2022)
Chef Khanh Nguyen reveals his seafood plate for today's Pressure Test, and there are 99 ingredients, 143 steps and 13 pages in the recipe! The chef whose dish least resembles Khanh's will go home.
Cooking For Your Loved Ones
Episode 48: Cooking For Your Loved Ones (Jun 22, 2022)
In today's service challenge, contestants are cooking for their loved ones, and must serve an entree, main and dessert. The team with the best menu will win a shot at tomorrow's immunity challenge.
Tame The Prickly Ingredient
Episode 49: Tame The Prickly Ingredient (Jun 23, 2022)
This episode's challenge is to tame one of these very prickly ingredients: chestnuts, stinging nettle, prickly pear or sea urchin. The best dish will win its maker immunity from the week's elimination.
Hugh Allen Elimination Challenge
Episode 50: Hugh Allen Elimination Challenge (Jun 26, 2022)
Seven contestants cook to avoid elimination. Over two rounds, using ingredients selected by guest chef Hugh Allen, competitors must create dishes impressive enough to see them through to safety.
Rainbow Mystery Box
Episode 51: Rainbow Mystery Box (Jun 27, 2022)
Contestants cook from a rainbow mystery box including painted crayfish, scampi caviar, Fruit Loops, dragon fruit, coloured corn, mukhwas, flowering pineapple sage, rainbow chard, and dried turmeric.
Kirsten Tibballs' Pressure Test
Episode 52: Kirsten Tibballs' Pressure Test (Jun 28, 2022)
For this pressure test, Chocolate Queen Kirsten Tibballs presents her intricate cherry on top dessert. The dish that least replicates Kirsten's delicious dessert will send its maker home.
The TWO Challenge
Episode 53: The TWO Challenge (Jun 29, 2022)
Split into teams of two, contestants select two ingredients from two pantries, but can't see what their teammate is choosing. Teams will cook a dish using their four ingredients for a shot at immunity.
Ingredient Purchase Immunity Challenge
Episode 54: Ingredient Purchase Immunity Challenge (Jun 30, 2022)
Contestants purchase their ingredients, using time as their currency. The more ingredients they purchase, the less time on the clock. For an immunity taste, they have no time to waste.
Finals Week - Oyster Challenge
Episode 55: Finals Week - Oyster Challenge (Jul 03, 2022)
Finals Week sees our six finalists travel to Oyster Bay in Tasmania, where they will face a two-round oyster challenge. They'll need to be super creative to avoid being shucked out of the competition.
Finals Week - Truffle Immunity
Episode 56: Finals Week - Truffle Immunity (Jul 04, 2022)
As their Tassie tour rolls on, the final five visit Deloraine for a truffle hunt. They'll then use the black diamonds they dug out of the ground to cook the most delicious dish worthy of immunity.
Finals Week - Final 4 - Service Challenge
Episode 57: Finals Week - Final 4 - Service Challenge (Jul 05, 2022)
With one contestant holding immunity, the remaining four face elimination as they visit Tasmania's Lawrenny Distillery, where they must choose a spirit to showcase in a four-course service challenge.
Back In The Kitchen Immunity Challenge
Episode 58: Back In The Kitchen Immunity Challenge (Jul 06, 2022)
Back in the MasterChef kitchen following their Tasmanian adventure, contestants learn that the winner of this two-round immunity challenge will be fast-tracked straight through to the semifinal.
Final MasterClass
Episode 59: Final MasterClass (Jul 07, 2022)
It's time for some fun in MasterClass. The tables are turned as Jock and Andy go head-to-head in a pub meal invention test, before engaging in a three-course menu battle against our four finalists.
Peter Gilmore Pressure Test
Episode 60: Peter Gilmore Pressure Test (Jul 10, 2022)
Peter Gilmore has created some of the most famed and punishing pressure tests in the program's history. For a spot in the semifinals, contestants must simultaneously cook two of his most complex dishes.
2022 Semi Final
Episode 61: 2022 Semi Final (Jul 11, 2022)
Shannon Bennett is back for the semifinal, running the pass and offering advice. Contestants must create a three-course menu worthy of a place in the Finale for 20 diners each plus the judges.
Episode 62: 2022 GRAND FINAL (Jul 12, 2022)
Welcome to the Grand Final! Our two gifted finalists enter the kitchen for the last time and they'll have to impress Heston Blumenthal and our judges to win the title of MasterChef 2022 and $250,000.

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