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Teri Meri Doriyaann (2023)

It’s hate at first sight for Sahiba and Angad! But destined to be together, their lives get intertwined by a marriage alliance, and a love-hate story ensues.

Release Date: Wed, Jan 04, 2023

Country: IN
Language: Hi

Vijayendra Kumeria
Angad Singh Brar
Himanshi Parashar
Sahiba Kaur Brar (née Monga)
Tushar Dhembla
Garry Baweja
Roopam Sharma
Seerat Kaur Baweja (née Monga)
Jatin Arora
Veer Singh Brar
Prachi Hadaa
Keerat Kaur Monga
Lubna Salim
Santosh Kaur Monga
Sagar Saini
Ajeet Monga
Surendra Pal
Akaal Singh Brar
Amardeep Jha
Japjyot Kaur Brar
Anita Kulkarni
Manbeer Kaur Brar
Avinash Wadhawan
Inderpal Singh Brar
Vaishnavi Ganatra
Ekam Kaur Brar
Sharhaan Singh
Jaspal Singh Brar
Anshu Varshney
Gurleen Kaur Brar
Gauri Tonk
Jasleen Kaur Baweja
Rose Sardana
Kiara Kaur Baweja
Neetu Wadhwa
Prabhjyot Kaur Sandhu
Sailesh Gulabani
Hansraj Sandhu

Season 1:

Meet the Self-dependent Sahiba.
Episode 1: Meet the Self-dependent Sahiba. (Jan 04, 2023)
Sahiba is a hardworking middle-class girl with big dreams for her future. On the other hand, Angad, a perfectionist, prepares to host an anniversary party.
Angad to Impress His Grandfather.
Episode 2: Angad to Impress His Grandfather. (Jan 05, 2023)
Angad plans to decorate his mansion for an event to impress his grandfather. Meanwhile, Sahiba's mother requests her to help Seerat attend the Brars' event.
Angad Meets Sahiba.
Episode 3: Angad Meets Sahiba. (Jan 06, 2023)
Sahiba demands an apology from Angad as he breaks her earthen pot. Later, Veer and Angad visit Sahiba's shop and ask her to finish the event's traditional decor.
A Challenge for Sahiba.
Episode 4: A Challenge for Sahiba. (Jan 07, 2023)
Angad brings Sahiba to decorate his home for the event, but his family doubts her capability. Will Sahiba be able to prove her talent despite their hesitations?
Is Sahiba's Artwork a Letdown?
Episode 5: Is Sahiba's Artwork a Letdown? (Jan 08, 2023)
Daarji and Angad try to find the source behind the rumour. Later, as the Brars get dissatisfied with her work, Sahiba surprises them by adding a twist to it.
Angad Gets Praised.
Episode 6: Angad Gets Praised. (Jan 09, 2023)
Daarji praises Angad for being able to find a talented artist like Sahiba in such a short time. However, Angad says that Sahiba could have done better work.
Sahiba Stitches Seerat's Dress.
Episode 7: Sahiba Stitches Seerat's Dress. (Jan 10, 2023)
Seerat is overjoyed when she receives the passes for the Brars event. Later, Sahiba takes the responsibility to stitch a new dress for Seerat.
Sahiba Saves Santosh.
Episode 8: Sahiba Saves Santosh. (Jan 11, 2023)
As she enters the venue with Seerat and Keerat, Santosh realises that she left the passes at home. However, Sahiba shows up on time with the passes.
Sahiba at the Brars Event.
Episode 9: Sahiba at the Brars Event. (Jan 12, 2023)
After several requests from Veer, Sahiba attends the Brars event. Later, Seerat gets angry when Angad does not pay attention to her glamorous look.
Veer Makes an Announcement.
Episode 10: Veer Makes an Announcement. (Jan 13, 2023)
Garry gets offended when Veer announces the name of the person who will handle their new project. Elsewhere, Santosh makes a plan for Seerat to impress Angad.
Sahiba Saves Seerat.
Episode 11: Sahiba Saves Seerat. (Jan 14, 2023)
Sahiba spots a danger for Seerat and saves her from getting injured. However, Angad accuses her of trying to harm Seerat and the latter doesn't defend her.
Seerat, Angad Come Closer.
Episode 12: Seerat, Angad Come Closer. (Jan 15, 2023)
Seerat refuses to acknowledge Sahiba as her sister, humiliates her, and moves closer to Angad. Later, Sahiba leaves and wanders the streets in anguish.
Angad Is Dazzled.
Episode 13: Angad Is Dazzled. (Jan 16, 2023)
Angad is charmed by Seerat's beauty and declares her the winner of the dance competition. Sahiba feels upset at Angad's behaviour after she returns home.
Angad Rewards Seerat.
Episode 14: Angad Rewards Seerat. (Jan 17, 2023)
Angad announces Seerat as the winner of the dance competition and rewards her with a diamond set. Sahiba gets worried when Seerat and Santosh do not return home.
Keerat Reveals the Truth.
Episode 15: Keerat Reveals the Truth. (Jan 18, 2023)
In anger, Keerat opens up to Ajeet about Seerat and Santosh's behaviour towards Sahiba. Later, Sahiba feels dejected when Seerat loses her earring.
Santosh, Seerat Devise a Plan.
Episode 16: Santosh, Seerat Devise a Plan. (Jan 19, 2023)
Santosh gets upset when Seerat's father insults her for not defending Sahiba at the party. Later, Santosh tells Seerat about a plan to return to the Brar mansion.
