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Vecinos (2005)

The everyday life of people in Mexican neighborhoods, where anything can be found. Each episode interacts between these peculiar neighbors, where they encounter real and fictitious problems.

Release Date: Sun, Jul 10, 2005

Country: MX
Language: Es
Runtime: 21

Eduardo España
German Valdez
Magdalena Pérez de López
Ana Bertha Espín
Lorena Ruiz de Rios
Mayrín Villanueva
Silvia Olvera de San Román
Moisés Suárez
Arturo López
Pablo Valentín
Pedro Medina

Season 12:

No se vende
Episode 1: No se vende (Mar 27, 2022)
The neighbors are about to be evicted from the building, as the owner and her two daughters dispute it.
La llegada de Alejandra
Episode 2: La llegada de Alejandra (Mar 27, 2022)
Alejandra returns and Rocko thinks it's time to give Morris a little brother. Benito stays in an important casting.
Brigada de vacunación
Episode 3: Brigada de vacunación (Mar 27, 2022)
Neighbors receive the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine and reveal their fears, myths and reality.
Música para tus oídos
Episode 4: Música para tus oídos (Apr 03, 2022)
Hipólito decides to play his music on the sidewalk and Jorjáis sees him as a threat.
La cisterna y El Charro negro
Episode 5: La cisterna y El Charro negro (Apr 03, 2022)
Rumors spread in the building that Don Roque hid Charro Negro's treasure in the cistern.
El Capitán Raquetas
Episode 6: El Capitán Raquetas (Apr 03, 2022)
The sale of fly rackets is very low and Luis will have to ask Pedro and Jorjáis for help to increase them.
Guerra de albóndigas
Episode 7: Guerra de albóndigas (Apr 10, 2022)
Lorena and Liz challenge each other to find out who makes the best enchipotlada meatballs. Alejandra's mother-in-law wants to meet her.
El cumpleaños de Magdalena
Episode 8: El cumpleaños de Magdalena (Apr 10, 2022)
The neighbors prepare a surprise party for Doña Magda. Liz and Lorena participate in a casting for Snow White.
La visita
Episode 9: La visita (Apr 10, 2022)
Hipólito receives a visit from his twin brother. Jorjáis starts a business as a taxi and food delivery man.
Arturo oficinista
Episode 10: Arturo oficinista (Apr 17, 2022)
Alejandra advises Arturo to rebel against his exploitative boss. Germán sprays himself a lotion with pheromones from the vet.
Episode 11
Episode 11: Episode 11 (Apr 17, 2022)
Episode 12
Episode 12: Episode 12 (Apr 17, 2022)

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