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Tales from the Crypt (1989)

Cadaverous scream legend the Crypt Keeper is your macabre host for these forays of fright and fun based on the classic E.C. Comics tales from back in the day. So shamble up to the bar and pick your poison. Will it be an insane Santa on a personal slay ride? Honeymooners out to fulfill the "til death do we part" vow ASAP?

  • Steven Dodd
Release Date: Sat, Jun 10, 1989

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 25

John Kassir
Crypt Keeper (voice)

Season 7:

Fatal Caper
Episode 1: Fatal Caper (Apr 19, 1996)
Two adult brothers come to blows over the the fortune of their wealthy father, whose interests are protected by a lovely young woman with questionable loyalties.
Last Respects
Episode 2: Last Respects (Apr 26, 1996)
Three bickering sisters left in charge of their late father's struggling curiosity shop come into possession of a cursed monkey's paw, and try to use it to their advantage - with deadly results.
A Slight Case of Murder
Episode 3: A Slight Case of Murder (May 03, 1996)
A game of cat and mouse ensues between a female mystery novelist and her jealous former husband when he accuses her of having a love affair with her nosy neighbor's son.
Episode 4: Escape (May 17, 1996)
A traitor in the second World War is restricted to a prison camp and one of the men he betrayed is transported to the camp and promises to reveal his identity.
Horror in the Night
Episode 5: Horror in the Night (May 24, 1996)
A double-crossing jewel thief is shot and hides out in a hotel where he starts to hallucinate about a mysterious beautiful woman.
Cold War
Episode 6: Cold War (May 31, 1996)
After losing their friend Cutter in a botched robbery, Ford and Cammy, a wild young Londoner crime couple, split up and Cammy finds a new lover, Jimmy. Jealous, Ford shoots him and the trio discovers something shocking about one another.
The Kidnapper
Episode 7: The Kidnapper (Jun 07, 1996)
A young man takes in a pregnant woman and falls in love with her but becomes jealous when her baby is born so he sets out to get rid of the kid forever.
Report from the Grave
Episode 8: Report from the Grave (Jun 14, 1996)
A scientist named Elliot invents a way to read memories of the dead. To test the device, Elliot and his girlfriend Arianne break into the crypt of a dead serial killer.
Smoke Wrings
Episode 9: Smoke Wrings (Jun 21, 1996)
A young man with a strange device is hired onto an advertising company by an esteemed executive--but what the exec doesn't know is that the young man is in cahoots with her enraged ex-partner who is out for revenge.
About Face
Episode 10: About Face (Jun 28, 1996)
A sleazy minister in Victorian England gets a nasty surprise when he discovers he previously fathered twin daughters.
Episode 11: Confession (Jul 05, 1996)
Evans, a sly horror screenwriter suspected in a series of grisly murders of women whose heads were taken by the killer as trophies is interrogated by Jack Lynch, a clever hardboiled homicide detective whom every cop idolizes.
Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow
Episode 12: Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow (Jul 12, 1996)
A greedy safe cracker with a slight hearing loss gets entangled in a game between a mobster and his beautiful, exotic wife and ends up getting the auditory system he could only dream of. But there's a price.
The Third Pig
Episode 13: The Third Pig (Jul 19, 1996)
In this cartoon version of the Three Little Pigs story, Dudly, the smart pig, is framed for the murders of his brothers and sentenced to death. But, his brothers' spirits help him seek revenge on the wolf.

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