Seerat Visits the Brar Mansion.
Episode 17: Seerat Visits the Brar Mansion. (Jan 20, 2023)
After losing her earrings, Seerat finds a good excuse to visit the Brar house. As Angad begins to admire her, Mandeep decides to learn more about Seerat.
A Prediction Disturbs Santosh.
Episode 18: A Prediction Disturbs Santosh. (Jan 21, 2023)
Santosh is concerned about her daughters’ future when a Baba makes a prediction concerning Seerat. Meanwhile, Sahiba refers to Seerat as her Didi in front of Angad.
Seerat Spins a Web of Deception.
Episode 19: Seerat Spins a Web of Deception. (Jan 22, 2023)
During the meal with the Brars, Seerat makes up tales to win them over. She amazes Angad with Sahiba's wise words while he keenly tries to learn more about her.
Garry Tries to Manipulate Seerat.
Episode 20: Garry Tries to Manipulate Seerat. (Jan 23, 2023)
Mandeep is impressed with Seerat and decides to meet her parents. Later, Garry tries to manipulate Seerat with his fake stories and the latter falls into his trap.
Angad Grows Agitated.
Episode 21: Angad Grows Agitated. (Jan 24, 2023)
Angad gets furious and blames Sahiba and question her intention when she saves him from the fire. Later, Sahiba gets infuriated and lectures Angad for yelling at her.
Ajeet Feels Dejected.
Episode 22: Ajeet Feels Dejected. (Jan 25, 2023)
A conflict ensues between Sahiba and Angad when he insults her. Later, Ajeet feels disheartened when Santosh and Seerat question his responsibility towards her daughter.
Santosh Gets Shocked.
Episode 23: Santosh Gets Shocked. (Jan 26, 2023)
Santosh creates a scene when Ajeet takes a firm decision not to support her vile plans. However, Santosh and her family get shocked to see vermilion on Sahiba's forehead
Jasleen Brings Up Her Past.
Episode 24: Jasleen Brings Up Her Past. (Jan 27, 2023)
Jasleen talks about how her marriage ruined her life and blames her family for not supporting her at all. Later, Angad's grandfather agrees to Angad and Seerat's wedding.
Garry's Shocking Condition.
Episode 25: Garry's Shocking Condition. (Jan 28, 2023)
Garry plans a date for Angad and Seerat but asks Seerat to pay for the date. Later, Seerat requests Sahiba for the money and Santosh forces Sahiba to agree.
Kiara Lies to Angad.
Episode 26: Kiara Lies to Angad. (Jan 29, 2023)
Kiara shows Angad the jewellery designs she bought from Sahiba and pretends that she made the designs herself. Later, Angad and his father share a close moment.
Seerat Faces Harassment.
Episode 27: Seerat Faces Harassment. (Jan 30, 2023)
Gary delays Angad for his date. He appoints goons to harass Seerat so he can pretend to be her saviour. However, Keerat comes to rescue Seerat.
Garry Impresses Seerat.
Episode 28: Garry Impresses Seerat. (Jan 31, 2023)
Garry tries to impress Seerat and gifts her the ring Angad had bought for her. Elsewhere, Santosh faces tough questions about her family from the Brars.
Santosh in a Tough Spot.
Episode 29: Santosh in a Tough Spot. (Feb 01, 2023)
Santosh lands in trouble when Mandeep decides to visit her house to fix Angad and Seerat's wedding date. Elsewhere, Sahiba gets furious when Angad insults her.
Sahiba Opposes Santosh.
Episode 30: Sahiba Opposes Santosh. (Feb 02, 2023)
Santosh gets restless and blames Ajeet for their financial condition. She also fumes in anger when Sahiba gives her shocking opinion about Angad.
Jasleen's Evil Motive.
Episode 31: Jasleen's Evil Motive. (Feb 03, 2023)
While Santosh attempts suicide, Seerat decides to disclose her love for Garry. Meanwhile, Jasleen devises a nefarious plot against Angad.
Seerat Meets the Brars.
Episode 32: Seerat Meets the Brars. (Feb 04, 2023)
Sahiba goes all out to satisfy the Brars when they come to meet Seerat. However, Seerat gets anxious after visiting her aunt's lavish house.
Santosh Convinces Her Sister.
Episode 33: Santosh Convinces Her Sister. (Feb 05, 2023)
Seerat gets confused as Garry invites her to become the chief guest of the event. Later, Santosh sobs before her sister and convinces her to welcome the Brars.
A Tricky Situation for Santosh.
Episode 34: A Tricky Situation for Santosh. (Feb 06, 2023)
Seerat makes up an excuse and takes permission from Santosh to leave the house. Later, the Brars come to meet Seerat and Santosh gets worried when she fails to find her.
Garry Tries to Impress Seerat.
Episode 35: Garry Tries to Impress Seerat. (Feb 07, 2023)
Santosh struggles to keep the truth from the Brars and later discovers that Seerat has eloped. Meanwhile, Garry uses flattering words to entice Seerat.
Seerat's Dilemma.
Episode 36: Seerat's Dilemma. (Feb 08, 2023)
Ajeet informs the Brars that he has two more daughters besides Seerat. On the other hand, Garry's appealing assurances place Seerat in a quandary.
Santosh Weaves a Web of Lies.
