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A Family Affair (2022)

An inheritance from the late matriarch of the Estrellas intertwines the life of Cherry Red with Dave, Paco, Seb, and Drew. Amid the romance that arose between her and two of the four brothers, Cherry's past unravels and exposes deeply buried secrets.

Release Date: Mon, Jun 27, 2022

Country: PH
Language: En | Tl
Runtime: 30

Ivana Alawi
Cherry Red
Gerald Anderson
Paco Estrella
Sam Milby
Dave Estrella
Jameson Blake
Andrew "Drew" Estrella
Jake Ejercito
Sebastian "Seb" Estrella
Edu Manzano
Freddie Estrella
Lito Pimentel
Apolinario "Panyong" Magwayen
Aya Fernandez
Rebecca "Becca" Lazaro
Ana Abad-Santos
Everly "Ebs" Magwayen
Heaven Peralejo
Tori Simbulan
Rans Rifol
Colleen de Jesus

Season 1:

The Homecoming
Episode 1: The Homecoming (Jun 27, 2022)
A simple yet charming lady, Cherry Red shares a unique friendship with the Estrella brothers—Dave, Paco, Seb, and Drew—after meeting them because of an inheritance. Their bond begins to change when familial feelings develop into something more.
Just Like Old Times
Episode 2: Just Like Old Times (Jun 28, 2022)
Cherry Red finds herself stuck in an awkward situation when Freddie tasks her to show the family business to Dave, the eldest of the four Estrella brothers and her first love. Paco speaks up for their struggling employees.
The Reconciliation
Episode 3: The Reconciliation (Jun 29, 2022)
After making peace with Cherry Red, Dave learns about the farmers’ dilemma and offers his help. Conflict breaks out at the Estrella mansion when Drew gets caught doing drugs. Later, someone dear to Cherry returns.
Us Against the World
Episode 4: Us Against the World (Jun 30, 2022)
Tension rises between Paco and Dave when Cherry Red finally chooses between them. Soon, rage fills the Estrella mansion as Panyong tries to confront Freddie about his wife's death but comes across an intoxicated Drew.
Kill This Love
Episode 5: Kill This Love (Jul 01, 2022)
The Magwayens' world crumbles upon learning of Panyong's demise. Dave gets torn between love and family as Freddie stops him from turning Drew into the police to preserve their reputation.
Beginning of the End
Episode 6: Beginning of the End (Jul 04, 2022)
Freddie does everything to cover up Drew's involvement in Panyong's death, while Dave wants to do the right thing. Still reeling from her loss, Cherry Red hears heartbreaking words from Dave.
Fight for Love
Episode 7: Fight for Love (Jul 05, 2022)
With a heavy heart, Dave grants his father's wish to accompany Drew to the US for his drug addiction treatment. Paco, on the other hand, uses all his connections to help Cherry Red mend her broken and grieving heart.
Moving Forward
Episode 8: Moving Forward (Jul 06, 2022)
Freddie offers Cherry Red and Everly a generous amount of money to start a new life away from everything that would remind them of Panyong's tragic fate. However, Cherry Red refuses to leave Gen. Luna and uses her thirst for justice to move forward.
A New Beginning
Episode 9: A New Beginning (Jul 07, 2022)
While Cherry Red picks up her heart's broken pieces and starts anew in Paco's company, memories of Panyong's death continue to haunt Dave. Soon, Seb's decision to get married rocks the Estrellas' boat.
Love Amidst Chaos
Episode 10: Love Amidst Chaos (Jul 08, 2022)
Paco and Cherry Red enjoy each other's company, while Dave finds a friend in his career-driven client Becca Lazaro. Soon, Cherry looks for Paco with bated breath as she struggles to reach him amid a raging storm.
Episode 15: 50/50 (Jul 15, 2022)
Love & Loss
Episode 16: Love & Loss (Jul 18, 2022)
Family Feud
Episode 18: Family Feud (Jul 20, 2022)
Episode 21: Gratitude (Jul 25, 2022)
The Past
Episode 22: The Past (Jul 26, 2022)
Episode 25: Surprise (Jul 29, 2022)
Rodeo King
Episode 26: Rodeo King (Aug 01, 2022)
Hidden Gem
Episode 32: Hidden Gem (Aug 09, 2022)
Episode 33: Confusion (Aug 10, 2022)
Fam Day
Episode 34: Fam Day (Aug 11, 2022)
Episode 35
Episode 35: Episode 35 (Aug 12, 2022)
Episode 36
Episode 36: Episode 36 (Aug 15, 2022)
Episode 37
Episode 37: Episode 37 (Aug 16, 2022)
Episode 38
Episode 38: Episode 38 (Aug 17, 2022)
Episode 39
Episode 39: Episode 39 (Aug 18, 2022)
Episode 40
Episode 40: Episode 40 (Aug 19, 2022)
Episode 41
Episode 41: Episode 41 (Aug 22, 2022)
Episode 42
Episode 42: Episode 42 (Aug 23, 2022)
Episode 43
Episode 43: Episode 43 (Aug 24, 2022)
Episode 44
Episode 44: Episode 44 (Aug 25, 2022)
Episode 45
Episode 45: Episode 45 (Aug 26, 2022)
Episode 46
Episode 46: Episode 46 (Aug 29, 2022)
Episode 47
Episode 47: Episode 47 (Aug 30, 2022)
Episode 48
Episode 48: Episode 48 (Aug 31, 2022)
Episode 49
Episode 49: Episode 49 (Sep 01, 2022)
Episode 50
Episode 50: Episode 50 (Sep 02, 2022)

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