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Ghost Story (1972)

Ghost Story is an American television anthology series that aired for one season on NBC from 1972 to 1973. Executive-produced by William Castle, Ghost Story initially featured supernatural entities such as ghosts, vampires, and witches. By midseason, low ratings led to a title change and a shift -- for the most part -- away from paranormal themes.

  • William Castle
Release Date: Fri, Sep 15, 1972

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Season 1:

The New House
Episode 0: The New House (Mar 17, 1972)
A young couple move into a home that is haunted by a girl who had been hanged there many years ago and vowed never to be evicted from the site.
The Dead We Leave Behind
Episode 1: The Dead We Leave Behind (Sep 15, 1972)
When Ranger Elliott Brent's pretty young wife Joanna complains of boredom, he buys her a television set. Unfortunately, she starts spending all of her time watching television, to the neglect of her household chores. One day, during an argument, Elliott accidentally kills Joanna. He buries her body in a shed behind his cabin. After that, he starts seeing images of Joanna being unfaithful on the television. One stormy night, a man shows up at the cabin seeking shelter, and Elliott recognizes him as the man Joanna was having an affair with. Elliott kills him, too. But ...
The Concrete Captain
Episode 2: The Concrete Captain (Sep 22, 1972)
Jason Robards is Ranger Elliot Brent who has just purchased a TV set for his wife, Joanna (Stella Stevens) and they live in a remote area of forest. The TV begins showing images of Joanna being unfaithful and in a rage Elliot kills & buries her. During a stormy night who should appear but the man Joanna was being unfaithful with. Elliot kills and buries him too. He seems to go completely insane when the TV shows images of the corpses rising from their shallow graves and approaching the house!
Episode 6: Alter-Ego (Oct 27, 1972)
A woman is trapped in a strange world between reality and nightmare--a vacation home possessed of its own malevolent personality.
Half a Death
Episode 7: Half a Death (Nov 03, 1972)
House of Evil
Episode 8: House of Evil (Nov 10, 1972)
Christina is being haunted the ghost of her recently deceased twin sister.
Dark Vengeance
Episode 15: Dark Vengeance (Jan 12, 1973)
Janet Leigh stars as a woman who murders her husband to date a man played by Rory Calhoun. The dead husband turns into a death's head moth who torments her.
Doorway to Death
Episode 17: Doorway to Death (Jan 26, 1973)
Six artists move into an abandoned storefront where they come upon six jars that contain black magic. Their artworks take upon a whole mew meaning.
Spare Parts
Episode 20: Spare Parts (Feb 23, 1973)
Three evil spirits are battling for control of the soul of Linda's unborn child.
The Phantom of Herald Square
Episode 22: The Phantom of Herald Square (Mar 30, 1973)
Tab Hunter stars in a dual role as a magazine journalist and doppelganger. A spirit picks up his likeness and becomes that doppelganger while visiting a local potters field. The doppelganger proceeds to drive away his friends and nearly destroy his life until he finds out the identity of the spirit.

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