Episode 37: Santosh Weaves a Web of Lies. (Feb 09, 2023)
When Seerat admits that she likes Garry, Sahiba shows up and catches her. Elsewhere, Santosh manipulates the Brars by spinning a web of lies.
Angad Accuses Sahiba.
Episode 38: Angad Accuses Sahiba. (Feb 10, 2023)
Just as the Brars are about to leave, Sahiba suddenly brings Seerat back. Later, Angad is surprised to see Sahiba and accuses her of Seerat's disappearance.
Seerat, Angad's Wedding Gets Fixed.
Episode 39: Seerat, Angad's Wedding Gets Fixed. (Feb 11, 2023)
Mandeep announces her decision to fix Seerat and Angad's wedding. Jabjot desires to conduct the Roka ceremony in a grand way for the couple at the Brar mansion.
Seerat's Desperate Move.
Episode 40: Seerat's Desperate Move. (Feb 12, 2023)
Seerat gets desperate to stop her engagement with Angad, and she holds Garry's hand in front of all the guests. However, Garry quickly comes up with an excuse.
Santosh Falls Sick.
Episode 41: Santosh Falls Sick. (Feb 13, 2023)
Santosh gets worried and falls unconscious when Mandeep confirms Seerat and Angad's marriage plans. Later, Sahiba and Keerat enter the Brar mansion in disguise.
Santosh's Clever Ploy.
Episode 42: Santosh's Clever Ploy. (Feb 14, 2023)
Santosh asks the doctor to lie about her being terminally ill in an attempt to make the Brars prepone Seerat and Angad's wedding. Will the doctor agree to lie?
Seerat Confesses Her Feelings.
Episode 43: Seerat Confesses Her Feelings. (Feb 15, 2023)
The Brars are fooled by Santosh's act and decide to move up the wedding. However, this news makes Seerat desperate as she wants to marry Garry instead of Angad.
Santosh Plans to Sell the House.
Episode 44: Santosh Plans to Sell the House. (Feb 16, 2023)
Santosh requests Sahiba to take a loan in order to arrange the money for Seerat's grand wedding. Later, Santosh plans to sell the house when Sahiba refuses.
Sahiba Questions Seerat.
Episode 45: Sahiba Questions Seerat. (Feb 17, 2023)
Seerat confesses her feelings to Garry and he promises to spend his life with her. Later, Seerat gets caught by Sahiba while trying to sneak into the house.
Santosh Warns Sahiba.
Episode 46: Santosh Warns Sahiba. (Feb 18, 2023)
Santosh mortgages the house and lavishly spends on Seerat's wedding preparations. She also asks Sahiba not to interfere when the latter questions her.
A Tough Choice for Sahiba.
Episode 47: A Tough Choice for Sahiba. (Feb 19, 2023)
Sahiba decides to not attend Seerat's wedding because of Angad. However, she faces a conundrum when Veer requests her to design Angad's Sehra.
Seerat Plans to Elope.
Episode 48: Seerat Plans to Elope. (Feb 20, 2023)
While everyone is busy preparing for her and Angad's wedding, Seerat decides to run away with Garry. Elsewhere, Santosh worries about Seerat's fate.
Sahiba Makes a Shocking Discovery.
Episode 49: Sahiba Makes a Shocking Discovery. (Feb 21, 2023)
Sahiba is shocked to discover Angad and Seerat's wedding banner while doing the decorations. Later, Seerat requests Garry to escape with her before the wedding.
Seerat, Angad's Engagement.
Episode 50: Seerat, Angad's Engagement. (Feb 22, 2023)
Imlie attends Seerat and Angad's sangeet ceremony and praises their loving bond. Further, Angad and Seerat exchange their rings and give a dance performance.
Sahiba Meets an Old Friend.
Episode 51: Sahiba Meets an Old Friend. (Feb 23, 2023)
Sahiba is delighted to come across Sai at the wedding and the latter makes a shocking prediction about Sahiba's future. Later, a mistake happens at the Haldi ceremony.
Garry Makes His Move.
Episode 52: Garry Makes His Move. (Feb 24, 2023)
Angad learns about a fire in one of his stores and Garry offers to go there on his behalf. However, Garry plans to use this as an excuse to elope with Seerat.
Santosh Finds Seerat's Letter.
Episode 53: Santosh Finds Seerat's Letter. (Feb 25, 2023)
Santosh is shocked to find Seerat's letter and learns that she has eloped with someone else. Later, Santosh decides to commit suicide, but Sahiba stops her.
Jasleen's Shocking Demand.
Episode 54: Jasleen's Shocking Demand. (Feb 26, 2023)
Jasleen barges in on Santosh and her daughters discussing Seerat's action and threatens to expose their lies to the Brars. Later, she makes a shocking demand to Sahiba.
Santosh's Request to Sahiba.
Episode 55: Santosh's Request to Sahiba. (Feb 27, 2023)
Tension rises among the Brars as the media questions them about Seerat. Meanwhile, Santosh requests Sahiba to be Angad's bride.
Sahiba's Tremendous Sacrifice.
Episode 56: Sahiba's Tremendous Sacrifice. (Feb 28, 2023)
Sahiba disguises herself as Angad's bride and hopes that Seerat will return shortly. However, Ajeet finds out the truth and confronts Santosh.
Sahiba's Shocking Move.
Episode 57: Sahiba's Shocking Move. (Mar 01, 2023)
Santosh convinces Ajeet to let Sahiba get married to Angad. Later, Sahiba drops the facade and reveals her face before the wedding.
