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Release Date: Thu, Jan 01, 1970


Season 3:

Zeke's Last Ride
Episode 1: Zeke's Last Ride (Feb 28, 2011)
While doing a stunt in local Gilroy, Zeke has a massive wipeout and ends up in the hospital.
The Unusual Suspects
Episode 2: The Unusual Suspects (Mar 07, 2011)
Zeke and Luther question the suspects after Zeke is thrown from the pier while asleep.
Two Guys, A Car, And a Wild Bear
Episode 3: Two Guys, A Car, And a Wild Bear (Mar 14, 2011)
Zeke and Luther are given a new car by their sponsors, but cannot afford to give it gas. So they put restaurant grease in it, which attracts a wild bear to it. Meanwhile, Ginger has a prank war with her gym coach, to force him to change her bad grade.
Episode 4: Hyp-Bro-Tized (Mar 28, 2011)
Luther goes to see a hypnotherapist because he is afraid to talk to a girl he likes. But he falls for another girl named Ronda who is from a motorcycle gang. The leader of the gang asks Luther to join their posse, but must complete the test.
Episode 5: Daredevils! (Apr 04, 2011)
Zeke and Luther win a contest to do the final stunt for a famous daredevil when he gets injured. Kojo dates a really tall girl.
Sibling Rivalries
Episode 6: Sibling Rivalries (Apr 11, 2011)
When asked to do a skate show, the host asks if Zeke and Luther have siblings so that they could come on the show. Fearing that they will humiliate them, Zeke and Luther get a fake Ginger and Roy.
Luther Turns 4
Episode 7: Luther Turns 4 (Apr 18, 2011)
Luther celebrates his Leap year birthday turning four years old, but the celebration goes too far when he plans to be the world's best 4-year old.
Head of Skate
Episode 8: Head of Skate (Apr 25, 2011)
Zeke runs for mayor of Gilroy.
Zeke, Luther, and Kojo Strike Gold
Episode 9: Zeke, Luther, and Kojo Strike Gold (May 02, 2011)
Zeke and Luther make a deal with their new vice principal, they help her find a golden nugget in exchange for getting out of detention and her destroying their permanent records.
Zeke and Lu's New Crew
Episode 10: Zeke and Lu's New Crew (May 09, 2011)
After starring in a local commercial Zeke and Luther attract an entourage.
Skater Girl Island
Episode 11: Skater Girl Island (May 23, 2011)
Zeke and Luther go to skater girl island to recruit a new girl rider for the Riot skate team.
Episode 12: DJ PJ (Jul 11, 2011)
Luther becomes a hit sensation as a sleepwalking rapper.
Trucky Cheese
Episode 13: Trucky Cheese (Jul 18, 2011)
After Zeke and Luther destroy Carl's new scooter, they attempt to repay their debt by selling cheese smoothies out of Carl's old food truck.
Ice Heist Baby
Episode 14: Ice Heist Baby (Jul 25, 2011)
Zeke and Luther must find a way to stop Mr. Montoyo's control over the ice and save Gilroy from overheating.
Skate Troopers
Episode 15: Skate Troopers (Aug 01, 2011)
Zeke and Luther get to be the stars of a show called "Skate Troopers" but Luther has a problem with one of the cast members.
Bro, Where's Our Car?
Episode 16: Bro, Where's Our Car? (Aug 08, 2011)
Zeke and Luther's car gets towed right before they are booked to drive around a baseball field in it.
Lie Hard
Episode 17: Lie Hard (Aug 22, 2011)
Zeke and Luther lie about not having a family, until their new foreign family decide to move there with Zeke and Luther.
Bro'd Trip
Episode 18: Bro'd Trip (Sep 26, 2011)
Zeke and Luther take a road trip to compete in the Tempe Skate International Tournament
The Gingernator
Episode 19: The Gingernator (Oct 03, 2011)
Zeke puts a modification chip in Ginger's earlobe changing her behavior by making her nicer.
Skate Video Awards
Episode 20: Skate Video Awards (Nov 28, 2011)
Zeke and Luther enter the "Skate Video Awards" competition and try to make the best video. But when the video is finished, they realize that it is missing one thing: Skating.

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