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Meeting in Paris

Suspicion is the title of an American television mystery drama series which aired on the NBC from 1957 through 1959. The executive producer of Suspicion was film director Alfred Hitchcock.

Release Date: Mon, Sep 30, 1957

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60
Subtitle     Direct Stream

Season 1:

Four O'Clock
Episode 1: Four O'Clock (Sep 30, 1957)
Paul Steppe, a successful watchmaker, begins to suspect that his wife Fran is seeing another man. Consumed with jealousy, Steppe decides to murder her. His plan, he feels is ingenious. Painstakingly Steppe applies all of his watchmaking skills to the construction of a time bomb. He plans to slip into his house in the afternoon without his wife's knowledge, leave the bomb and then return to his jewelry store unnoticed and unsuspected.
The Story of Marjorie Reardon
Episode 5: The Story of Marjorie Reardon (Oct 28, 1957)
A young woman who's attacked by a psychopath, leaving her in shame and with a fear of men -- until sweet, strong, understanding man comes along.
Episode 7: Heartbeat (Nov 11, 1957)
When a heart patient is misdiagnosed, he believes that he is cured of his heart problems. He decides to have a day full of excitement, not knowing that even the slightest shock could kill him.
The Flight
Episode 9: The Flight (Nov 25, 1957)
A former navy pilot is hired to fly a mysterious cargo to Bermuda and discovers en-route that the cargo is human and the destination altered.
Rainy Day
Episode 10: Rainy Day (Dec 02, 1957)
Two men in an isolated African outpost begin to squabble after one of the men reads a letter addressed to the other and refuses to reveal its content.
Episode 12: Doomsday (Dec 16, 1957)
A master of disguise plans a payroll theft with the only two men that know his true identity.
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
Episode 15: Lord Arthur Savile's Crime (Jan 13, 1958)
A fortune teller informs Lord Arthur Savile that he is about to commit a murder. Lord Arthur decides to postpone his marriage so that he can confront his fate without troubling his wife-to-be.
Comfort for the Grave
Episode 17: Comfort for the Grave (Jan 27, 1958)
A man teams with his gangster brother's widow to find his sibling's killer. Soon, the surviving brother begins to wonder whether the lovely former spouse might not have committed the murder herself.
Meeting in Paris
Episode 18: Meeting in Paris (Feb 10, 1958)
Peter Lockwood gets tied up in a case of European espionage when his ex-wife and her new husband ask him for help in dealing with a gang of black marketeers.
A Touch of Evil
Episode 19: A Touch of Evil (Feb 17, 1958)
Larry is married to a sickly weak woman and enlists the aid of a former flame and her brother in a scheme to do away with his wife.
The Eye of Truth
Episode 23: The Eye of Truth (Mar 17, 1958)
Gregg Carey is a successful lawyer whose son is involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident. In order to get his son off, however, Carey must risk his career and reputation in a dangerous blackmail scheme.
The Bull Skinner
Episode 25: The Bull Skinner (Apr 07, 1958)
Frank Marre is an ambitious tractor driver who becomes angrey when he passed over for a promotion. A deeply bitter Frank decides to take out his anger on the man that beat him out for the job.
Fraction of a Second
Episode 27: Fraction of a Second (Apr 21, 1958)
After spending the weekend with her daughter, Mrs. Ellis takes her child to the bus depot. When she returns home, she finds her furniture rearranged and three strangers insisting that they own the house.
The Way Up to Heaven
Episode 28: The Way Up to Heaven (Apr 28, 1958)
Mr. Foster is a mean and domineering husband who has the misfortune of getting stuck in the elevator of his apartment. Instead of helping him, his wife takes the opportunity to be rid of him by heading out to visit her relatives for six weeks.
The Protege
Episode 30: The Protege (May 12, 1958)
Katherine Searles, one-time Broadway great, feels she has successfully conquered her problem with alcohol and plans a comeback.
Voice in the Night
Episode 33: Voice in the Night (Aug 04, 1958)
The survivors of a shipwreck escape to an island where a strange fungus grows on everything and begins to grow on everyone.
Death Watch
Episode 34: Death Watch (Jun 02, 1958)
Detective Sgt. Miles Odeen has been assigned to protect a witness in a murder case. The witness is lovely Kelly Pomeroy, who knows too much about the case for her own safety. Odeen's assignment is suddenly made even more difficult when he realizes that his own life is in danger.
The Woman Who Turned To Salt
Episode 36: The Woman Who Turned To Salt (Jun 16, 1958)
Solange Rogers is a lawyer who helps a man named Angus Martin get a divorce from his wife. Unfortunately, she doesn't known that Angus killed his wife and hid her body in a pillar inside of their home.
Eye for an Eye
Episode 37: Eye for an Eye (Jun 23, 1958)
A young girl runs away from her cruel husband. In a ruthless attempt to get his wife back, the man kidnaps the wife of a lawyerfriend. He then goes to a private detective and threatens the life of the kidnapped girl, unless the detective can persuade the runaway wife to return to her husband.
The Last Town Car
Episode 42: The Last Town Car (Jul 28, 1958)
Edith Miller believes she may be losing her mind. Wherever Edith goes, she is confronted by the appearance of an old town car.

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