What’ll be Angad’s Next Move?
Episode 58: What’ll be Angad’s Next Move? (Mar 02, 2023)
Keerat spots Seerat in a car and tries to chase her down, but Garry drives away. Meanwhile, Sahiba refuses to get married to Angad.
Angad Targets Sahiba.
Episode 59: Angad Targets Sahiba. (Mar 03, 2023)
Angad gets furious when the news channels blow up the controversy at his wedding. Later, he accuses Sahiba as the mastermind behind Seerat's plan.
Akaal's Advice for Angad.
Episode 60: Akaal's Advice for Angad. (Mar 04, 2023)
Akaal tells Angad that punishing Sahiba will ruin the family's reputation and advises him to marry her. However, Angad's parents are not happy about it.
Sahiba Takes a Tough Decision.
Episode 61: Sahiba Takes a Tough Decision. (Mar 05, 2023)
Upon Ajeet's request, Sahiba agrees to marry Angad thinking about her family's dignity. Later, she gets emotional, bidding goodbye to her family.
Akaal Stands Up for Sahiba.
Episode 62: Akaal Stands Up for Sahiba. (Mar 06, 2023)
Garry makes fake promises to Seerat in order to get romantic with her. Elsewhere, Akaal defends Sahiba and makes Mandeep welcome her properly.
Sahiba Takes a Stand.
Episode 63: Sahiba Takes a Stand. (Mar 07, 2023)
Mandeep welcomes Sahiba into the house but presents a shocking condition to let her stay. However, Sahiba refuses to adhere to her demands.
Garry Realises His Mistake.
Episode 64: Garry Realises His Mistake. (Mar 08, 2023)
Garry learns from Jasleen that Sahiba is Seerat's sister and that Seerat fooled him by pretending to be rich. Elsewhere, Sahiba chooses the storeroom for herself.
Santosh Faces Humiliation.
Episode 65: Santosh Faces Humiliation. (Mar 09, 2023)
Santosh's neighbours come to the house and humiliate her for Seerat's actions. Later, Angad ignores Sahiba's generous actions and punishes her.
Garry's Sudden Outburst.
Episode 66: Garry's Sudden Outburst. (Mar 10, 2023)
A furious Garry shouts at Seerat when she asks him to marry her. Elsewhere, Jasleen complains to Angad about Sahiba's absence from the house.
Angad Probes Sahiba.
Episode 67: Angad Probes Sahiba. (Mar 11, 2023)
Angad questions Sahiba about her sudden disappearance from the house. Daarji criticises Angad for his behaviour in not giving food to Sahiba.
Sahiba Takes a Stand.
Episode 68: Sahiba Takes a Stand. (Mar 12, 2023)
Angad refuses to perform the Kanak Deni ritual with Sahiba and hands her the gifts insultingly. However, Sahiba refuses to take anything from Angad.
Santosh Gets Insulted.
Episode 69: Santosh Gets Insulted. (Mar 13, 2023)
Santosh ignores Ajeet's advice and goes to the Brar mansion to see Sahiba. When Angad humiliates her for her actions, Sahiba defends Santosh.
Sahiba Exposes Jasleen.
Episode 70: Sahiba Exposes Jasleen. (Mar 14, 2023)
Angad threatens to punish Santosh for her crime and decides to call the police. However, when Sahiba reveals the truth about Jasleen's involvement, she denies it.
Manbeer's Shocking Act.
Episode 71: Manbeer's Shocking Act. (Mar 15, 2023)
Jasleen makes up a story and convinces Angad that she was manipulated by Sahiba. However, Manbeer doesn't believe her and slaps her for ruining Angad's life.
Akaal to Host the Reception.
Episode 72: Akaal to Host the Reception. (Mar 16, 2023)
Santosh lies to Ajeet and Keerat about the Brars' behaviour towards her. Akaal is determined to host a reception to give the impression that they agreed to the marriage.
Sahiba Stands Her Ground.
Episode 73: Sahiba Stands Her Ground. (Mar 17, 2023)
Angad asks Sahiba to get ready for their reception and to wear the expensive clothes given to her by the Brars. However, she decides to wear her clothes.
Sahiba Rejects Jabjot's Request.
Episode 74: Sahiba Rejects Jabjot's Request. (Mar 18, 2023)
Sahiba refuses when Jabjot wants her to dress beautifully for the reception. Elsewhere, Seerat learns that Garry will be attending the reception.
Angad Faces the Media.
Episode 75: Angad Faces the Media. (Mar 19, 2023)
At the reception, the media questions Angad, making him awkward. The Brars wait for Sahiba to intervene and save the day.
Sahiba, Angad's Grand Reception.
Episode 76: Sahiba, Angad's Grand Reception. (Mar 20, 2023)
Sahiba and Angad attend their grand reception and pretend in front of the media that they love each other. Later, Sahiba learns about Angad's kind nature.
A Shocker for Garry.
Episode 77: A Shocker for Garry. (Mar 21, 2023)
Garry is shocked to see Seerat at the reception party in disguise which keeps her from being spotted by Sahiba. Later, the police come to the party to speak to Sahiba.
Garry Manipulates Seerat.
Episode 78: Garry Manipulates Seerat. (Mar 22, 2023)
Garry instigates Seerat against Sahiba and tells her that Sahiba has turned the Brars against Seerat. Later, Angad decides to throw Sahiba out of the house.
Sahiba Shares Her Suspicion.
Episode 79: Sahiba Shares Her Suspicion. (Mar 23, 2023)
Sahiba reveals that Seerat might have been kidnapped in an attempt to ruin the Brars' reputation. Garry gets worried to learn about Sahiba's suspicion.
Angad Misbehaves with Sahiba.
Episode 80: Angad Misbehaves with Sahiba. (Mar 24, 2023)
Garry provokes Angad, making him beleive that he has fallen into Sahiba's trap. Consequently, an intoxicated Angad misbehaves with Sahiba.
Sahiba Takes Care of Angad.
Episode 81: Sahiba Takes Care of Angad. (Mar 25, 2023)
Sahiba feels guilty about Seerat's actions and takes care of an intoxicated Angad. Later, the Brars are shocked to see Angad coming out of Sahiba's room in the morning.
Angad Gets into Trouble.
Episode 82: Angad Gets into Trouble. (Mar 26, 2023)
Angad is confused about his night's stay in Sahiba's room. Sahiba tells Angad of his weird conduct, Jasleen mocks him for staying with Sahiba.
Angad Apologise to Sahiba.
Episode 83: Angad Apologise to Sahiba. (Mar 27, 2023)
Veer takes Sahiba's side and tells the Brars about the previous night's incident. On Daarji's order, Angad agrees to apologise to Sahiba for his misconduct.
Keerat Comes to Meet Sahiba.
Episode 84: Keerat Comes to Meet Sahiba. (Mar 28, 2023)
Manbeer plans to teach Sahiba a lesson when the latter humiliates her in front of Akaal. Later, a disguised Keerat comes to the Brar mansion to meet Sahiba.
Sahiba Wins Hearts.
Episode 85: Sahiba Wins Hearts. (Mar 29, 2023)
Sahiba is shocked to see Keerat at the house while Akaal stops Angad from throwing the kids out of the house. Later, Sahiba impresses Akaal with her decoration.
Angad in Search for Seerat.
Episode 86: Angad in Search for Seerat. (Mar 30, 2023)
Jasleen grows suspicious when she overhears a girl's voice beside Garry while talking to him. Angad discovers Seerat's hideout and decides to confront her.
Angad's Shocking Decision.
Episode 87: Angad's Shocking Decision. (Mar 31, 2023)
Garry informs Seerat that Angad has found her and she runs away before Angad enters the room. Later, Angad agrees to take part in the Pag Phera ritual with Sahiba.
Jasleen Confronts Keerat.
Episode 88: Jasleen Confronts Keerat. (Apr 01, 2023)
Manbeer declares that Angad will not go to Sahiba's house with her, but Angad convinces her to let him go. Later, Jasleen confronts Keerat about her disguise.
Manbeer's Shocking Condition.
Episode 89: Manbeer's Shocking Condition. (Apr 02, 2023)
Sahiba gives a befitting reply when Garry tries to humiliate her. Later, Sahiba is stunned when a furious Manbeer traps Angad with a shocking condition.
Angad, Sahiba Visit the Mongas.
Episode 90: Angad, Sahiba Visit the Mongas. (Apr 03, 2023)
Sahiba and Angad visit her parents for the first time after their marriage. Elsewhere, Seerat decides to return to the Mongas' house to question Sahiba.
Angad Disagrees With Sahiba
Episode 91: Angad Disagrees With Sahiba (Apr 04, 2023)
Sahiba urges Angad to share a room with her but he refuses to do so. Later, Ajeet's emotional revelation convinces Sahiba to forgive Santosh.
Hansraj Instigates Manbeer.
Episode 92: Hansraj Instigates Manbeer. (Apr 05, 2023)
Hansraj poisons Manbeer's mind by telling her that Sahiba has plans to take Angad away from her life. Meanwhile, Angad attends the feast with his in-laws.
Seerat to Enter the House
Episode 93: Seerat to Enter the House (Apr 06, 2023)
To annoy Angad, Sahiba serves him spicy food. Seerat tries to enter the house and gets emotional after hearing her neighbours gossip.
Sahiba Takes Care of Angad.
Episode 94: Sahiba Takes Care of Angad. (Apr 07, 2023)
Sahiba helps Angad to get on the bed and puts an ice pack on his back to ease his pain. Later, Manbeer learns about Angad's injury and rushes to see him.
Manbeer Throws Accusations.
Episode 95: Manbeer Throws Accusations. (Apr 08, 2023)
Manbeer blames Santosh and Sahiba for Angad's injury, but the latter defends them. Later, Angad refuses to return home with Manbeer which upsets her.
Seerat Accuses Sahiba.
Episode 96: Seerat Accuses Sahiba. (Apr 09, 2023)
Sahiba gets surprised after she spots Seerat in the house and questions about her sudden disappearance. However, Seerat blames Sahiba for her plight.
Sahiba Shows Mercy.
Episode 97: Sahiba Shows Mercy. (Apr 10, 2023)
Santosh and Ajeet blame Seerat for ruining Sahiba's life and ask her to leave the house. However, Sahiba sympathises with Seerat and tries to stop them.
Seerat Gives an Ultimatum.
Episode 98: Seerat Gives an Ultimatum. (Apr 11, 2023)
Seerat promises not to forgive her parents for throwing her out of the house. Later, she tells Garry to marry her, but the latter refuses.
Seerat Gets Shattered.
Episode 99: Seerat Gets Shattered. (Apr 12, 2023)
After Garry refuses to have feelings for Seerat, she feels devastated. She realises her mistake and calls Sahiba to apologise for misunderstanding her.
Sahiba's Attempt to Save Seerat.
Episode 100: Sahiba's Attempt to Save Seerat. (Apr 13, 2023)
When Sahiba jumps into the river to save Seerat, Angad follows in to rescue them. Later, Sahiba blames her parents for Seerat's decision.
Sahiba Stands Her Ground.
Episode 101: Sahiba Stands Her Ground. (Apr 14, 2023)
When Angad blames Sahiba for prompting Seerat to take a drastic step, she tries to clear his misunderstanding. Later, Garry gets worried learning about Seerat.
Seerat Apologises to Angad.
Episode 102: Seerat Apologises to Angad. (Apr 15, 2023)
After Seerat regains her senses, Angad probes her about the boy she fled with. However, Seerat breaks down and seeks forgiveness from Angad for ditching him.
Sahiba to Find the Culprit.
Episode 103: Sahiba to Find the Culprit. (Apr 16, 2023)
Santosh warns Seerat against revealing Garry's name in front of Angad. Meanwhile, Sahiba gets determined to find the person responsible for Seerat's condition.
Sahiba's Befitting Reply.
Episode 104: Sahiba's Befitting Reply. (Apr 17, 2023)
Sahiba gives a stern reply when the neighbours question Seerat's return. However, she becomes doubtful about Seerat and Santosh's conversation.
Sahiba Challenges Angad.
Episode 105: Sahiba Challenges Angad. (Apr 18, 2023)
Sahiba returns to the Brar mansion and faces questions about Seerat's escape. When Angad blames her for the situation, she challenges him to find the culprit.
Manbeer's Adamant Attitude.
Episode 106: Manbeer's Adamant Attitude. (Apr 19, 2023)
Manbeer wants to leave the house as Angad refuses to tell her about his conversation with Sahiba. Later, Keerat objects to Manbeer criticising Sahiba.
Sahiba Saves Manbeer's Life.
Episode 107: Sahiba Saves Manbeer's Life. (Apr 20, 2023)
When Manbeer faints, Sahiba's presence of mind helped to save her. Later, Sahiba decides to confront Seerat after learning about Garry and her truth.
Seerat Faces Sahiba's Question.
Episode 108: Seerat Faces Sahiba's Question. (Apr 21, 2023)
Seerat grows anxious when Sahiba visits the Mongas' house and questions her about Garry. Meanwhile, Sahiba is determined to bring Garry's truth to light.
Seerat's Shocking Ultimatum.
Episode 109: Seerat's Shocking Ultimatum. (Apr 22, 2023)
Garry tries to humiliate Sahiba, but she gives him a befitting reply. Later, he gets restless when he receives a shocking ultimatum from Seerat.
Sahiba, Angad's Heated Argument.
Episode 110: Sahiba, Angad's Heated Argument. (Apr 23, 2023)
Sahiba and Angad get into an argument when the latter exposes his truth in front of Manbeer. Later, Sahiba gets humiliated for cooking food for the Brars.
Sahiba's Vaisakhi Celebration.
Episode 111: Sahiba's Vaisakhi Celebration. (Apr 24, 2023)
Sahiba makes arrangements to celebrate Vaisakhi while the Brars gather to witness it. Later, Garry gets tensed as Seerat orders him to meet her at Gurudwara.
Sahiba Learns Seerat's Plan.
Episode 112: Sahiba Learns Seerat's Plan. (Apr 25, 2023)
Keerat informs Sahiba that Seerat is planning to meet Garry at the Gurudwara. To unveil her truth in front of Angad, Sahiba urges him to accompany her.
Garry Spots Sahiba, Angad.
Episode 113: Garry Spots Sahiba, Angad. (Apr 26, 2023)
Sahiba sees Seerat at the Gurudwara and keeps an eye on her. However, Garry spots Sahiba and Angad from afar and runs away before getting caught.
Sahiba Gets Injured.
Episode 114: Sahiba Gets Injured. (Apr 27, 2023)
A brawl breaks out outside the Gurudwara, and Sahiba sustains wounds while attempting to save Angad. Later, Angad helps Sahiba quench her thirst.
Angad Confronts Garry.
Episode 115: Angad Confronts Garry. (Apr 28, 2023)
Sahiba provides proof against Garry in front of Angad. Angad gets shocked to find Garry with Seerat at the Gurdwara and confronts him for betraying his trust.
Garry Misleads Angad.
Episode 116: Garry Misleads Angad. (Apr 29, 2023)
Garry cooks up a story and manages to convince Angad that Sahiba is lying about his relationship with Seerat. Later, Angad asks Sahiba to prove her claims.
Angad Refuses to Believe.
Episode 117: Angad Refuses to Believe. (Apr 30, 2023)
Sahiba stops the reporters from interfering with Angad and her personal life. Angad refuses to accept Garry's true colours and remains in confusion.
Sahiba Gets Insulted.
Episode 118: Sahiba Gets Insulted. (May 01, 2023)
Seerat threatens to go to the police if Garry doesn't tell Angad the truth about their relationship. Later, Sahiba gets insulted by Manbeer's friend.
Seerat Issues an Ultimatum.
Episode 119: Seerat Issues an Ultimatum. (May 02, 2023)
When Shanaya’s mother discusses a marriage proposal for Garry, the Brars agree to it. Meanwhile, Seerat gives a last chance to Garry, and Sahiba overhears them.
Garry Instigates Seerat.
Episode 120: Garry Instigates Seerat. (May 03, 2023)
Angad gets infuriated on discovering that Sahiba is not in the house. When Seerat forces Garry to marry her, he pits her against Sahiba.
Sahiba Confronts Seerat.
Episode 121: Sahiba Confronts Seerat. (May 04, 2023)
Sahiba finds Seerat looking for Garry and asks her to tell the truth about him to the Brars. Later, Santosh makes a shocking promise about Seerat's future. .
Sahiba Speaks up for Angad.
Episode 122: Sahiba Speaks up for Angad. (May 05, 2023)
Jasleen has an opportunity to bring down Sahiba and Angad after Garry's marriage to Shanaya is fixed. However, Sahiba steps forward to defend Angad's honour.
Karan Asks to Marry Seerat.
Episode 123: Karan Asks to Marry Seerat. (May 06, 2023)
Karan reveals his wish to marry Seerat but she rejects his proposal. However, Seerat's parents tell her that she has to marry Karan.
Garry Confronts Sahiba.
Episode 124: Garry Confronts Sahiba. (May 07, 2023)
Garry approaches Sahiba and confesses all of his plans, culminating in a conflict. Angad shows up just when Sahiba slaps Garry out of anger.
A Shocker for Seerat!
Episode 125: A Shocker for Seerat! (May 08, 2023)
Seerat learns about Garry's wedding with Shanaya and decides to visit the Brars. However, Santosh imprisons Seerat to prevent her from fleeing her marriage.
Keerat's Request to Seerat.
Episode 126: Keerat's Request to Seerat. (May 09, 2023)
Keerat urges Seerat to confront Garry before his engagement. Elsewhere, Sahiba realises the truth after she spots Garry with Sona.
Seerat Realises the Truth.
Episode 127: Seerat Realises the Truth. (May 10, 2023)
Seerat is shocked to see Garry with Shanaya and realises that he was playing with her heart all along. Manbeer spots Seerat at the party and insults her.
Garry Gets Exposed.
Episode 128: Garry Gets Exposed. (May 11, 2023)
Jasleen asks Seerat to leave the party, but Akaal allows her to stay. Garry goes speechless as Seerat confronts him about promising to marry her.
Seerat Discloses the Truth.
Episode 129: Seerat Discloses the Truth. (May 12, 2023)
The Brars get shocked when Seerat reveals Garry's involvement in her escape from the wedding. Sahiba stands against Seerat's humiliation.
Garry Faces the Brars' Fury.
Episode 130: Garry Faces the Brars' Fury. (May 13, 2023)
As Garrys truth unravels, Shanaya cancels the marriage and the Brars unleash their anger. In a fit of rage, Jasleen shoots Garry.
Angad's Harsh Behaviour.
Episode 131: Angad's Harsh Behaviour. (May 14, 2023)
Sahiba tells Angad that he shouldn't punish himself for Garry's actions, but Angad asks her to leave him alone. Later, Seerat calls off her wedding with Karan.
Angad Tries to Stop Sahiba.
Episode 132: Angad Tries to Stop Sahiba. (May 15, 2023)
Angad refuses to let Sahiba leave the house and talks about its repercussions on their families. Later, Sahiba gets shocked when he apologises to her parents.
Angad Feels Guilty.
Episode 133: Angad Feels Guilty. (May 16, 2023)
Veer tries to console Angad when he blames himself for Garry's actions. Later, Jasleen accuses Sahiba of manipulating Garry, but Angad defends her.
Angad Receives an Order.
Episode 134: Angad Receives an Order. (May 17, 2023)
Angad gets furious at Sahiba for interfering in his business. Afterwards, Akaal asks Angad to share a room with Sahiba, but the latter refuses.
Angad's Absurd Move.
Episode 135: Angad's Absurd Move. (May 18, 2023)
Manbeer gets furious at Sahiba as she learns that Angad slept in the garden. Later, Sahiba agrees to move into Angad's room, but he comes up with a strange rule.
Sahiba Impresses the Client.
Episode 136: Sahiba Impresses the Client. (May 19, 2023)
Angad keeps the cash for Sahiba after seeing her bank account details. Later, Sahiba arrives at Angad's office and wins over the client with the new project.
A Tiff Between Angad-Sahiba.
Episode 137: A Tiff Between Angad-Sahiba. (May 20, 2023)
Angad and Sahiba get into a conflict over having the best part of their bedroom. Later, Sahiba encourages Seerat to move on in her life.
Angad Gets Furious.
Episode 138: Angad Gets Furious. (May 21, 2023)
Jabjot gives Sahiba the responsibility to organise Angad's birthday party. Later, Angad gets furious when Garry confronts him to apologise for all the mishaps.
Angad Makes a Decision.
Episode 139: Angad Makes a Decision. (May 22, 2023)
The Brars get shocked to see Sahiba's parents and Seerat at Angad's birthday party. Later, Angad shares his decision about Garry and Seerat's marriage.
Sahiba Is Determined.
Episode 140: Sahiba Is Determined. (May 23, 2023)
Sahiba refuses to change her mind about officiating Seerat and Garry's wedding. Akaal agrees to Angad's suggestion and wants to give Garry a chance.
A Tough Time for Seerat.
Episode 141: A Tough Time for Seerat. (May 24, 2023)
As Sahiba refuses Angad's proposal, Seerat resolves to take a decision about her life. Angad orders Garry to fulfil Seerat's dream after the wedding.
Seerat Seeks Angad's Help.
Episode 142: Seerat Seeks Angad's Help. (May 25, 2023)
Jasleen and Kiara visit Seerat's house to convince her parents to the wedding. Seerat asks Angad to promise that he will take care of her even after she weds Garry.
The Brars Get Enraged.
Episode 143: The Brars Get Enraged. (May 26, 2023)
After agreeing to marry Garry, Seerat asks Angad to hold off announcing her decision. The Brars get infuriated when they learn that Sahiba is busy with her business.
Sahiba Receives Restrictions.
Episode 144: Sahiba Receives Restrictions. (May 27, 2023)
After seeing Sahiba's photo, the Brars forbid her from working outside or owning her own business. How will Sahiba deal with the situation now?
A Shocker for Sahiba.
Episode 145: A Shocker for Sahiba. (May 28, 2023)
Sahiba is shocked when she learns that Santosh had taken a loan by mortgaging their house. When Ajeet agrees to Garry and Seerat's wedding, Sahiba firmly objects.
Garry, Seerat's Ring Ceremony.
Episode 146: Garry, Seerat's Ring Ceremony. (May 29, 2023)
The Mongas and the Brars gather for Garry and Seerat's engagement. However, everyone gets a shock by Angad's strange move during the ceremony.
Ajeet Reveals a Shocker.
Episode 147: Ajeet Reveals a Shocker. (May 30, 2023)
Ajeet tells Seerat to take a last look at the house as they will soon have to vacate the place. Elsewhere, Sahiba tries to finalise a contract to save the house.
Seerat Faces Humiliation.
Episode 148: Seerat Faces Humiliation. (May 31, 2023)
Angad helps Sahiba arrange the first installment to save the Mongas' house. Later, Sahiba and Angad take a stand for Seerat when she faces humiliation.
Garry, Seerat's Wedding.
Episode 149: Garry, Seerat's Wedding. (Jun 01, 2023)
Seerat and Garry take part in all wedding rituals in the presence of the family. Later, Seerat questions Garry about the reason for marrying her.
Sahiba Takes a Stand.
Episode 150: Sahiba Takes a Stand. (Jun 02, 2023)
When Inder warns the Brars by comparing Seerat to Garry, Sahiba gives a befitting reply. Later, Sahiba informs Angad about her decision to continue her work.
Angad Offers Help.
Episode 151: Angad Offers Help. (Jun 03, 2023)
Garry tells Seerat not to talk about his absence from the room at night. Angad visits Sahiba's parents and gives them a cheque to repay their debt.
Sahiba, Angad at Odds.
Episode 152: Sahiba, Angad at Odds. (Jun 04, 2023)
Sahiba confronts Angad and refuses to accept any financial support from him for her family. Later, Sahiba's steadfast refusal sparks a rift among the Brars.
Akaal Proposes a Solution.
Episode 153: Akaal Proposes a Solution. (Jun 05, 2023)
Akaal offers Sahiba to create artwork for the Brar house in exchange for whopping fees. However, Sahiba declines the offer and makes a strange choice.
Ajeet to Sell the Shop?
Episode 154: Ajeet to Sell the Shop? (Jun 06, 2023)
After a man offers a sizable sum to buy his shop, Ajeet finds himself in a dilemma. However, Sahiba tries to convince him not to sell the shop.
Sahiba Faces Trouble.
Episode 155: Sahiba Faces Trouble. (Jun 07, 2023)
Seerat asks Ajeet to reconsider his decision and sell the shop. While Sahiba remains firm on her stand, a few men vandalise the shop.
Angad Saves Sahiba.
Episode 156: Angad Saves Sahiba. (Jun 08, 2023)
Sahiba gets stuck inside her shop while trying to douse the fire. To rescue her, Angad enters the shop but gets severely injured.
Sahiba Gets Blamed.
Episode 157: Sahiba Gets Blamed. (Jun 09, 2023)
The family blames Sahiba for Angad's condition, and they refuse to let her stay in the hospital. Elsewhere, Seerat puts Garry in a difficult situation.
Seerat Restricts Sahiba.
Episode 158: Seerat Restricts Sahiba. (Jun 10, 2023)
Seerat convinces Akaal to let her and Garry stay at the hospital with Angad for the night. Later, Sahiba comes to see Angad, but Seerat stops her.
Angad Decides to Tell the Truth.
Episode 159: Angad Decides to Tell the Truth. (Jun 11, 2023)
Seerat restricts Sahiba from meeting Angad, but the latter takes a stand for her. Later, Angad tries to tell the truth to Sahiba about how the shop caught fire.
Sahiba Learns the Truth.
Episode 160: Sahiba Learns the Truth. (Jun 12, 2023)
Sahiba is shocked to know about Angad's involvement in her shop's incident. Angad admits his foolish act, for which Sahiba suffered a loss.
Jasleen Manipulates Seerat.
Episode 161: Jasleen Manipulates Seerat. (Jun 13, 2023)
Jasleen instigates Seerat against Akaal and asks her to make Garry look good in front of him. Elsewhere, Angad feels guilty and tries to apologise to Sahiba.

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